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Your Complete Guide to Si Dian Jin in Singapore (2024 Edition)

A bride’s Si Dian Jin set emerges as a treasured betrothal gift, symbolising a warm welcome into a new family. While this tradition is deeply rooted in Singapore, particularly among Teochew families, many might not know exactly what it means. Si Dian Jin is typically introduced by mothers and mothers-in-law during the wedding preparations. Some mothers may also pass down their own Si Dian Jin set, which they received from their mothers-in-law when they got married, symbolising a family heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation. And if you’re the first in your family to practise the tradition, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Our complete guide to Si Dian Jin in Singapore is designed to help those who wish to follow but have no idea where to start.

Where to Buy Si Dian Jin in Singapore

1. Goldheart Jewelry

Goldheart Jewelry Si Dian Jin
Goldheart Jewelry – Si Dian Jin Guide Singapore

Timeless Si Dian Jin for contemporary brides

As a preeminent jeweller celebrated for its unparalleled creations of contemporary elegance, Goldheart seamlessly interlaces culture and tradition into its mesmerising array of wearable art, also known as Si Dian Jin. These exquisite jewellery stand as symbolic embodiments of love’s radiance, serving as heartfelt tokens of well wishes and profound blessings for brides-to-be. The enduring beauty of every Si Dian Jin transcend time, making them cherished heirlooms to be treasured by generations to come.

In addition to Si Dian Jin, Goldheart proudly holds the distinction of being Singapore’s pioneer jeweller to introduce the enchanting concept of wedding bands tailored for both romantics and couples poised to embark on their blissful marital journeys together. Building upon its unparalleled legacy, Goldheart stands as the exclusive distributor of the Celestial® diamond – a radiant gem boasting an unprecedented 73 facets that converge into a stunning eight-pointed starburst pattern, effortlessly capturing the brilliance akin to the most luminous stars.

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2. On Cheong Jewellery

On Cheong Jewellery Si Dian Jin Guide Singapore
On Cheong Jewellery – Si Dian Jin Singapore

Established as a traditional goldsmith shop back in 1936, On Cheong Jewellery continues to strengthen its core value of crafting renowned jewelleries that are cherished by generations after generations. Proudly known for their reliability and integrity through the years with impressive accolades, On Cheong Jewellery was also recently awarded the first SQC (Singapore Quality Class with People and Service Excellence) certified jeweller in Singapore.

Just like what marriage symbolises, On Cheong Jewellery’s Si Dian Jin reflects the company’s core values: longevity, prosperity, eternity, and double happiness. Through its latest designer series Si Dian Jin in 916 gold, the designers hope to relay well blessings, everlasting joy and happiness to newlyweds.

What we love about the latest designer series in 916 gold is that the usual traditional Si Dian Jin now comes with a gorgeous, modern touch coupled with a beautiful significance. Our personal favourite would be the Stream of Affection series, which includes the absolutely stunning and contemporary Stream of Affection necklace. According to On Cheong, the sinuous curves resemble streams of gentle love and affection, with love and happiness encircling you for eternity.

Learn more about Si Dian Jin on their blogpost, and check out their great reviews here.

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3. Carat 55 – The Diamond Studio

Carat 55 - SpringbloomJade

Timeless Chinese wedding customs combined with modern aesthetics

At Carat 55, the magic of timeless Chinese wedding customs entwines effortlessly with modern style. Their stunning Si Dian Jin pieces are crafted to perfection, reflecting the brand’s commitment to to luxury, femininity, and minimalism. Whether it’s a meticulously designed necklace or a delicately adorned bracelet, every item in their jewellery collection is as unique as the modern bride herself, tailored to match her individual flair and charm.

And while Carat 55 is known for having a diverse range of collections (Trixie Halo, Springbloom, Venus, and so on!) suitable as your Si Dian Jin, our favourite has got to be the stunning Jade Collection. In a harmonious blend of tradition and elegance, this collection celebrates the revered jade gemstone, symbolising love, loyalty, harmony, and prosperity—essential qualities for a blissful and enduring marriage. Plus, Jade, also known as the “Jewel of Heaven” is deeply rooted in East-Asian cultures, so not only bestows protection upon the wearer but also possesses healing properties believed to cleanse the body and soul. The Jade Collection offers modern women a unique opportunity to embrace tradition while expressing their individual style. We especially love the Springbloom and Summer Jade Rings; really lovely and unique in design.

Bespoke creations that resonate with your style

If you have not found your ideal piece from Carat 55’s collections, the great news is that they also specialise in crafting personalised modern wedding jewellery. For those who are drawn to coloured jewellery, Carat 55 also boasts one of the widest array of coloured gemstones, perfect for your Si Dian Jin. From vibrant sapphires to stunning alexandrites and captivating rubies, each piece bursts with radiant allure designed to captivate and enchant. 

