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    11 Best Ceiling Fans in Singapore for Different Home Styles | Best of Home 2021

    Ceiling fans are a great way to battle the searing Singapore heat. As newer HDBs and condominiums get smaller, it makes for lesser space for a standing fan. A ceiling fan is a great solution. It is also more effective in cooling down the entire area of the room as it covers a wider area compared to a standing fan. Not only is it space-saving, but it is also energy-saving. Compared to switching on the air conditioner, ceiling fans take up less energy and you get to save on your utility bill. It is also a great way to cool down an outdoor balcony or patio area. In this issue,…

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    11 Ceiling Fan & Lighting Shops in Singapore for your Home Reno (2021)

    Lighting may not often come to mind when you think of home renovation and decor. But it is, in fact, one of the most vital elements in creating the ambience for your home. Whether you are looking to create a space that is stylish or cosy, the lights you pick can make a world of difference. When shopping at a lighting shop in Singapore, these shops often retail ceiling fans as well, so you might as well kill two birds with one stone. To make your lights and ceiling fan shopping easier, we have shortlisted 10 popular ceiling fan and lighting shops in Singapore, together with the 11 Best Ceiling…