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Sleep Soundly: Best Mattresses in Singapore for Ultimate Comfort and Support

Most of us know that getting a night of restful sleep is important for a productive day ahead and that a good mattress can help to achieve that. But when it comes to buying the best mattress in Singapore, most of us do not know our way around it. There are so many mattress brands and literally thousands of different mattresses you can buy. And with the wide range of prices ranging from under $100 to $20,000 and above, how does one know what is the right amount to spend on a mattress?

In this issue, our comprehensive mattress buying guide lists the 13 Best Mattresses in Singapore for a Rejuvenating Slumber, as we show you how to buy a mattress that fits your sleeping habits and budget. For the ultimate sleeping experience, do also check out our mattress topper, pillow, bedsheet, duvet, and quilt recommendations.

Best Mattress in Singapore

1. Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress

Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress
Photography: Heveya – Best Mattress in Singapore

Best latex mattress

Known as a one-stop bedding store, Heveya provides organic latex mattresses that cater to your sleeping habits, needs, and preferences. Its popular Heveya® mattress is made of 100% natural organic latex, responsibly sourced from an organic plantation without pesticides or fertilisers.

Great breathability and hypoallergenic

With its open cell structure and ventilation holes, organic latex is highly breathable, allowing you to sleep soundly instead of feeling stuffy under your sheets. What’s great is that organic latex is also naturally mold and dust-mite-resistant, making it the ideal choice for allergy sufferers.

The elasticity of organic latex delivers optimal support and comfort

Featuring remarkable elasticity, the Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress conforms perfectly to the body’s shape, featuring a 7-zone body support for perfect spinal alignment. This helps to promote a good sleeping posture, which in turn prevents body aches. If you love the plush feeling that you get at luxury hotels, we highly recommend the Heveya® III, their most luxurious model.

Should partners have contrasting firmness preferences, Heveya® can specially customise their mattresses to feature varying firmness on both sides. They also provide size customization and a 100-day free trial.

What we love about this organic latex mattress:
  • 7-zone body support for perfect spinal alignment and optimal support
  • Highly breathable, ideal for Singapore’s humid climate
  • Comes in custom sizes perfect for any bed frame

Receive two free Natural Organic Latex Pillows + One Bamboo Bundle Sheet Set (value of S$801) with the purchase of a Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress III in the matching size.

Special Wedding Bundle for mattresses, bed frame, and bedding accessories in matching sizes. Mention The Wedding Vow Newly Weds to their sleep consultants to redeem (only applicable in-store)

Shop Heveya >

2. Woosa Sleep – Best Mattress in Singapore

Woosa Sleep
Photography: Woosa Sleep – Best Mattress Singapore

Suitable for any type of sleeper

If you and your partner cannot seem to decide on which type of mattress to get for your new bed, we suggest that you consider Woosa Sleep. Their mattresses are made in Belgium using ultra-premium foams that provide superior support, comfort, and durability. With Woosa, you will have 3 mattresses to choose from. You can either get the Original if you prefer medium-firm comfort, Mysa for medium-plush luxurious hotel-like feel, or Terra for extra-firm comfort.

Now, if you still cannot choose among the 3….well, great news! Woosa Sleep is the first in Singapore to offer half & half customisation. As the name suggests, Woosa will help customise to 2 mattress types in 1 single mattress (with no gaps in between!). We are in awe of how innovative this is; it really is perfect for couples with varying sleeping preferences.

Incredible comfort at a reasonable price

We also appreciate how the mattresses from Woosa Sleep are created with premium quality while keeping the price reasonable. What they did was to eliminate the over-excessive components in a mattress, and used only the essentials: Sonocore Latex (the highest quality latex in the market!), Woosa Cloud Foam, and Microtencel Fabric. There are no springs involved – just the best of memory foam and latex mattresses combined for the most comfortable sleep. All materials are sourced from Europe, but the mattresses are designed and tested by Singaporeans. You can be sure that it is a mattress that you can actually use in Singapore!

Stress-free purchase

Buying a mattress is no easy feat. It is the opposite for Woosa Sleep, though, as it pioneered the 100-night free trial in Singapore. This way, you can try your desired mattress with no strings attached. Woosa Sleep also introduced the Sleep Lab where shopping is literally as simple as crawling into bed. And once you have made your purchase, dealing with customer service is also easy as Woosa Sleep is ready 24/7 to help you out.

What we love about Woosa Sleep: 
  • Superior craftsmanship made from premium materials sourced in Europe
  • Comfortable yet supportive mattresses
  • 10-year warranty

Use coupon code TWVXWOOSA to get $150 off on any mattress

Shop Woosa Sleep >

3. Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

Best Mattresses in Singapore
Photography: Emma Sleep – Best Mattresses in Singapore

Best Hybrid Mattress in Singapore

If you are a hot sleeper, we suggest that you invest in the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress. Backed up by Emma’s revolutionary Diamond Degree® patented technology achieved through world-class German engineering, this mattress has foam infused with diamond and graphite particles for optimum temperature regulation in record time. This means a deeper sleep night after night – you will never wake up feeling hot and sweaty again! As summer approaches, this will probably come in handy a lot. 

