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    11 Best Steam Irons in Singapore | Best of Home 2023

    Gone are the days of old-fashioned basic irons that require much time and effort from setting up the device to smoothening creases. Similar to the technological advancements in vacuum cleaners, the past few years have seen an influx in more advanced irons like steam irons and steam iron generators, providing better value for money. Whichever of the two you decide to go for, you are guaranteed superior ironing capabilities and time-saving convenience. Looking for the best steam iron in Singapore for quick and creaseless ironing? Not to worry, as we have done the research for you. In this Best of Home series, we have curated the 11 Best Steam Irons in…

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    10 Best Hand Mixers in Singapore for Baking | Best of Home 2023

    Hand mixers are useful for your common kitchen tasks like whipping, mixing, kneading, and is a must-have for every kitchen. Compared with stand mixers, they are compact, versatile, and easy to use! You even have some hand mixers like the Kenwood Chefette Metal Bowl Hand Mixer HM680 that comes with a stand, allowing you to operate it hands-free. If you are just starting out in your baking journey, I would suggest getting a hand mixer before fully investing in a stand mixer. Not only is it cheaper, but it also stores easily and takes up lesser space on the countertop. Most hand mixers are equipped with a variety of speeds…

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    16 Best Air Purifiers in Singapore for Clean, Filtered Air at Home

    Wiping your floors and cleaning your furniture is important to maintain a clean home, but what about the air in your home? Philips found out through a survey that while air quality concerns many Singaporeans, most do not take action towards our own respiratory health. Most of us think air pollution exists only outdoors, but indoors is when many allergens are found and are more dangerous for our health as they are confined in an enclosed space. Breathing in clean air on a daily basis is important for your respiratory health in the long term. Yet most of us only scramble for an air purifier during a haze period. In…

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    5 Best Sous Vide Machines in Singapore | Best of Home 2023

    Sous vide (pronounced “soo veed”) is a French cooking technique that involves vacuum sealing your food in a bag and cooking it in a water bath that is heated to a precise temperature. It means “under vacuum” in French. This cooking technique has been used by professional chefs and high-end restaurants for years, to achieve the perfect desired level of doneness. Now thanks to affordable and easy-to-use sous vide machines, this cooking technique is now open to home cooks like you and me! Looking for the best sous vide machine in Singapore to prepare restaurant-quality food for your loved ones? In this Best of Home series, we introduce the 5…