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Top 12 Places for Wedding Car Rental in Singapore

They say that the car you drive tells a lot about you. On the other hand, we at TWV believe that the wedding car you choose says a lot about your wedding day. It is one of those things that just has to be perfect. Choosing the perfect ride can be pretty hard because there are so many options to choose from. Don’t worry! In order to help you, TWV has scoured the country to help you find the Top 12 Places to Rent Wedding Cars in Singapore.

Top 12 Places for Wedding Car Rental in Singapore

12. Royal Ride, for Classy Cars

Photo Credits: Royal Rides

For more than 7 years now, Royal Rides has been catering in Singapore’s car rental industry. Aside from weddings, they also provide their services to other events – for instance, corporate functions. If you’re looking for rides that can easily add class and sophistication to your special day, you should definitely check them out. Royal Rides are famous for their limos, but their impressive catalog also includes well-known brands of chic cars like Audi, Mercedes, and BMW.

Royal Rides Logo
1002 Toa Payoh Industrial Park, Toa Payoh Lor 8, #05-1413 Singapore
[email protected]
+65 9007 5093
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11. Kaela Woods, for a Timeless Touch

Photo Credits: Kaela Woods

Kaela Woods is the nickname the team behind the company of photographers and musicians have affectionately given their old, classic 1969 VW beetle.  If you want a timeless touch on your wedding day, then this gorgeous car is absolutely perfect.

Kaela Woods Logo
[email protected]
River Valley Road, Singapore
+65 9488 3741

10. Wedding Limo, for Vintage Vehicles

Photo Credits: Wedding Limo

If you’re looking for the perfect vintage ride, then you should check out Wedding Limo. Their wide collection of timeless and classic cars —including a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, a Bentley S2 Convertible and many others— will surely impress you.

Wedding Limo Logo
[email protected]

04 Bukit Timah Road #01-00 Singapore, 223863
+65 6835 4600
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9. White Wedding Cars, for Traditional Weddings

Photo Credits: White Wedding Cars

White is usually associated with weddings because it symbolizes purity, innocence, and cleanliness. This is also the reason why people behind White Wedding Cars chose this colour, making it the perfect choice for a traditional white wedding.
[email protected]
+65 9760 8802

8. Lion City Limo, for a Royal Vibe

Photo Credits: Lion City Limo

Looking for impressive cars with eye-catching designs? Or do you prefer a more simple yet sophisticated vehicle? Whatever vibe it is that you’re going for, Lion City Limo has the perfect car for you. Established in 2012, Lion City Limo has become one of the trusted car rental companies in Singapore. Furthermore, their services are guaranteed to be safe and secured.

Lion City Limo Logo
[email protected]
14 Jalan Hikayat, Singapore
769858 | +65 6754 2990
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7. Audi Weddings, for Affordable Cars

Photo Credits: Audi Weddings

If you’re a fan of Audi cars, we suggest that you check out Audi Weddings as their catalog contains a wide array of the German-made car that would surely fit your budget and style. The people behind this company are Audi enthusiasts themselves, so you can be sure that the all of their cars are in top conditions.

Audi Weddings Logo
[email protected]
281 Alexandra Road, Singapore
159938 | +65 6836 2223
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6. Wedding Carriages, for Great Discounts

Photo Credits: Wedding Carriages

The people behind Wedding Carriages aim to give their customers the “ride of a lifetime”, by providing them with the right cars. If you’re on a budget, we suggest that you check out Wedding Carriages, as they give affordable prices and great discounts.

Wedding Carriages Logo
[email protected]
8 Burn Road #15-13 Trivex Singapore
369977 |+65 9844 0793
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5. Volks Wedding, for a Retro feel

Photo Credits: Volks Weddings

If you are going for a retro-themed wedding, we suggest that you check out Volks Wedding for their collection of groovy cars that can make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Actually, their 1966 Split Screen VW Bus can be the perfect bridal party bus for you. Aside from providing you with the perfect car and chauffeur, their creative team can add flowers, handmade bows, and “Just Married” signs to your ride.

Volks Wedding Logo
[email protected]
+65 9239 9632

4. Luxe Rentals, for Sophistication and Elegance

Photo Credits: Luxe Weddings

With more than 20 years in the industry, Motorway Group has become one of Singapore’s trusted company when it comes to automobile lifestyle. On the other hand, one of its divisions, Motorway Luxe Rental, has been making a name for itself in the field of wedding car rental services. It provides not only exotic cars but also convertibles and limousines that can easily add sophistication and elegance to your wedding day.

Luxe Rentals Logo
[email protected]
1094, Lower Delta
Road,Motorway Building, Singapore
169205|+65 9327 5000 │ +65 8468 2286
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3. Ace Drive, for High-end Rides

Photo Credits: Ace Drive

If you’re going for luxury and sophistication, then Ace Drive is the perfect company is for you. Their team can help you find the perfect ride for your special day, as they offer a wide variety of in-demand vehicles – including classic, luxurious and exotic cars. Awarded by Singapore Tatler as the best in car rental category both in 2013 and 2014, Ace Drive will definitely provide you with an excellent service.

Ace Drive Logo
[email protected]
50 Ubi Ave 3,
#01-01/02,Frontier Building, Singapore
408866 +65 6585 5555
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2. Wedding Cars, for Stylish Weddings

Photo Credits: Wedding Cars

Wedding Cars Singapore is one of the country’s highly-recommended car rental companies. Since it was first introduced in 2008, it has become a go-to place for Singaporean couples when looking for the perfect wedding car. This is probably one of the reasons why this company is a proud recipient of the Promising 500 SME Awards from SMBA in 2012. What we love about them is that they offer great deals on some of the cars that they are renting out – so if you’re on a budget you might want to check them out. Furthermore, they also offer novelty plates and plenty of other decorations for your wedding car.

Wedding Cars Logo
[email protected]
Midview City #06-51 20 Sin Ming Lane

+65 6735 2735
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1. Volkswagen Singapore, for Chic Weddings

Photo Credits: Volkswagen Singapore

If you’re looking for lovely and charming rides, we suggest that you check out Volkswagen Singapore as they offer a wide array of cars that will surely be perfect for your wedding day. Moreover, as a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading automobile brands, Volkswagen Group, high-quality products and services are definitely guaranteed.
Volkswagen Logo
[email protected]
Volkswagen Centre Singapore (Alexandra), 247 Alexandra Road, Singapore

159934 +65 6474 8288

We hope that you find this list of the Top 12 Places to Rent Wedding Cars in Singapore helpful. 

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