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7 Best Recliner Chairs in Singapore | Best of Home 2022

Getting tired of working at home and doing the same old routine every day? Why don’t you sit back and relax at your home with a recliner chair! Furthermore, this upgrade can change your life and relieve stress along with the possibility of back pain. With an extensive variety of recliner chairs in the market, which then is the best recliner chair in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 7 Best Recliner Chairs in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

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This article was last updated on 12 January 2022.

Table of contents

  1. Best overall: Timeout Recliner Fantasy Black Oak
  2. Best luxury: Stressless® Sam
  3. Space-saver: Emma Recliner Armchair, Simulated Leather
  4. Most comfortable: Laz-boy Harmony Full Fabric Recliner
  5. With swivel: Rasco Recliner
  6. Value for money: Luxiu Furniture Modern Recliner Rocking Chair 
  7. Best stylish: Lazy Sofa Recliner Single Sofa Chair

7 Best Recliner Chairs in Singapore

1. Best overall: Timeout Recliner Fantasy Black Oak

timeout recliner chairs singapore
Source: Shopify

Imported 100% from Europe with Premium Materials

For your much-needed timeout, this recliner chair is 100% imported from Europe so you are assured that it is of the best quality possible. In addition, these are also made from the finest leather and sturdy walnut wooden base with a metallic five-star base. Besides the chair itself, this comes in a set with a footstool made from the same materials.

Natural Leather Colours and Ergonomically Designed

You can easily choose from a variety of colours they offer. These chairs also come in black, cream, ivory, grey, and orange. Furthermore, these chairs are meticulously designed to be ergonomic ensuring that the user experience is ultra-comfortable from neck, back, arms, and legs. 

We love how these Timeout Recliner Chairs have the signature Synchro Backup system. Moreover, this feature ensures all the needed lower-back support extends at a 170-degree recline range for prolonged seating on any day. Definitely, this just shows how committed they are to putting comfort and style hand in hand for a premium recliner chair.

Why buy this:
  • Imported 100% from Europe
  • Made from fine leather and sturdy wooden base
  • Ergonomically designed
  • With natural colours to choose from
Check price on The Bear Knows >

2. Best luxury: Stressless® Sam

stressless recliner chair singapore
Source: Stressless

Diverse Collection of Design Options and Motorized Features

If you are looking for a sleek reclining chair that’s easily customizable, here’s Stressless Sam for you. They have a comprehensive collection of colours and materials to choose from. With this in mind, you can easily mix and match colours and designs to fit your interior. In addition, you can choose from 61 types of leather, 114 fabrics, and different colours to add that pop of personality.

Aesthetic with Surprising Motorized Features

Furthermore, this chair has soft and rounded curves that stay true to its Scandinavian heritage. More than just a chair, we appreciate how this also comes with motorized features such as power with heating and massage. Truly best for relaxing after a long day of work or even during colder seasons.

Why buy this:
  • Wide collection of colours and materials to choose from
  • Scandinavian design with soft and rounded curves
  • Motorized features for power, heating, and massage
Check price on Stressless >

3. Space-saver: Emma Recliner Armchair, Simulated Leather

emma recliner chairs singapore
Source: Designers

Timeless and Straightforward Design

Take a seat on Emma Recliner Armchair and we bet you won’t ever want to get up. Truly, this armchair is straight to the point with its structured design and neutral leather upholstery. In addition to this, it is durable with the base made from Recliner Metal Frame Support with Solid Hardwood Structure.

Space-Saver and Superior Quality

Despite its boxy look, we appreciate how this saves a lot of space when not in use. You can use it as a sofa while still enjoying the same comfort when reclining. Pull the lever at the sides to pop the backrest down and the leg rests up. Furthermore, this timeless armchair actually lasts for years due to its superior quality.

Why buy this:
  • Structured design with leather upholstery
  • Space-saver
  • With manual lever to recline
  • Timeless and straightforward design
Check price on Lazada >

4. Most comfortable: Laz-boy Harmony Full Fabric Recliner

laxyboy recliner chair singapore
Source: Harvey Norman
Patented La-z-boy Mechanism and Strong Seat Frame

Comfort is Laz-boy’s utmost priority and it shows! Through their most reclining position, you can find your best reclining position with its 18 optimum levels of comfort. Moreover, you can experience the swiftness of the back and seat when moving to recline because of their patented La-z-boy mechanism as well. With lots of other prime comfort features, we also love how they have an engineered strong seat frame that ensures their chairs last for a long time.

Why buy this:
  • Most reclining position with 18 optimum levels of comfort
  • Patented Laz-y-boy mechanism
  • Engineered seat design
Check price on Harvey Norman >

5. With swivel: Rasco Recliner

rasco recliner chairs singapore
Source: Forty Two

The Rasco Recliner chair is upholstered using microfiber fabric that comes in light beige colour. Not only light in terms of colour, this chair actually has a swivel base for a more fluid experience along with the reclining feature. Moreover, this foam-cushioned strategically in areas that need more support. The foam is also medium-firm, perfect for those who don’t want it too soft or too firm.

Why buy this:
  • Microfiber fabric upholstery
  • With a swivel base
  • Medium-firm foam cushion
Check price on Forty Two >

6. Value for money: Luxiu Furniture Modern Recliner Rocking Chair 

luxiu recliner chair singapore
Source: Lazada

Ergonomically designed, this Luxiu Reclining Chair is engineered to bring you optimum comfort for long hours of seating. We love how this also has a comfortable backrest cushion with a high-rebound, ensuring firmness. Furthermore, this chair also has a sturdy swivel base made of carbon steel material. This also comes with a USB port so you can charge the phone without leaving this superb chair.

Why buy this:
  • Optimum comfort for long hours of seating
  • High-rebound and firm cushion
  • With carbon steel swivel base
  • Comes with a USB port
Check price on Lazada >

7. Best stylish: Lazy Sofa Recliner Single Sofa Chair

modern recliner chair singapore
Source: Shopee

One look at this Lazy Sofa Recliner, we bet you’ll love its modern vintage appeal. This chair also comes with 5 bright colours to choose from, perfect for bringing life to a room. Moreover, this chair also has a reclinable back with a neck rest. Also since the base is made of wood and the foam does not easily fall, you are assured that this reclining chair is durable.

Why buy this:
  • Modern vintage chair design
  • 5 bright colour options
  • Durable wooden base and breathable foam
Check price on Shopee >

We hope that our guide on the 7 Best Reclining Chairs in Singapore has helped you to buy the best reclining chair in Singapore for your me-time and after a stressful day relaxation. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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