Aside from the amazing diamond technology, the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress also has a  fully breathable premium cover that is designed to help facilitate heat dissipation. We love how the cover makes the mattress even more cooling! It makes falling asleep much easier. Additionally, it is removable and washable as well, which ensures that your mattress is sparkling clean all the time.

Provides the best of both worlds for a comfortable sleep

Moreover, since this is a hybrid mattress, it has both foam and spring layers. The individually encased steel pocket springs make the mattress more breathable. Meanwhile, the foam layer is ergonomically designed to adapt to your body for the most comfortable sleep ever. It also helps to distribute body pressure, regardless of your build and sleeping position. For light sleepers who are sleeping with their significant other, the Emma Diamond Hybrid provides motion isolation technology so you will still feel comfortable even if your partner tosses and turns throughout the night.

Longest trial period in the industry

Overall, we must say that the Emma Diamond Hybrid is, indeed, one of the most premium and luxurious mattresses in Singapore. Its patented diamond technology alone makes it really advanced and well worth its price. Every purchase comes with a 200-Day Money Back Guarantee so you can simply try out the mattress and return it without the fuss if it is not up to your standards. This is probably the longest trial period we have ever seen in the bedding industry, and it makes sense – your body needs time to adjust to a new mattress. There is a 10-year warranty as well for your complete peace of mind.

What we love about Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress:
  • Advanced Diamond Degree patented technology for a deeper and cooler sleep
  • With adaptive comfort foam and pocket spring construction (7-zone spring technology)
  • Firmness level: 5

Use coupon code TWV5 to get 5% off storewide

Shop Emma Sleep >

4. Emma Original Hybrid – Best Mattress in Singapore

Emma Original Hybrid
Emma Original Hybrid – Best Mattresses Singapore

Best Mattress for Couples

Emma – The Sleep Company was established in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015 to provide the world’s best sleep at an affordable price. Since its founding, the company has expanded significantly and currently sells mattresses and other sleep products on five continents. Backed by extensive in-house sleep research and top-notch German engineering, the Emma Original Hybrid Mattress is of excellent quality, as proven by its status as one of the most awarded mattress in Europe.

Engineered with the latest foam technology for perfect sleep

Experts have worked tirelessly in applying cutting-edge foam technology to create the Emma Original Mattress at a reasonable price. What’s great about this mattress is that it provides optimal body support, pressure relief, and comfort. Its seven-zone foam distributes pressure and provides necessary counter-pressure, all while giving exceptional motion isolation. Being side sleepers, at times we wake up with neck and shoulder pain, but after we tried the Emma Original Hybrid Mattress, we no longer have those annoying aches!

Moreover, the mattress core adapts to all body shapes to align the spine, offering you a healthy and comfortable resting position in any posture. This sensation is further improved with the Airgocell® technology that makes the foam breathable by wicking away moisture and letting air circulate. The mattress is highly breathable, making it perfect for Singapore’s hot climate.

Overall, the Emma Original Hybrid Mattress is certainly the ideal option if you are seeking a quality mattress at a more than fair price, certain to meet most of your comfort requirements. It offers all the pressure-relieving benefits of high-resilience foam without the heat or sinking sensation. Additionally, their 200-night trial and 10-year warranty offer assurance as you can test out the mattress for an extended period of time before deciding if it is the right one to invest in for the long haul. To be honest, we have not seen such a long trial period like this anywhere else, which just shows how Emma goes above and beyond for their customers. For the most comfortable sleep, we highly recommend pairing this mattress with an Emma foam pillow.

What we love about this mattress:
  • With innovative Airgocell® that regulates temperature efficiently
  • Provides optimal body support, pressure relief, and comfort
  • Guarantees uninterrupted sleep with motion isolation technology

Use coupon code TWV5 to get 5% off storewide

Shop Emma Sleep >

5. Zinus Euro Top Latex and Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Zinus Hybrid Cool Spring Mattress
Zinus Hybrid Cool Spring Mattress – Best Mattresses in Singapore

Ideal for both back and side sleepers 

With their high-quality furniture and mattresses, Zinus has long been bringing joy to more than 18 million customers in more than 15 countries. And true enough, their latest Zinus 25cm Euro Top Latex & Memory Foam Hybrid ‘Cool’ Spring Mattress did not disappoint. This mattress features natural latex, memory foam, and hundreds of independent pocketed springs, making it perfect for both back and side sleepers. The natural latex layer helps in keeping the mattress safe for sensitive sleepers as well, thanks to its incredible antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties. Meanwhile, the pocketed springs or Zinus’ iCoil® technology makes the mattress supportive, keeping you aligned and pressure-free for a great night’s sleep. 

What’s really special, though, is this mattress’ memory foam layer. As we know, memory foam offers a luxurious sleep by giving you body-hugging comfort. It envelopes your curves and edges, thereby reducing muscle and joint pain. But unlike other mattresses, Zinus uses a unique and innovative BioFoam in manufacturing its memory foam layers. Infused with natural ingredients, you can rest assured that your new mattress from Zinus is safe to use, even if you are a sensitive sleeper. In fact, this mattress is CertiPUR-US Certified.

