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Top 4 Qanvast Interior Designers for Your Home Renovation

Searching for the right interior designer to work on your home renovation can be a challenging, time-consuming process. Luckily for us now, we have useful home renovation sites that help us in our selection process. In this issue, we check out the Top 4 Qanvast Interior Designers. To find the top interior designers, we picked out the popular and highly rated ones on Qanvast who have listed more than 15 projects and have been reviewed more than 30 times. 

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Top 4 Qanvast Interior Designers for your Home Renovation

1. Free Space Intent (4.8 Stars), for a funky aesthetic

top qanvast interior designers singapore Free Space Intent Singapore

Rated 4.8 stars (49 reviews) on Qanvast, Free Space Intent has 2 decades of experience in home renovation. Established in 1999, their design philosophy centers around the idea of “free space” – where instead of being restricted to one particular theme or style, they opt for a creative, original and fluid way of expressing yourself in a space. When checking out their portfolio, we find they are adept in creating a diverse range of home styles. That being said, each project harbors their signature aesthetic – neat lines and muted shades interspersed with playful colors and funky accents. You will find many of their works in home publications and even TV. Free Space has also been awarded Qanvast SuperTrust 2019.  

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top qanvast interior designers singapore Free Space Intent logoFree Space Intent Pte Ltd (FSI)
No. 8 Ubi Road 2, #02-07 Zervex
Singapore 408538
[email protected] | +65 6392 8885
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2. Mr. Shopper Studio (4.8 Stars), for a touch of luxe

top qanvast interior designers singapore Mr Shopper Studio

Established since 2014, Mr. Shopper Studio is the brainchild of Ken and Kate. Equipped with their decade-long experience in renovation and soft furnishing, together they have designed and renovated over 100 homes into stunning spaces. Their portfolio showcases stylish homes with a touch of luxury. Understanding the importance of good communication with their clients, Mr. Shopper Studio uses their IPA methodology to better understand their customer’s needs and preferences, in order to better create the dream home they want. Mr. Shopper Studio has been awarded the SuperTrust in 2017 and has also received Best Of Houzz 2016 and 2018. 

Rated 4.8 stars on Qanvast (30 reviews) and 4.9 on Facebook (49 reviews), customers enjoy the professional, fuss-free, and pleasant service offered by the team. Their services offered include design consultation, project management, interior styling, and even interior photography. 

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top qanvast interior designers singapore mr shopper studio logoMr. Shopper Studio
33 Ubi Ave 3, Vertex Tower A, #05-72
Singapore 408868
[email protected] | +6596188763
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3. Charlotte’s Carpentry (4.7 Stars), for imaginative yet functional spaces

top qanvast interior designers singapore Charlotte’s Carpentry

As we browse through their projects, it is obvious that Charlotte’s Carpentry design aesthetic focuses on less is more. Our favorites include Shunfu Road that showcases a whimsical classic touch, and Bukit Batok West Ave 6, a beautiful blend of modern industrial. Inspired by their father, brother-sister duo James and Wendy started their own interior design firm to bring a one-stop solution for home renovation and design to homeowners.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, their mission is straightforward – to create imaginative, fancy spaces that are equally practical and functional. Keeping to high quality and design is important for the team, especially with their specialty in carpentry. Rated 4.7 on Qanvast (70 reviews) and 4.9 on Facebook (68 reviews), many customers appreciate their practical recommendations and meticulous eye for detail. Charlotte’s Carpentry has been awarded Qanvast SuperTrust 3 years running from 2018 – 2019 and is also Singapore’s Top Business Achiever in 2017. 

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top qanvast interior designers singapore Charlotte’s Carpentry logoCharlotte’s Carpentry Pte Ltd
400 Balestier Road Balestier Plaza #02-28 Singapore 329802 (Main Branch)
Other branches can be found here
[email protected]
+65 6266 3138 | +65 9888 8986 (Wendy Lim)
Contact Form

4. Habit (4.7 Stars), for dramatic tones

top qanvast interior designers singapore Habit Singapore

Habit’s design direction leans towards the modern industrialist that features darker and more dramatic tones showcased from their work in The Seawind. But their approach and expertise show versatility too, as showcased by their more whimsical projects in Highlight Residences and Seng Poh Road. If you are seeking the trending Kinfolk aesthetic, see their projects in The Amery and Levenue. With their unique approach and innovative ideas, their designs have been said to be a ‘breath of fresh air’. Read their reviews here. Habit has been awarded the Qanvast SuperTrust from 2016 to 2019. 

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top qanvast interior designers singapore habit logoHabit
23 Kampong Bahru Road #03-01 (1,493.51 mi)
Singapore 169349
[email protected] | +65 6532 5820
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Did you Know? 

Qanvast gives you a $50,000 guarantee when you book an interior designer through their portal. I find their renovation portal user-friendly and easy to navigate. Do check it out for yourselves here.

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