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    8 Best Fridges in Singapore to Keep Your Food Fresh (2023)

    As with buying a television, buying a refrigerator or fridge in Singapore can feel equally as daunting. As refrigerators are big purchase items, you will want to buy a good fridge that will last. The average life expectancy of a fridge is a decade or more, and you will want your investment to be worth it. When it came to buying my fridge for the new home, I initially thought I could figure it out just by visiting a consumer electronics store. But the rows of options made it an even bigger challenge. There are so many fridge brands, configurations, sizes, and features… it felt impossible to figure it out…

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    7 Best Aircon in Singapore to Beat the Heat | Best of Home 2023

    With temperatures soaring, most homes in Singapore are equipped with aircon to defend themselves against the heat. While considered to be an essential appliance for every new home, buying aircon in Singapore might not be very straightforward. Here is our aircon Singapore buying guide that will share how to go about buying your aircon, and the 7 Best Aircon in Singapore to Beat the Heat. If you do not have time to read through the entire guide, be sure to go through at least the first two sections – quick tips on buying your aircon, and the 9 best air conditioners in Singapore to buy. Do check out our latest aircon…