Designed for temperature-regulated sleep in Singapore

Another thing that we like about this Zinus mattress is how it comes with an ultra-cool fabric cover. This is perfect when you are living in a humid country such as Singapore as it enhances airflow and ventilation. This then allows you to wake up feeling fresh and fully rested every morning, plus it is really cooling to the touch! To add, having a fabric cover makes the mattress easier to maintain. From the moment your Zinus mattress is up until it is time for cleaning and maintenance, you will notice how everything seems so easy. Case in point, the mattress is smartly compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box!

What we love about Zinus cool spring mattress: 
  • 100% natural latex layer
  • iCoil® technology for pressure-relief support
  • With edge support to prevent mattress sloping
Shop Zinus >

6. MaxCoil Forrest Gems Amethyst III

MaxCoil Forrest Gems Amethyst III
Photography: Maxcoil – Best Mattress Singapore

Experience rejuvenating sleep with a mattress made for all sleepers

As one of the leading manufacturers of mattresses in Singapore, MaxCoil provides exceptional sleep solutions designed to meet your sleeping needs, preferences, and lifestyles. From heartlands and showrooms to department stores, MaxCoil is a trusted name in the bedding industry with over 20 years of experience. Their wide range of mattresses caters to every sleeper, whether you prefer the plush embrace of a memory foam pillow top or the firm support of an orthopaedic bed. 

Their best-selling mattress, the Forrest™ Gems Amethyst III offers elevated comfort for the most rejuvenating sleep. This luxurious hybrid mattress combines 7 layers of cushioning including premium memory foam, Belgium Latexco natural latex, and MaxCoil’s unique Fusion Flow Flex foam to deliver plush comfort with proper spine support, optimum air circulation, and outstanding tension relief for your body’s pressure points. Indulge in a perfect balance of a push-back hug and contouring that most sleepers will enjoy, as this versatile mattress bridges the gap between light and heavy sleepers, creating a consistent feel regardless of your sleeping preferences. 

The sleep miracle from nature 

If you are regularly faced with stress and sleeplessness, Amethyst III features a microencapsulated Amethyst fabric that has anti-static and anti-stress features to eliminate negative energy and relieve fatigue. The Forrest™ Gems Amethyst collection harnesses the miraculous properties of the natural gem for a calming effect that helps improves sleep quality. Intrinsically synonymous with the MaxCoil brand, their mattresses come with Swiss Certified Sanitized® antimicrobial protection to guard against mould, bacteria, and dust mites. With all these, you can sleep with peace of mind in a hygienic and comfortable environment. 

What we love about Maxcoil Amethyst:
  • 7 layers of cushioning and contouring support 
  • Double pillow top design for plush elevated comfort 
  • Customisable mattress size 
Shop MaxCoil >

7. Origin Hybrid – Best Mattress in Singapore

Origin Hybrid matress Singapore
Photography: Origin – Best Mattresses in Singapore

Best bed in a box mattress in Singapore

Specially designed in Germany, the Origin Hybrid® Mattress is made from Origin’s signature pressure-relieving foams coupled with an additional layer of high-quality springs. This bed-in-a-box mattress provides luxurious support and added bounce for a great sleeping experience. What we loved was its affordable price tag despite being a quality mattress, hence scoring high in our value for money criterion.

Unparalleled comfort with superior support

Featuring an all-natural latex layer that conforms to your body, this mattress helps to relieve pain by providing better back support, which is especially helpful for people with back issues. Moreover, it has a firmness rating of 6/10, which is a popular firmness among Singaporeans. Its Hypercool™ cooling technology also provides efficient heat dissipation via its high-density, high-rebound memory foam. In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, this cooling gel memory foam will definitely help you sleep better throughout the night.

No partner disturbance with state-of-the-art pocket springs and memory foam

Furthermore, the Origin Hybrid® is equipped with high-quality Vanadium Calico Encased pocket springs. Made with state-of-the-art motion isolation technology, these highly responsive springs effectively isolate motion, ensuring that you will no longer be disturbed by your partner’s tossing and turning at night!

Anti-parasitic, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic, this mattress also comes with a 15-year warranty and a 120-night trial (one of the longest in the industry).

What we love about Origin Hybrid Mattress:
  • All-natural latex layer for better back support
  • Cooling gel memory foam with Hypercool™ technology
  • No partner disturbance with Vanadium Calico Encased Pocket Springs

Use coupon code weddingvow5 to get 5% off storewide

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Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress

Origin Hybrid Pro
Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress – Best Mattress Singapore

Packed with premium layers for a dream-worthy sleeping experience at a value-for-money price point

Experience true next-level comfort with the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress. It combines the best of latex and memory foam in one mattress, offering all-around support and comfort despite its considerably affordable price point. The mattress also includes thousands of highly responsive ErgoCoil Micro-Springs that quickly adjust to all your sleep movements, giving your body the support it needs from all angles with less pressure. Origin’s signature pressure-relieving CloudCool Memory Foam paired with high-quality springs and natural latex? We cannot possibly ask for more!

In reality, the Origin Pro packs 6 premium layers of comfort, making it close to a perfect sleep system. There are layers that give way under the shoulder and hips, but remain supportive for the back and legs. Simply put, the mattress is the perfect balance of softness and firmness, so it would feel like the mattress is giving you a tight hug throughout the night.

