Noteworthy Wedding Photobooths in Singapore (2024 Edition)

Step into a world of unforgettable moments with Singapore’s premier wedding photo booths. From sleek designs to interactive setups, these photobooths redefine matrimonial memories. Elevate your celebration with the perfect blend of style and sentiment. With an extensive variety of noteworthy wedding photobooths in the market, which then is the best wedding photobooth in Singapore? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the Noteworthy Wedding Photobooths in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs. Wedding Photobooths in Singapore 10. The Story Box Co. Open-air style photobooth for indoor and outdoor weddings Featuring the first open-air style photo booth in Singapore, The Story Box Co. spices up your usual wedding photobooth experience by providing you with a set-up that could accommodate large groups wanting to have their photos taken. Beyond this innovative approach, The Story Box Co. offers a comprehensive suite of services. This includes vintage audio guestbook (more on this below!), digital iPad photobooth rentals, engaging GIF and boomerang booths, as well as a smart roving photographer that roams around the entire venue, capturing wonderful moments and sharing them instantly on the spot. Stylish and classy props are also available, leaving your guests with not just fun snaps but also a cherished trove of memories from your special day. After all, what’s an instant photobooth without all the props? Furthermore, we love The Story Box Co. because of all the attention to detail they put in every aspect of their service. Their backdrops, gorgeous, bold and vibrant, promise to elevate the aesthetic of any party. The professional touch extends to the customised print templates, artfully created by a designer who caters to every theme imaginable – vintage, retro, modern, and more. The added bonus? Guests can download their professionally retouched photos online for free, making The Story Box Co. a delightful blend of creativity and professionalism for your wedding day. Vintage photobooth perfect for classy weddings For on-site instant wedding photobooths, they have The Amour package, a vintage, handcrafted booth that seamlessly merges classic charm with contemporary sophistication. And it does not get in the way of your party at all! Beyond its stylish design, like every photobooth package from The Story Box Co., The Amour offers top-notch technology, featuring a high-end DSLR, AI Facial sharing and excellent lighting for unparalleled print quality that your guests can cherish. Introducing an additional feature: a vintage audio guestbook! This unique element enables you to convey your best wishes through an authentic and unfiltered voice recording for the newlyweds. It replaces the traditional book with messages that will last a lifetime. Wedding Packages and Rates: Click here for the full list of their photobooth packages and rates Check out The Story Box > 9. Mirror Me Singapore Sleek aesthetics and user-friendly interfaces Mirror Me Singapore offers cutting-edge photo booths, including the Vanity Booth and Mirror Me Booth. These booths feature a sleek design and user-friendly interfaces, engaging guests through touch screens, colourful animations, and playful voice guidance. With a client list boasting names like Amazon, Google, and Coach, Mirror Me Singapore has garnered recognition on platforms such as Smart Local Singapore, Bridestory, and Singapore Wedding Hub.  Their packages, starting at $699, include unlimited instant prints, personalized templates, design overlays, and the flexibility to choose print sizes. Fun props, photoprotective sleeves, and more are part of the comprehensive offerings.  Check out Mirror Me Singapore > 8. Fotoautomat Vintage charm In the heart of Singapore, Fotoautomat stands as a vintage gem, a charming wedding photobooth straight from the 1980s. Meticulously refurbished and transported from the United States, this analogue beauty operates on a manual camera system with a fixed focal length. Couples and their guests indulge in the nostalgia of dip & dunk processing, where each captured moment undergoes a four-minute development journey through chemical washes within the booth’s confines.  Unlike modern counterparts, there are no previews; one must patiently await the appearance of the developed film at the collection slot, echoing Andy Warhol’s sentiment that anticipation enhances the experience. The surprise element, coupled with the allure of a grainy film strip, turns every snapshot into a cherished memory, making Fotoautomat a delightful addition to any wedding celebration in Singapore. Check out Fotoautomat > 7. Solace Studios Chic and minimalistic aesthetic Solace Studios, nestled in the vibrant Haji Lane, has become a sensation, especially after garnering attention through TikTok videos. This Korean-inspired photo booth offers a unique experience with customisable pictures in various colours and sizes. The studio boasts a clean and minimalistic aesthetic, characterized by a delightful white and wood design. Visitors are greeted with clear and simple instructions, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable photo-taking process. The carefully curated space is adorned with a table of props, enhancing the overall experience.  Check out Solace Studios > 6. 60Shutter Fully automated photobooth for a hassle-free experience 60Shutter specializes in providing an enchanting addition to wedding festivities with its premier wedding photobooth package. Priced at $688, this two-hour service ensures a seamless blend of entertainment and cherished memories. Clients can choose from three print-out sizes, including Filmstrip prints (6 x 2 inches), Wallet prints (3 x 2 inches, double-sided), and 4R prints (4R photo). The package features unlimited instant photo quality prints, a 3-meter full-width backdrop, and an array of props.  