Shortlisting Criteria

Founder’s’ Note

Hi there! Following the success of our 2015/16 edition of our Top 10 Vendors series and a successful 2018 Noteworthy series which showcases Singapore’s leading vendors for each wedding category, we are looking to improve on our Noteworthy series for the upcoming 2019/20 edition. Our team managed to garner over 50,000 views for the Noteworthy series last year. This year, we will be running additional ads on social media to further increase the visibility of our article and provide more exposure to our partner vendors. We are very excited for it and hope you feel the same.

Our 2019/20 Noteworthy series will not only showcase noteworthy vendors of our Singapore’s wedding industry across various categories and recognize their efforts but will benefit our readers (your customers) with a good and easier selection for their purchase.

After a period of extensive research, curation and shortlisting, our editors have shortlisted vendors whom we believe are capable of offering quality services to our readers, and would like to recommend them to our readers.

We hope that by shortlisting leading vendors to be placed in this listing article, we will not only recognize their efforts in creating a good product, service and brand for your customers but hopefully inspire fellow entrepreneurs as well, eventually raising Singapore’s wedding industry standards as a whole.

To share, our editors follow a strict methodology when it comes to shortlisting vendors. We place the brand of “The Wedding Vow” and trust behind our choices and hence we invest an extensive amount of time into our articles and recommendations.

Using a number of criteria which includes, but not limited to the following (see below), our editors strive to do their best to shortlist vendors using a combination of the quantitative and qualitative factors. For transparency in that process, we would like to share it with you.

However, we would like to add a disclaimer that despite the extensive amount of time that we invest and spend on this process, we are not perfect and our research will not be 100% exhaustive nor accurate. We welcome kind feedback and reviews from readers, customers as well as vendors in the industry. Our team is committed to constantly improve our method of selection over time, so any kind and constructive feedback are valuable to us.

If you have any feedback, kindly send it to We appreciate your visit and kind understanding!

With love,
Matthew & Jocelyn
Founders of The Wedding Vow LLP


Shortlisting Criteria

*Kindly note that the following criteria below are not listed in order of priority.

PortfolioIn this metric, we consider if the vendor has an extensive portfolio of quality work to showcase their product, service, talent and capabilities. We examine whether the portfolio includes a variety of different approaches and styles, indicating versatility. We look at their final product offered to customers and cross-reference it relative to the industry/other competitors standards to see how they fare. We also consider if they are able to target a variety of clientele, such as professionals or celebrities.
Unique Value PropositionWe aim to include vendors who have that extra special something. In this metric, we consider if the vendor has any differentiating points of offering in their customer value proposition, relative to their competitors. It could be added services, a token of appreciation, or a unique ability to cater to what customers may need/want.
ExperienceIn this metric, we consider the number of years that the vendor has been in the industry. We also consider the vendor’s background, such as certifications, mentorship and etc.
Awards & AccoladesIn this metric, we look at any awards and accolades that have been awarded to the vendor, and the sources of these mentions.
Media Features & MentionsIn this metric, we consider other media coverage, influencer mentions and reviews for the vendor.
Services & Packages

In this metric, we look at the services and packages offered by the vendor. Are they upfront, straightforward and easy to understand? Does it include any terms and conditions hidden in fine print? If so, negative marks may be added. We also consider how efficient their service delivery and fulfillment is. For example, upon signing/payment, when will the final product be delivered?


We give positive marks if the vendor includes fringe benefits such as free consultation, editing or etc, indicating an effort to deliver a service that is over and beyond to the customer.

Value for MoneyIn this metric, we consider if the vendor offers quality services at a good value. This point does not refer to the evaluation of the prices that the vendor charges, but instead we are looking at the package inclusions offered relative to the prices charged. Other factors considered also include the quality of work delivered, service efficiency and etc. To clarify, we do not necessarily include the biggest or most expensive vendors on our list. Instead, we focus on presenting vendors whom we believe can deliver value and quality to their customers.
Style & BrandingIn this metric, we consider the vendor’s story, and efforts taken to create a unique style and branding. Also, other efforts like a mission or vision that aims to deliver value to customers are also taken into consideration.
Website & Digital AssetsIn this metric, we consider the digital assets of the vendor, mainly their website and portfolio but not limited to. We examine factors such as style, design, user interface, language, professionalism and etc.
Internet Search Visibility

In this digital age, digital presence is of huge and increasing importance due to widespread consumers’ usage of the internet to find products and services they need.


In this metric, we consider the internet search visibility and digital presence of the vendor, whether they are can easily found via the internet and search engines like Google. We will consider both organic and advertising results.

Social Media In this metric, we consider the social media visibility of the vendor, for platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. We consider factors such as number of followers, level of engagement and number of reviews etc. We also look at the content that they post up on their Facebook page.
Reviews/Word of MouthIn this metric, we consider testimonials and reviews for the vendor, derived from both their internal pages, as well as external websites such as blogs, online magazines. We look at what people are saying about them and determine whether the vendor has an overall positive/recommended image.
ProfessionalismIn this metric, we consider the professionalism the vendor displays, such as language, imagery, quality as well as conversation.

Please note that the evaluation of vendors is done using a combination of the above factors which would lead to final scoring. The factors above do not stand in isolation. Not every criterion is expected to apply to each and every vendor. In addition, as the wedding industry is very dynamic, we do not assign strict weightage to each criterion but instead, we evaluate each vendor using these criteria as a guiding tool. 

Please note that our team is committed to revising our list to ensure that it is updated with good result. Our Top list is subject to numbering extension if we discover more quality vendors which can be included on the list.