Extra cooling 

The mattress is topped with Origin’s uniquely luxurious Polar Silk Tencel™, making it silky soft and pleasantly cooling for a good night’s sleep. Even better, the mattress is extra plush, so it is like you are sleeping on a cloud! In addition, the mattress features a temperature-regulating wool layer for unrivalled temperature and moisture control. It wicks heat and moisture away to maintain an ideal body temperature, regardless of whether it is a hot night or not.

Luxurious and uninterrupted sleep

Another great feature that we love is how this mattress also has multiple layers of shock-absorbing foam. So, if your partner usually tosses and turns while in bed, you will still be able to sleep soundly and without interruption – no matter how much your partner moves!

The best part, though, is that the mattress comes at a reasonable price in spite of all its amazing features. By using a queen mattress for 10 years, you would be sleeping in luxury every night at only $0.35/night, which is way lower than booking a hotel room often just to experience high-quality sleep. With that, we can safely say that the Origin Pro is more than just a mattress – it is an investment for good sleep every single night. For peace of mind, the mattress also comes with a 120-day trial period and a 15-year warranty.

What we love about this Hybrid Pro mattress: 
  • Designed by sleep experts from Germany and made with only premium materials
  • Highly supportive – promotes proper back alignment and healthy back
  • 11-inch thickness
Shop Origin >

8. LMG Sleepmatics Luna Plus Luxury Mattress

mattresses Singapore
Photography: LMG – Best Mattresses in Singapore

Snowsilk cooling mattress with medium firmness – great value for money

Named after Luna or the moon in Latin, the Sleepmatics Luna Plus Luxury Mattress ensures that users can sleep soundly and peacefully under the serenity of moonlight. The mattress provides the perfect amount of softness – just between firm and plush – for a comfortable sleeping experience. It comes with a revolutionary lumbar-enforced quilting and 5-zoned pocketed spring, making it comfortable with the ideal balance of firmness. Hence, it is an excellent choice for sleepers who prefer both dense support and soft cushioning on their mattresses.

Moreover, the mattress is topped with Snowsilk cool-to-touch fabric that regulates your body temperature all night long. This is especially helpful if you are someone who gets easily hot and stuffy while sleeping

Antimicrobial properties

Some individuals tend to experience allergic reactions to microorganisms that tend to grow on mattresses with high levels of moisture. Luckily, the Sleepmatics Luna Plus Luxury Mattress is equipped with a material that effectively inhibits the growth of these microorganisms, allowing you to sleep better at night.

What we love about Sleepmatics Luna Plus:
  • Snowsilk cooling fabric for temperature regulation
  • Medium firmness
  • With non-slip, foam encasement

Quote coupon code TWVEX8 at LMG’s showroom via sales expert to get 8% off all LMG products

Shop LMG >

9. Sonno Original Mattress Singapore

Sonno mattress Singapore
Sonno Original – Best Mattress Singapore

Multi-layered mattress for the deepest, comfiest sleep

I was honestly surprised that the Sonno mattress is made with absolutely zero springs, yet it provides a great balance of optimal comfort and spinal support. Featuring a unique combination of 3 layers, the Sonno mattress has a 2cm 100% natural latex top layer for comfort and breathability, 5cm memory foam for pressure relief, and 16cm support foam for proper weight distribution.

My favourite thing about this mattress is that I do not get overly sweaty with Singapore’s hot and humid temperatures. Sonno’s ultra-soft Outlast® fabric cover is specially designed to proactively regulate temperature for optimal thermal comfort. Coupled with the high breathability of its natural latex and memory foam, having a cooling sleep throughout the night is assured.

Zero motion transfer for peaceful sleep

Another prominent feature of the Sonno mattress is its Zero Disturbance Technology that enables zero motion transfer. You will not feel a thing when your partner changes position while sleeping or gets up for the bathroom, allowing you to sleep peacefully through the night.

Safe from dust mites, molds, and body aches

Most standard mattresses have spring coils and are made up of fiberfill, full of open areas that dust mites can easily burrow into and reproduce. However, the Sonno mattress is spring-less and consists of very dense layers, making it dust-mite resistant.

Furthermore, natural latex also inhibits mold and fungi growth as it has excellent airflow and resists moisture. This makes the environment unsuitable for both dust mites and fungi, thereby preventing the formation of allergens.

On a firmness scale of 1-10 (10 being very firm), this mattress is at a 6-7. With its perfect balance between firmness and softness, and the added pressure relief due to the Memory Foam’s minimal pressure points, my usual body aches from sleeping are nowhere to be found. I usually suffer from shoulder aches when I sleep on my side and put too much pressure on my shoulder, but the Support Foam evenly distributes the weight perfectly — it was like lying on a very supportive fluff of cloud.

Sonno mattresses foams are CertiPUR-US ®-Certified, and they provide a 10-year warranty, 100-night trial, free shipping, and free return. Check out Sonno reviews here.