With a fully automated photo booth, high-resolution/high-speed dye-sublimation printer, and the option to customize photographic designs and messages, 60Shutter guarantees a personalised touch to every snapshot. A dedicated photo booth ambassador is also included to guide guests, adding a delightful touch to the experience. After the celebration, clients receive a return of all high-resolution photos, preserving the magic of the wedding day for years to come. Check out 60Shutter > 5. PrintapPrintapartyarty Pte Ltd Instant photo and video sharing via WhatsApp Printaparty presents an enchanting wedding photo booth experience designed to elevate your special day. With a decade of industry expertise, Printaparty stands out as a pioneer in wedding photo booth innovation. The carefully crafted photo booths seamlessly integrate into any wedding theme, providing an elegant backdrop for couples and guests alike. What distinguishes Printaparty is the unique feature of instant photo and video sharing via WhatsApp, allowing couples to express gratitude alongside their captured memories. From personalised backdrops to high-quality prints, the wedding photo booth promises an unforgettable experience, encapsulating the love and joy of the moment. Trust Printaparty to transform weddings into picture-perfect celebrations, capturing and immortalising every precious moment in a truly memorable way. Check out Printaparty Pte Ltd > 4. Printiculous Roving photography Printiculous has become synonymous with elevating wedding moments through its exceptional wedding photobooth services. Since its inception in 2014, Printiculous has been a trusted name, capturing the essence of joy and celebration with its roving photography and instant prints. Specialising specifically in wedding photo booth experiences, Printiculous offers a perfect blend of professionalism and creativity. Their team of skilled photographers, originating from Kimnshin Photography, ensures that every snapshot reflects the beauty of the moment. Simultaneously, it encapsulates the unique style of each couple.  Featured on renowned platforms like Singapore Brides and HerWorld, Printiculous stands out. The company is known for its commitment to delivering a fun and memorable photo-taking experience that perfectly complements the magic of weddings. With Printiculous, every wedding becomes an unforgettable celebration, with high-quality prints that serve as cherished mementos for years to come. Check out Printiculous > 3. Selfiebox Entertainment focus Selfiebox infuses a touch of magic into any wedding day with its specialised wedding photo booth service. The HD Photo Booths, equipped with DSLR cameras and professional lighting, capture each special moment in high-quality imagery. Designed to be user-friendly for guests of all ages, Selfiebox’s wedding photo booth ensures that everyone effortlessly creates cherished memories. Moreover, the commitment to entertainment guarantees that the photo booth becomes the focal point of joy, adding a delightful touch to the celebration.  With quick printing times and a lab-quality printer, guests can take home personalised keepsakes in just a few seconds. The wedding atmosphere is further enriched as the photo booth becomes a hub of laughter, enabling the capturing of the most fun and memorable pictures that will last a lifetime.  Check out Selfiebox > 2. SRSLY Photobooth Photobooth ambassadors with on-site music SRSLY Photobooth specialises in creating cherished memories at weddings, offering an array of services to make your special day even more unforgettable. With their premium professional photo equipment, they capture moments in high-quality prints, ranging from 2R to Filmstrip photographs. The team, recognized by SingaporeBrides and Her World Brides Singapore, ensures a seamless experience with photobooth ambassadors adding a touch of fun through on-site music.  What’s more, their wide selection of backdrops and customisable props allows you to tailor the booth to match your wedding theme. From personalized photoborders to a variety of filters, SRSLY ensures each snapshot reflects your style. The fast and high-quality instant prints, coupled with live social media uploads, guarantee that the joyous moments are shared with your loved ones. Elevate the celebration further with their live slideshow and projection services, turning your wedding into an interactive experience filled with smiles and laughter.  Check out SRSLY Photobooth > 1. Telltale Photo Booth Fast and efficient service Introducing the TellTale Photo Booth – a distinctive touch for weddings that elevates the celebration with an interactive experience, capturing every joyful moment. The cutting-edge photo booth boasts the fastest printers and powerful cameras, ensuring phenomenal print quality. Couples can choose from a curated selection of over 50 props, guided by experienced booth assistants. Unlimited prints with custom layouts, studio lighting, and an elegant standard backdrop enhance the overall experience. Post-event, couples can relive the magic through Facebook uploads and easily downloadable photographs.  Furthermore, TellTale Photo Booth specialises in crafting unique designs, seamlessly incorporating wedding invites or event materials into personalized templates. With TellTale Photo Booth, weddings shine with their own one-of-a-kind design, reflecting the love and joy of the special day. Moments are transformed into memories, making weddings truly unforgettable. Check out Telltale Photo Booth > In conclusion, Singapore’s exceptional wedding photo booths promise to encapsulate the essence of your special day. With innovative setups and timeless captures, these booths leave an indelible mark on your cherished moments, ensuring lasting memories for you and your guests. We hope that our guide on the 15 Noteworthy Wedding Photobooths in Singapore has helped you to buy the best Noteworthy Wedding Photobooths in Singapore for your unforgettable wedding. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. 15 Noteworthy Wedding Photobooths in Singapore 15. Senica Photos, for customised props and unlimited, ultra-fast photo booth printouts On top of having an artistic flair in wedding photography and videography, the talented team from Senica Photos provides a unique photo booth experience for weddings as well. Looking to infuse excitement and laughter at weddings, they offer two complimentary customised props on top of their wide selection of fun and wacky props in all their packages. All packages also include unlimited printouts and a live online gallery for easier photo sharing.  To further personalize your classy photo booth printouts, the designer from Senica Photos will work with you to design a photo overlay to match your desired wedding theme. Check out these beautiful design overlays for further inspiration. Be it your dream wedding or an engagement party, Senica Photos will definitely jazz up your celebratory party and keep your guests entertained with ultra-fast and unlimited printouts. How fast, you may ask? Under 9 seconds! Wedding Packages and Rates: Perfect Package: $600 for 2 hours Glamour Package: $750 for 3 hours Joyous Package: $900 for 4 hours Roving Camera: additional $200 Premium Backdrops: additional $200 Optional Add-ons: Additional Hourly Charge: $250 5 Customised Props Bundle: $200 Specially Customised Photo Overlay: $150 #Hashtag printing: $150 46-Inch TV for slideshow projection of photos: $150 Customized Backdrop Design Provided by Client: $250 Work with our designer to create a custom design: $500 Check out Senica Photos for your wedding photo booth > Senica Photos … Continue reading Noteworthy Wedding Photobooths in Singapore (2024 Edition)