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Top 12 Live Music Bands for your Wedding in Singapore

Pop, rock, folk, hip-hop, jazz and etc. We all have our favourite genre when it comes to music. That’s because the songs we listen to brings out all sorts of emotions and memories. An upbeat love song can easily make you feel happy and giddy, as it reminds you of your first date with your fiancé, while classic music can make you warm and fuzzy, as it reminds you of his romantic proposal.

Music is a crucial part of any event, especially weddings, as it sets the mood of the occasion. We want to help you find the right music for your “I do” moment so we’ve scoured the country to find the Top 12 Live Music Bands for your Wedding in Singapore.

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Top 12 Live Music Bands for your Wedding in Singapore

12. Musical Touch, for music from the hearts

Musical Touch comprises of a team of full-time professional musicians and live entertainers, selected from veterans in the industry with at least 10 years of performing experience, and only those who are very passionate in their craft.

Their team brings a wide genre of music and entertainment catered to your requests such as personalized song lists and special themed weddings. Dedication slips are also handed out to guests, ensuring the best performer-audience interaction you can ever have!

Since their launch in 2012, they have performed for hundreds of weddings with an overwhelming positive feedback response. Be it simple and elegant or fun and lively, this will be your best bet for your wedding live band!
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+65 9888 3007
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11. Flame of the Forest, for unique genres

(12) Flame of the Forest
Photo Credits: Flame of the Forest

Flame of the Forest is composed of Chinese Singaporean Brothers that performs a repertoire of an electric range of genres. Their range includes Classical Indian, Jazz, and Pop covers. They also have their very own compositions using Sitar. In addition to their main instrument Tabla, they also use other subsidiary Ethnic instruments that enable them to uniquely combine multiracial flavor to their music.

Couples love their uniqueness that’s why from having two members, the band has already expanded for members and ideas. Now, this band has three string instruments, a drummer, a keyboardist, and accompanying vocalist that will surely bring extra excitement and energy to your wedding celebration.

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10. High Notes, for High-Quality Music at an Affordable Price

(11) High Notes
Photo Credits: High Notes

When looking for a live music band for your wedding, 2 important things you should consider is the cost and quality. High Notes, a Singapore-based live entertainment company, can give you both of that. Furthermore, High Notes is also one of most in-demand live music company in Singapore. They’ve, actually, played exactly 1271 shows the previous year.

(11) High Notes Logo
[email protected]
+65 6635 6622
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9. Wedding Harmony, for Original Wedding Songs

(10) Wedding Harmony
Photo Credits: Wedding Harmony

Having a hard time looking for the perfect songs that reflect your unique and special love story? If so, then why not get original songs made especially for your special day? One of Singapore’s pioneer live entertainment provider, Wedding Harmony specializes in composing original wedding songs that are greatly inspired by the couple’s own romantic journey. If you wish to wow your guest, you should give them a call.

(10) Wedding Harmony Logo
[email protected]
+65 9168 2947

8. Vetta, for Classy Melodies

(9) Vetta Quartet
Photo Credits: Vetta Quartet

If you’re for a more classy and elegant feel on your wedding day, then you should definitely give Vetta Quartet a try. Their string quartet, violin duo, harp, all-ladies quartet and piano solo are perfect intimate occasions, including weddings.

(9) Vetta Quartet Logo
3 Gambas Crescent #08-09, Nordcom One, Singapore 757088
[email protected]
+65 9115 3889
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7. Glittering Carousel, for Themed Weddings

(8) Gliterring Carousel
Photo Credits: Glittering Carousel

Where would you like to be transported on your wedding day? In a lovely beach in the tropics, perhaps? Maybe, in an amazing city like Shanghai or New York? Or would you rather be in a different time, like the old Hollywood or the Renaissance era? With help of Glittering Carousel’s musical styling, you can easily feel like you’ve been brought to any place and time you like. They are experts in playing for themed weddings, after all. They can even tailor their playlist to fit your theme and concept.

(8) Gliterring Carousel Logo
[email protected]
+65 9824 5005
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6. J’adore, for Lush, Sensual and Posh Tunes

(6) J'adore
Photo Credits: J’adore

J’adore is all about girl power, as its members are composed of 4 lovely and sassy ladies —Yingtse, Zara, Beverly and Robin— who excel in playing jazz, classical, romantic, and Broadway classic music. If you enjoy this kind of music you should definitely give them a call.

(6) J adore Logo
[email protected]

5. Merry Bees, for Dynamic Duos

(5) Merry Bees
Photo Credits: Merry Bees

Professional musicians Shili, Adi and John founded Merry Bees on August 2012. Since then, the company has been making a buzz in Singapore’s live music scene. Their team of professional performers —singers, musicians, emcees, and DJs— have played for thousands of events locally and internationally. Their “Merry Package” has become one of a popular choice when it comes to weddings. In this package, the live band, usually compose of 2 lead vocals and accompanied by an instrument serenade the crowd with their duets of popular jazz, pop, and rock songs.

(5) Merry Bees Logo
[email protected]
+65 6681 6657
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4. RedKite

(4) RedKite
Photo Credits: RedKite

RedKite has been providing high-quality live entertainment for almost 5 years now. Their team of talented professional musicians is experts who can easily bring romance, elegance, and sophistication to any wedding.

(4) RedKite Logo
[email protected]
+65 91829278 │+65 97990761
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3. Acoustic Saturday

(3) Acoustic
Photo Credits: Acoustic Saturday

Whether you’re looking for a mixed jazz band to play at your reception, a passionate choir to sing at your solemnization ceremony, or an even pop and party boy band to serenade your female guest, Acoustic Saturday can surely help you find the perfect live band at your special day. Their wide catalog of musicians specializes in playing popular love songs, so can’t go wrong when you choose them.

(3) Acoustic Saturday Logo
14 Robinson Rd, Singapore 048545 111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164
512 Chai Chee Lane, Singapore 469028
[email protected]
+65 6100-0116
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2. Sparkle Live Music, for Celebrity Singers 

Photo Credits: Sparkle Live Music

A singer-song writer who toured with big names in the Singaporean-music industry, the soprano of a well-established acapella group, and an award-winning artist who’ve played for the prime minister. Yep, the people behind Sparkle Live Music are truly star-studded. If you are looking for a professional musician who’ve performed both locally and internationally, then you should definitely check them out.  Sparkle Live Music is founded by local artist Tay Kewei, keyboardist Lee Ein Ein and singer Tay Kexin.

(2) Sparkle Live Music Logo
[email protected]
+65 9146 3302
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1. White Ribbon SG

(1) White Ribbon SG
Photo Credits: White Ribbon SG

Singer-songwriter Ruth Miaoru, together with Ashton Koh, founded White Ribbon because of their common love for music. This is also the reason why they seek only the finest and most dedicated musicians in Singapore. Their music styling can easily add a romantic atmosphere to your wedding. What’s more they various offer packages, so you can choose one that is perfect for your taste and budget.

(1) White Ribbob Singapore SG Logo
[email protected]
+65 9150 4584 │+65 9790 179 │+65 8777 9007
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With their musical prowess, one of these live music bands will surely be perfect for your special day. Hopefully, this list of the Top 12 Live Music Bands for your Wedding in Singapore was helpful to you.

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