To see how easily you can set up this mattress, watch the video below:

What we love about Sonno Original:
  • Zero Disturbance Technology for zero motion transfer
  • Excellent airflow and breathability of foams and latex
  • Dust mite and allergen/fungi resistant

Use coupon code WEDDINGVOW5 to get 5% off storewide

Shop Sonno >

10. Vesper Mattress – Best Mattress in Singapore

hybrid mattress Singapore
Vesper Hybrid Mattress – Best Mattresses Singapore

For a high-quality hybrid mattress that offers good value for money, the Vesper mattress is a good choice. It features 6 layers of comfort and class to give you a luxurious sleep – without the high price tag! Plus, this 6-layer comfort has been expertly designed for all body types and sleeping positions. It’s made with a careful blend of natural latex, gel foam for breathability, pocket coils for motion isolation, a support layer to accommodate different body weights and structures, and more premium quality layers you can take pride in for years. This simply means that this mattress is guaranteed to last you a long time! Other things we think you’ll love about this mattress are the orthopedic support, 100-day free trial, zero motion transfer, and an ultra-cool feel.

What we love about this Vesper Hybrid Mattress:
  • 100-day free trial and 10-year warranty
  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • 6 layers of premium quality materials for comfort

Use coupon code TWV25 to get $25 off Megafurniture (minimum spend of $500)

Shop Megafurniture, Shopee >

11. LEVITATE Mattress by HipVan

HipVan Levitate
LEVITATE by HipVan – Best Mattress in Singapore

Offering comfort fit for royalty, HipVan’s exclusive premium LEVITATE mattress provides the perfect sleep all year round. With LEVITATE featuring a luxurious pillow top with a special combination of memory foam and latex over a pocket spring mattress base, we can attest to HipVan’s claims of “lying on a bed full of marshmallows”. Having slept on a LEVITATE for more than a year, it really is comfortable. LEVITATE’s extra thick springs are individually coiled as well, providing great support for your body and localizing movement so you will not be disturbed by your partner’s fidgeting.

The LEVITATE also features a cooling Adaptive fabric which provides great breathability; this is important in mattresses in Singapore, especially with its several hot and humid nights should you prefer sleeping without an air conditioner. What do we love most on top of that luxurious, comfortable pillow top? The incredible price point. From $799 for a Single to $1,499 for a King, this is definitely a steal. With HipVan offering a 100-night free trial and a 12-year warranty on all of their mattresses in Singapore, coupled with free delivery and assembly of products, you can be assured of a fuss-free mattress shopping experience.

What we love about Levitate:
  • Perfect mattress for Singapore weather with the cooling fabric
  • Offers a 100-free trial and 12-year warranty
Shop HipVan >

12. Van Vorst Corerhythm 351/352

Van Vorst mattresses
Van Vorst – Luxury Mattress in Singapore

Luxury mattresses at an affordable price

Established in America in 1888, Van Vorst is a trusted luxury brand producing premium luxury mattresses at an affordable price tag. Placing emphasis on quality, each Van Vorst mattress is designed, meticulously crafted, and hand-assembled in America.

Corerhythm 351 vs Corerhythm 352

We personally went down to their showroom at Four Star Building to test out their Corerhythm 351 and Corerhythm 352. Lying on it felt really comfortable and luxurious, similar to the feeling you get at 5-star hotels, as both Corerhythm 351 (medium-firm) and 352 (soft) provided a superior plush topper of a 3” pillow top above the body base. I personally preferred the Corerhythm 351 as it provided a medium-firm feel which is great for my occasional backaches, while my wife found both models comfortable.

We dare say at the price of $2,000 to $3,000+, it’s definitely a steal and very much comparable to the quality and feel of luxury mattresses from top brands costing north of $8,000.

A luxurious pocketed coil spring system

More about the Van Vorst mattresses, they feature a luxurious heat-tempered pocketed coil spring system which is highly effective in relieving pressure points while it contours your body perfectly. This helps you to prevent body aches when sleeping. Furthermore, each Van Vorst mattress features top-quality eco latex and high-density memory foam.

Biorytmic™ Sleep Fabric Cover

Developed in Turkey, Van Vorst’s new technology, the Biorytmic™ Sleep Fabric Cover, helps provide quality sleep by improving intra-body communication during sleep and improves our body conditioning and mechanical balance. This helps to efficiently relax our body and reduce our stress levels, thereby providing better concentration and energy levels for better living.

We highly recommend you head down to their showroom to test out the feel of their mattresses for yourself. You will definitely see how it is easily one of the best mattresses in Singapore.

What we love about this Van Vorst mattress:
  • Over 130 years of experience
  • A luxurious pocketed coil spring system relieves pressure points when sleeping
  • Biorytmic™ Sleep Fabric Cover for better quality sleep

Quote coupon code TWVEX8 at LMG’s showroom via sales expert to get 8% off all LMG products

Shop Van Vorst, iShopChangi >

13. Simmons BackCare Luxury Mattress Singapore

back care mattress Singapore
Simmons BackCare® – Best Luxury Mattress Singapore

Best medium-firm mattress

Made in Japan, the Simmons BackCare Luxury Mattress features an incredibly plush super pillow top made of high-quality materials such as cashmere, wool, silk latex, and memory foam. Furthermore, with its highly porous Cold Foam, this mattress dissipates heat quickly for a consistent cool feel. We went to their showroom for a test, and boy does it feel immensely comfortable. For people who prefer a medium-firm mattress in Singapore, this is definitely a luxurious one to get.