Meanwhile, brides who want to go simple and classic can check out Carat 55’s Pearl Collection. Each piece in this all-time favourite bridal collection, from delicate necklaces to elegant earrings, is crafted with pearls accentuated by diamonds and 18K gold, embodying minimalist elegance that is wearable for everyday use and goes perfectly with wedding gowns as well. Engage in a personal consultation with Carat 55’s expert in-house jewellery stylists, where you can share images of your wedding attire or any inspirational ideas you have in mind. Through this, Carat 55 can assist you in crafting your dream bespoke Si Dian Jin pieces.

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4. GIOIA Fine Jewellery

Gioia Fine Jewellery Si Dian Jin
GIOIA Fine Jewellery – Si Dian Jin Singapore

Modern brides now have the option to customise their jewelry so that they can flaunt it even after their wedding day. When it comes to modern jewelry in Singapore, GIOIA Fine Jewellery is one of our top picks. What makes them special is how they redefine the traditional Si Dian Jin set. Their bespoke approach involves designing contemporary Si Dian Jin sets featuring coloured gemstones, creating unique wedding jewelry that reflects individuality. They can even customise it for daily wear, so brides can use it wherever and whenever, instead of just keeping it safe all the time!

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📍 Tanjong Pagar 10 Anson Road, International Plaza #02-97A S079903
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5. Rachel P Jewels

Rachel P Jewels Si Dian Jin Guide Singapore
Rachel P Jewels – Si Dian Jin Guide Singapore

In the heart of Singapore lies Rachel P Jewels–and it is not just any old jewelry store. This place is a go-to spot for breathtaking bespoke jewelry in Singapore, including Si Dian Jian! What makes the bespoke experience with them special is their comprehensive guidance through the entire process. From the initial consultation, where your personal story is captured, to the creation of sketches, and finally to the crafting of works of art by their experienced artisan makers, they are with you every step of the way. Also, rest assured you can trust them; this family business boasts over 30 years of experience in crafting dazzling, one-of-a-kind pieces that uniquely tell your love story.

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📍 304, 03-51 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238863, Lucky Plaza, 238863
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6. SK Jewellery

SK Jewellery
SK Jewellery – Si Dian Jin Singapore

This brand is relentlessly dedicated to innovation and design, which is why each of their products is thoughtfully crafted, marrying art and tradition. We love how this brand boasts a wide collection of virtually any type of jewelry piece–including a Si Dian Jin collection! If you’re short on time and cannot afford bespoke pieces, you’re in luck because SK Jewellery’s collection is just as impressive as custom-made ones. Their gold pieces look stunning, with most of them exhibiting a traditional and timeless look. We believe those who are fond of traditional designs will particularly love this Si Dian Jin collection. And since they are made of 999 pure gold, you can surely pass them down in your family for generations!

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📍 Multiple locations
📞 1800-7553935
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7. eClarity

eclarity si dian jin
eClarity – Si Dian Jin Guide Singapore

At eClarity, every love story is unique and deserves its own special symbol. This brand prides itself on its collection of diamond engagement rings that is second to none. For those in search of a Si Dian Jin collection in Singapore, we are confident they will guide you in finding the perfect pieces. The best part is that the brand hosts one of the largest online real-time GIA natural diamond databases. That is why you can never go wrong at eClarity if you’re eyeing a diamond set!

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📍 391B Orchard Road, #21-05A Ngee Ann City Tower B, Singapore 238874
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8. One Ounce

One Ounce Singapore
One Source – Si Dian Jin Singapore

Another brand that prides itself on its traditional gold Si Dian Jin collection is One Ounce. This concept jewelry boutique derives its name from the measurement unit of gold: the ounce. So, it’s no wonder they boast an extensive collection of gold pieces. In addition to this, One Ounce also presents a blend of contemporary fine jewelry and unique heritage handcrafted pieces. That’s why you can trust that their Si Dian Jin collection holds more than just aesthetic value; it also embodies unique heritage.

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📍 1 Park Road, #02-30 People’s Park Complex Singapore 059108
📞 +65 6636 3708
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9. B.P. de Silva Jewellers

B.P. de Silva Jewellers
B.P. de Silva Jewellers – Si Dian Jin Guide Singapore

Si Dian Jin collections here at B.P. de Silva Jewellers marry rich Asian heritage with the allure of modern design. So, each piece offers a sophisticated array of bridal jewelry that resonates with today’s brides. The brand also crafts these pieces from the finest 18K gold, including 18K white gold, 18K yellow gold, and 18K rose gold, with some designs featuring the brand’s signature colour medley. They are also adorned with a spectrum of precious coloured gemstones and diamonds, making each piece a work of art designed to be cherished and passed down through generations. So whether you’re opting for a complete Si Dian Jin set or selecting complementary pieces, each one will perfectly encapsulate your love story.

