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Top 10 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot locations in Singapore

Stumped when thinking of a perfect location for your pre-wedding photo shoot? You’ll be stunned at the plenty of locations in Singapore and how they are jam-packed with beauty. Whether you like nature, greenery, the sea, Singapore has places (both well known and secret) that present gorgeous backdrops for your photos. If you’re looking for a whole list of photoshoot locations to choose from, check out our post on Best Places in Singapore for your Wedding Photoshoot >> Otherwise, it wasn’t easy, but we managed to shortlist the top 10 spots in Singapore that every couple wants for their wedding album.  

Top 10 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot locations in Singapore

10. Chijmes

chijmes-photoshoot3   Photo Credits to Anton Chia
The white washed walls of the colonial styled building makes for a perfect chapel backdrop for your photos. Looking for something romantic? This scene is for you. 

9. Upper Seletar Reservoir 

upper-seletar-reservoir-photo Credits to Ken Wong Photography
At Upper Seletar Reservoir lies a big tree against a reservoir, it’s solitude both romantic and special.  

8. Punggol Lalang Field 

punggol lalang field-photoshoot punggol lalang field-photoshoot2 Photo Credits to Jocinaaa 
A vast field filled with lalang can be turned into a beautiful photo filled with serenity. It could be really simple, white outfits coupled with fresh flowers and you’ve got yourself a really nice album.  

7. Sunset Way Railway Tracks

singapore-railway-shoot Photo Credits to Chalk & Cheese Photography
Another highly popular photoshoot location is Singapore’s abandoned railway tracks. At Sunset Way sits one of such tracks where you can capture lovely photos with the tracks as backdrops.  For other railway tracks in Singapore, check them out here.  

6. Marina Bay Sands

mbs-photoshoot1     Photo Credits to Stories
It’s hard to not fall in love with Marina Bay Sands, where the Singapore skyline beams the brightest.  

5. Henderson Waves

henderson-waves-photoshoot Photo Credits to Tui Tuich SONY DSC Photo credits to Club Snap
The highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore is no oridinary bridge. A brilliant work of architecture lined with wooden planks, would make your photos have a modern edge. At night, the whole bridge lights up in an orange glow. Nearby sits Telok Banglah Hill Park, where you can capture some greenery in your shot. Check out Zach & Joanna’s wedding at Henderson Waves >>  

4. Quayside Isle 

quayside-isle-wedding-location Photo credits to I am Getting Married
You would not be able to resist having a backdrop of the marina behind you. The fleet of yachts and wooden planks that form the boardwalk along the marina complete the look. Simply fitting if you are going with a nautical theme for your wedding. Located next to the luxurious Sentosa Cove and W Singapore Hotel, this luxury waterfront destination is a killer location for any shoot. Plus, there are clean toilets nearby in the mall, which makes for easy touch ups and outfit changes.

3. Universal Studios Singapore

universal-studios-photoshoot2 Photo credits to The Wedding Scoop theme-park-wedding-photoshoot Photo Credits to The Louvre Bridal  
What could be more fun than a theme park? USS will provide you funky backdrops that you wouldn’t otherwise dream of! But beware, it can get crowded on weekends so if you don’t want tons of theme park goers invading your pictures, be sure to go early and on a weekday! Spots you must not miss:

  • Hollywood Street
  • The castle at Far Far Away
  • The mascots! Depending on the season, USS will have mascots strolling around for photos and you must must must catch them!
Check out Marc & Lyn’s wedding at Universal Studios Singapore >>  

2. Tanjong Beach @ Sentosa 

sentosa-tanjong-beach-photoshoot   Photo credits to The Wedding Scoop  
As we all know, Sentosa is the most popular beach in Singapore. It’s white pristine sand though man-made, is soft and makes for a beautiful serene setting for your photos. Though Tanjong Beach is further off as compared to Siloso or Palawan, it is a quieter beach and therefore you’ll be able to grab shots without beach-goers flooding your background. Lying on that beach is also Tanjong Beach Club, where you can grab some food & drinks midway through / after your shoot. Check out Judd & Sonya’s solemnisation at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa >> 

1. Singapore Botanic Gardens 

singapore-botanic-garden-photoshoot   Photo Credits to Pauloclegaspi
Famous to both home and the world, Singapore Botanic Gardens is a perfect spot for the nature lovers. Filled with luscious greenery, beautiful flowers and lake waters, the famous while pavilion tops it all. Spots you must not miss:

  • The White Pavilion
  • Swan Lake
  • The Waterfall
  • The arches of lalang
  • Iconic Tembusu Tree – did you know that this is the tree at the back of our $5 note?
  • Singapore Orchid Garden


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