What we love about this BackCare mattress:
  • Can dissipate heat for a consistent cool feel
  • One of the best medium-firm mattresses in Singapore
Shop Simmons >

17 Best Places to Buy a Mattress in Singapore

You used to only be able to buy a mattress in Singapore from retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Lazada is my go-to for shopping for a mattress in Singapore. It is also a great place to compare the prices of mattresses in Singapore. We generally recommend testing out the mattress first, especially for expensive mattresses, before seeking deals for your desired model online.

1. Origin

If you are not looking to spend a bomb on a mattress in Singapore, but still crave for a good comfort level, check out Origin. Specially designed in Germany, the Origin Hybrid® Mattress features Origin’s signature pressure-relieving foams coupled with an additional layer of high-quality springs. With an all-natural latex layer providing better back support and Hypercool™ cooling technology, this is pretty much a steal for its affordable price tag. Comes with a 15-year warranty and a 120-night trial.

Use coupon code weddingvow5 to get 5% off storewide

2. HipVan

Featuring 5 different types of mattresses in Singapore, HipVan offers premium mattresses at a great price, starting at $199. With 12 years guarantee, 100 nights free trial, and free delivery in Singapore, this sounds like the perfect deal to check out. Be sure to test out their LEVITATE mattress in Singapore, it’s pretty awesome and comfy with a plush bounce.

3. dormiente

Boasting an incredible 32 years of healthy sleep experience as a market leader of natural latex mattresses in Germany, dormiente seeks to promote a good orthopaedic sleeping position for comfortable and better sleep. Check out their best-selling Natural Classic Orthoform Female and Male Mattresses, along with their patented SYSTEM 7® and PHYSIOFORM bed slats, which have been recommended by the German Association of Back Posture Trainers as ergonomically effective to help with the regeneration of the spine.

4. Heveya

Focusing on natural organic latex mattresses, adjustable slatted bed bases, and accessories, Heveya® is your one-stop-shop for all your sleeping needs. They can specially customise a sleeping system for you, whereby the bed base, mattress, and pillows all work in tandem for the ultimate back support, suitable for all ages, builds, preferred sleeping positions, and personal preferences.

We highly recommend you to check out their showroom which is really cosy, making you feel as if you are lying in your own bedroom. Their sleep consultants can then advise on the most suitable sleeping system based on your body built and sleep preferences. Furthermore, they can even check your spinal alignment to give better advice on the perfect sleeping system for you. They can also customise your latex mattresses to any size and shape you prefer.

Should you and your partner have differing opinions about the preferred firmness of your mattress, Heveya can help to customise a king-size mattress with one firmer and one softer side at no additional cost! Their mattresses even come with a 100-night free trial for further assurance.

Receive two free Natural Organic Latex Pillows + One Bamboo Bundle Sheet Set (value of S$801) with the purchase of a Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress III in the matching size.

5. Simmons

Branded mattresses in Singapore like Simmons feature their own showroom where you will be assured of great service and a comfortable testing experience. Simmons has over 20 outlets islandwide, basically covering every part of the island. Some of their premium mattresses are ridiculously comfortable. We know because we tried out the ones above $10,000. Read about our experience at the Simmons showroom here.

6. Courts

Should you prefer to test out the mattress in person, feel free to pop by megastores like Courts. Their online store even allows you to shop by different categories – type, price, firmness, brand, and size. Check out their outlets here.

7. Harvey Norman

Another megastore to check out for mattresses in Singapore is Harvey Norman. With over 10 outlets islandwide, you will probably find one near your place. We recently went to their outlet at Northpoint and even discovered some lovely homewares. You’ll be surprised to learn that these megastores actually have pretty impressive furniture nowadays, which makes them a great one-stop shop.

8. Gain City

Gain City is another solid option to check out with over 10 outlets islandwide as well. Check out their store locations here. They retail cheap foldable mattresses from $49 to relatively more expensive mattresses at $6,000.

9. Bed and Basics

Cutting out the middlemen, and retail markups, Bed and Basics promises to provide great mattresses at an honest price, featuring 14 different mattress brands in Singapore. They provide 100 days of returns and free delivery above $150. Check out their mattress collection here.

10. FortyTwo

A 100% online shop, FortyTwo does not feature a showroom, but the good news, you get all those savings! First established in September 2007 with a humble team of 3, their team now consists of over 160 employees and has served over 300,000 satisfied customers. Check out their huge range of mattresses, bedding accessories, and bed frames here.

11. LCF Home & Office Furniture

If budget is a concern, you should take a look at LCF Home & Office Furniture. Marketed as an affordable furniture shop, they even have mattresses as cheap as $25. You’ll be sure to get great deals here! Check out their mattresses here.

12. Sleep Space

A one-stop online store for everything to do with sleep, Sleep Space carries mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and bed linens from a wide variety of brands. Mattresses here range from $79 to $4,000+. You can also shop by price, brand, firmness, type, and size here.

13. Tilam King

A mattress and bedding boutique, Tilam King features various series of mattresses, namely the Luxury series, Premiere series, Deluxe series, Ergo series, Hotel Suite, and Bedding series. Find out more here.