Check out B.P. de Silva >

📍 14C Dempsey Road Singapore 249687
📞 (+65) 6473 8880
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What is Si Dian Jin?

Si Dian Jin (四点金), which means ‘four touches of gold’ in Mandarin, is a traditional Chinese betrothal gift consisting of a necklace, bangle, ring, and a pair of earrings, all made from gold (金). This gift is presented to the bride by the groom’s mother. The key message conveyed with this betrothal gift is the groom’s mother offering her blessings and warmly welcoming the bride into the family and household.

What is the significance of Si Dian Jin in Chinese culture?

Traditionally, houses in the past had a 4-point curved rooftop, similar to those seen in Chinese dramas. This design resembles the “Jin” (金) character in 四点金. Historically, as brides married into the groom’s family, this betrothal gift assured the bride (and her parents) that she would always have a roof over her head and be well taken care of by the groom and his family.

The Si Dian Jin jewelry set is also considered an heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation. We find this a beautiful tradition and something we want to continue with our own children.

While Si Dian Jin is practised by most Chinese families, the tradition may differ between dialects. For example, Teochew families prefer to gift a 4-piece jewelry set, whereas Cantonese and Hokkien families may focus only on the bangle.

Who buys the Si Dian Jin?

Traditionally, the groom’s family is responsible for purchasing the Si Dian Jin. But times are changing, and it is now common for the bride to have a say or even choose the jewelry she prefers since she will be the one wearing it!

How do I go about searching for my Si Dian Jin set?

If you are given the option to buy your own Si Dian Jin, it is still crucial to understand what matters to your future in-laws. You could ask your partner to act as the middleman. Clarify the budget, as well as any specific requirements regarding the design and the number of pieces you should get.

When is Si Dian Jin given to the bride?

Si Dian Jin is typically given a few weeks before the wedding. It may be presented during:

  • Guo Da Li (过大礼): This is also known as the Chinese betrothal ceremony, where the first formal meeting between the bride’s and groom’s families takes place. During this time, gift exchanges like ang pao also occur.
  • Tea Ceremony: This is where the bride and groom serve tea as a sign of respect to both sets of parents. Most of the time, Si Dian Jin is given during this ceremony to symbolise the bride’s welcome into the family.

Do the designs of Si Dian Jin have specific meanings?

Si Dian Jin jewellery can incorporate one or more of the following designs, each with its own symbolism:

  • The Dragon and Phoenix: This symbolises a perfect match made in heaven. It represents a balanced harmony between the bride and groom. It also sends blessings for a marriage that will last and withstand the test of time.
  • Flowers: These represent the bride’s elegance and beauty and symbolise a lifetime of blissful happiness for the couple.
  • The character Shuang Xi (双囍), meaning “double happiness”: This is incorporated into the Si Dian Jin design to symbolise bliss and happiness.
  • The Pig: If your Si Dian Jin design incorporates a pig, it symbolises fertility and auspicious blessings.

Is it mandatory to practise the Si Dian Jin tradition?

While it is a cherished tradition among many Chinese families, adherence to Si Dian Jin can vary. Some modern couples may choose to forego the tradition. Some also opt for a different form of gift that aligns with their preferences and financial situation. 

However, our quick (and personal) answer would be yes. While we did not fully understand the meaning of Si Dian Jin before we got married, we were blessed to have learned about it through our mothers. Nothing is as precious as family heirlooms that can withstand the test of time. 

A tradition as beautiful as sending blessings and happy wishes to the couple deserves to be practised and preserved, regardless of your budget. You can opt for very simple (even non-gold pieces) to serve as your Si Dian Jin. The idea behind using gold is it is seen as a valuable and lasting element that can be passed on for generations. But a modern take on Si Dian Jin allows for more flexibility with what you prefer to wear.

Are there alternatives to Si Dian Jin for non-traditional couples?

Sure, there are. Some couples choose alternative forms of gifts like contemporary jewelry sets or even monetary gifts for some. After all, the essence of this tradition is the gesture of goodwill and blessing, which we think can be adapted if you wish.


Aside from being an expression of staying true to your roots, having a family heirloom is truly important. That is why the Si Dian Jin custom remains remarkably relevant even as the world changes rapidly. So, if you need a guide to carrying out Si Dian Jin in Singapore, we hope this article will be able to assist you. If you have more questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. You may also send us an email, so we can keep our content updated. And if you have found it useful, please share this with your family and friends!