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    8 Best Dog Treats in Australia | Best of Pets 2024

    Just like humans, dogs effectively learn through positive reinforcement or on a reward basis. These rewards could be giving them your attention, rubbing their bellies, affirming their good deeds, or giving them their favourite treats. Dog treats always do the trick whenever you want your pets to obey your commands. You may use this when potty training or teaching them tricks such as shaking hands, rolling over, sitting, lying down, playing dead, and many more. But with an extensive variety of dog treats in the market, which then is the best 8 in Australia? In our Best of Pet series, we introduce the 8 Best Dog Treats in Australia, providing…

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    10 Best Dog Treats in the Philippines | Best of Pets 2023

    Eating treats can be the highlight of a dog’s day, whether they are provided as rewards or just as a simple afternoon snack. The majority of Filipino pet owners treat their canine companions as members of the family, thus they place great emphasis on the meals they feed them. Given the variety of dog treats on the market, it is simple to pick the first one you come across. But how can you tell which is best for your cherished pet? Knowing what to look for in treats will help you keep your dog happy and promote healthy eating. With an extensive variety of dog treats in the market, which…