14. Serta

Introduced to the world back in 1931, Serta has gained a reputation for being a pioneer in comfort in the field of mattresses. Every Serta mattress provides true exceptional comfort, from their breakthrough iComfort® Sleep System to the iconic Perfect Sleeper®. Check out their sleep centres locations here.

15. Dunlopillo

The original inventor of latex, Dunlopillo introduced their first-ever latex mattresses to the world in 1931. Check out their mattress collection here, and their outlet locations here.

16. Tempur

TEMPUR mattresses are tested to last, promising to provide uncompromising quality sleep each night for many years. What’s pretty amazing is that the TEMPUR® material was first specially designed by NASA® in the 1970s, cushioning and supporting astronauts during lift-off into space. TEMPUR scientists then adapted this material and introduced it to the world in the form of mattresses and pillows. Check out TEMPUR’s mattress collection here, and outlets islandwide here.

17. Sealy

Seen the Posturepedic logo around those megastores? Those plush comfy mattresses come from Sealy, one of the world’s most trusted mattress brands. The roots of Sealy date back to 1881 in a small Texas town called Sealy. Many of our friends have mentioned that Sealy mattresses are incredibly comfortable, so do check them out. See their mattress range here, and outlets islandwide here.

Lastly, as a bonus, you can also check out furniture expos at the Singapore Expo to buy discounted mattresses in Singapore.

The Types of Mattresses in Singapore

Before you can decide what mattress to buy in Singapore, you must first know what are the different types of mattresses in Singapore. Mattresses are made of different types of materials that will suit different sleeping styles.

The materials used will also affect the cost. For example, latex is considered to be the best in terms of comfort and durability (able to last 10 years or more) and hence expensive. Mattresses made with latex will be pricey. I will be sharing the different types of mattresses in Singapore and their pros and cons.

Bed in a Box Mattress

bed in a box mattress
Image Credits to Woosa Sleep

The bed in a box concept originated in the USA and refers to online mattress shopping. You will receive your bed literally wrapped up in a box. Most of them include free 100-day trials for you to test out your mattress in the comfort of your own home. They are usually hybrid mattresses. We have listed the most popular bed in a box online mattress stores here. For our master bedroom, we picked the Hipvan Levitate mattress (it is very comfortable!).

For queen or king-sized mattresses, bed-in-a-box mattresses in Singapore average from $800 to $1,500 depending on the model type. While bed-in-a-box mattresses cannot compare to high-end models like Simmons BackCare Luxury, they can be compared to the entry models from branded mattresses, and it is definitely better than those cheap, brandless mattresses.

Get this if you are very shy about testing your mattress in public, or if you are simply too busy to head down to any showrooms.

Standard Innerspring

standard innerspring

This is the traditional type of mattress and also the most common type. Standard innerspring mattresses in Singapore use metal springs, giving them a bouncy feel, but also a squeaky noise. This type of mattress uses outdated technology hence you will not find specialty stores or branded mattresses providing this option. I would not recommend it for long-term use as they do not last very long too.

  • Cheapest option
  • The low density of foam leads to it retaining little/no heat
  • Easy to buy from anywhere, both online and offline
  • The metal coils are connected, and you will feel any and every movement made by your other half. Not suitable for couples
  • Lack of support
  • Not suitable for people with arthritic problems
  • It does not last long. Will sag and be uneven after a few years of use.
Get it if:
  • You are buying a spare bed for guests or stayovers.

Pocketed Coil Innerspring Mattress 

pocketed coil

Consider this the improved version of standard innerspring. Most branded mattresses use this technology. It works on a similar spring system, but the difference is that these coils are grouped into “pockets”. The pockets minimise movement transfer and improve support. It provides a better sleep experience than the first choice.

  • Relatively affordable
  • Cheapest model for branded mattresses
  • Comfortable night sleep
  • Still has that springy, bouncy feel which some might not like
  • The quality depends on the foam covering it as well
Get it if:
  • You are looking for a comfortable bed, but do not want to spend too much. Or if you like the springy effect.
Recommended pocketed coil mattress in Singapore: King Koil Sleep Definition Heritage (comes with a free bed frame!)

Memory Foam in Singapore

memory foam Singapore

If you are not a fan of springy beds, you probably will go for a memory foam mattress. Memory foam was first developed by NASA for astronauts. Well, it is good enough to support astronauts during lift-off, I’m certain it is good enough to support me to dreamland! In terms of comfort, memory foam is a frontrunner. It hugs and conforms to your body, and gives you that ‘sink in your bed’ feeling like Princess and the Pea probably felt.

  • Offers superior comfort and conforms to body shape (great for side sleepers)
  • Minimal motion transfer (similar to pocketed coil innerspring mattresses)
  • Provides pressure point relief and evenly distributes your weight (good for joint health)
  • Typically resistant to mould, mildew and dust mites
  • Can last a long time (more than a decade)
  • Very Expensive (branded mattresses in Singapore have these models as their top-of-the-line SKU)
  • Tends to retain heat (if you get hot while sleeping this might not be suitable for you. Consider a mattress that has a top layer of cooling material)
  • Typically made with harsh chemicals so it might not be good for sensitive skin
Recommended memory foam mattress in Singapore: Tempur Original Deluxe 17

Latex Foam Mattress

latex foam mattresses

Latex is often mistaken for memory foam because both have body-contouring effects. But in fact, it is made of completely different material and behaves differently too. Latex is basically rubber, and hence, it is elastic and resilient. There are several types of latex: synthetic, natural, and organic being the top of the range.

