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Hey there! Buying our first home was an exciting milestone but it was also a nerve-wrecking process! After all, it is the biggest purchase of our lives! There was much to be done - from how to buy a new home, financing it, renovating it, furnishing it, getting appliances and decor to organising and homemaking. We jotted down our entire journey and published it right here so it can benefit other homeowners like you too. I hope that you will enjoy reading what we have to share, and feel free to reach out if you need any help!


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Home is where the heart is. Similarly, our heart is also in our home! Coming to 5 years of living in our home, we know what works well for a stylish and functional home. Our goal is to link our readers up with the brands and products that we’ve grown to love (and can’t do without)! We’ve tried and tested so many products and we are so blessed to work with over 100 brands to create content that will help readers discover them. If you are a brand and would like to be featured on our site, please do reach out to us to say hello!