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    10 Best Printers in the Philippines | Best of Tech 2022

    The printing press was updated and reinvented over the century to assist individuals in their field of work. As we’ve adjusted to our new normal, everyone has been working from home or taking online classes, making buying a printer both efficient and convenient. Having a printer is like having a reliable best friend who makes it simpler for employees and students to receive a paper copy rather than relying on digital copies, which are favoured by the majority. Whether you need a small printer, a printer with a scanner, or a printer with any other function, there is likely one out there for you. With an extensive variety of printers…

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    10 Best Printers in Malaysia for Speedy Printing | Best of Tech 2022

    Having your own printer is almost a necessity nowadays. It’s getting more and more difficult to locate printing services that are available 24/7. Where else can you go when you have an important document to print late at night? You need to get a good printer for your home, especially so for your office or business. There are plenty of things to consider when looking for a new printer – price, functionality, printing speed and resolution, among many other factors. With an extensive variety of printers available in the market, which then is the best printer in Malaysia?  In our Best of Tech series, we have curated the latest 10…