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The 3 Stages of Love

Love comes in a spontaneous fashion and takes flight. It all happens really fast- attraction, companionship and commitment. But love can be broken down into stages, and each stage of love is a beautiful part of your love story. You can take a slow walk down memory lane and reminisce how exhilarating each stage felt and filled you both up with joy and happiness. Learn about the stages to know that some things like conflict are normal and part of the growing process. But remember to stay excited, because with each upcoming stage, your relationship is constantly being filled with much more enriching memories and flavours.

Stage 1: Romantic feelings

Feeling high and dizzy with butterflies in your stomach. That’s exactly how the first stage feels like. Physical attraction, flirting and the exchange of likes and hobbies keeps this stage completely exciting and full of suspense. You have no idea what’s coming up next, but throughout this stage your life is full of excitement (and endorphins). Fueled by infatuation, your lover is seemingly perfect, ideal and totally made for you. Every day is a happy day and nothing can get you down.

Stage 2: Emotional Attachment

The second stage of love includes a tinge of ‘lovesickness’. Life starts to kick in and routine comes back more vividly. Without seeing your loved one for a day you feel totally lifeless. But at this stage, you also become more realistic, and you may try to shape your lover into your ideal partner, and power struggles tend to take place. Infatuation fades, and stronger emotional attachment comes into play. Conflict and confrontation may come, but do take it positively in a constructive fashion, and view it as opportunities to explore ways to come together and ‘meet each other halfway’. Face your fears and allow your feelings to be explored. It is at this stage where companionship becomes the key, and understanding each other is extremely important to keep things going.

Stage 3: Unconditional Acceptance

Know that you’re never going to find someone completely perfect for you. Everyone’s unique in their own way and each person comes with their own set of quirks. There’ll be plenty of times where you both have different points of views (it keeps the relationship exciting too, if not you’ll just be dating your shadow). For two people to get past the previous stage and stay together (for all eternity), it takes more than just sparks and happy moments. Happy moments come and go. What truly determines a strong relationship is whether it’ll weather through the tough times. And that’s what this stage is about. In order to get here, both parties must be willing to cooperate, and learn to deal with confrontations. Differences should be approached positively, and not brushed over or frowned upon. It takes true understanding and unconditional acceptance of each other- both strengths and flaws. This stage though seemingly less exciting and exhilarating, is extremely beautiful. This stage is what I call true incomparable love. Because with the good and bad, you’re both willing to make concessions for each other, forgive and forget, love and be loved. Being with someone shows you the person whom you truly are- in all your glory and weaknesses. All stages of love can reveal both your own and your lover’s strengths and weakness. When you’ve both learned to accept each other wholeheartedly, it shows that you’re ready to take the big step and spend the rest of your life together. The most beautiful thing about love? It’s the willingness and effort to change for someone for the better. And the patience that comes from the other party whilst the change happens. It’s beautiful because love will make you both grow, both as individuals and together as a couple. Through time, these stages all blend together- and it gets even more exciting as time flies! 

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