Few mattresses are made of 100% latex and it is often used as the top layer. A pure latex core has an open-cell structure, facilitating air circulation through the mattress and keeping the humidity and temperature low. This is also why latex has great allergen resistance to dust mites and mould.

One of the main reasons to get a latex bed is for its comfort and durability. Through its natural elasticity, latex provides the right amount of back support without needing any springs. Moreover, this support will last for years longer than other mattress materials.

  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Heavy
  • Most expensive material
Get it if:
  • If you have asthma and skin allergies. Natural Latex is resistant to mould and dust mites without the use of chemicals.
  • You get hot and sweaty at night when sleeping. Latex will help to cool you down

Hybrid Mattress Singapore

hybrid mattresses in Singaproe

Hybrid mattresses have multiple layers and use a combination of the materials mentioned above for customised comfort. It gives you softness and stability. Common hybrids you will find are memory foam-innerspring and latex-innerspring. The memory foam or latex balances out the bounciness of the innerspring and adds an element of body contouring that the coils would otherwise not be able to provide.

  • Provides good support for the spine and back by combining both foam and spring
  • Good motion isolation (good for couples)
  • Expensive. Require more materials and workmanship than a single material bed. You will find hybrids in mid to premium brands.
  • It can be quite heavy and not easy to move around. If you have a storage bed, it will be quite heavy to lift up. It might be troublesome for spring cleaning as well.
Get it if:
  • You want the best of both worlds and customised comfort

Pillowtop Mattress

If a mattress could hug you, it would be a pillowtop mattress that features an extra foam pillow layer on top for superior comfort. Pillowtop mattresses are what you find in 5-star luxury hotels. They are extremely comfortable and offer a perfect sweet spot for the majority of sleepers. Once you sleep on a pillowtop bed, no other beds will come close.

The downside is that a pillowtop bed is very prone to wear and tear. After long-term use, the pillow top will be thinner and your “hugging” effect might disappear.

Air Mattress in Singapore

An air mattress, simply put, is made of air. It is an inflatable bed usually made from vinyl, plastic, or rubber material. Due to its portability and small size when deflated, it is great for guests’ bedding or camping trips. While very cooling to sleep on and cheap, pumping it up might be troublesome and take some time. Also, sharp objects can puncture a hole in the bed and cause a leak, making it unusable.
Intex air mattress

Intex is a brand known for making above-ground pools. They too make sporting goods and even spa hot tubs so you can be assured their airbeds are of good quality. I like the fact that they are reasonably priced, and their air mattresses in Singapore come with a built-in pump so you don’t have to do it manually. Check out their Dura Beam and Fibre Tech series.

Foldable Best Mattress Singapore

Foldable mattresses are perfect for stayovers and guests when they come to visit. Usually single-sized and made of foam, it is a three-layer foldable design that is made easy for space-saving and convenient for placement.
foldable mattresses

Recommended foldable mattress in Singapore: Sea Horse Foldable Healthy Mattress

8 Simple Steps to Buying the Best Mattress in Singapore

1. What is your budget?

There is a huge range of pricing when it comes to the cost of a mattress in Singapore. Knowing your budget will allow you to narrow down your options, and makes it easier when choosing the type of bed to buy.

Cost-wise, you can get mattresses in Singapore that cost under $100 (cheap, brandless ones) and you can get top-end luxury mattresses in Singapore that can cost $10,000 and more.

I suggest budgeting about $2,000 to $5,000. That budget should be able to get you a pretty decent mattress and accessories (pillows, toppers, bedsheets). A bed frame will cost somewhere between $500 to $1,000 and more.

2. How firm should your mattress be? 

matress firmness

How firm you like your mattress will depend on your preferred sleeping position.

different sleeping positions

  • If you are a back-sleeper, medium-firmness would be suitable for you. It will provide support for your spine, back, and neck.
  • Side sleeper? A softer bed will suit you better. Side-sleepers tend to prefer a thicker comfort layer that supports and contours around the body. Pillow-top mattresses would be a good choice.
  • If you are a stomach sleeper, get a firm mattress to keep your spine aligned.
  • What if I’m a combination sleeper? This means you switch positions throughout the night. Get one that will suit your most common positions and pick something in between.

It is important to buy a mattress with a firmness that fits your sleeping position. Sometimes, tossing and turning could be due to a bed being too firm or too soft. A mattress too firm might create pressure points to feel sore or numb, causing you to move into different positions throughout the night. A mattress too soft can make your back feel sore and achy due to your spine not being aligned properly.

Have a chat with your partner to see how to best align your preferences. If one is a side sleeper and one a back sleeper, you can meet in the middle with something of medium fitness. If that does not work, some specialty stores like Simmons are able to customise beds that have different firmness for each half.

3. What are your sleeping habits? 

sleeping habits

On top of your sleeping position, it is also important to know your sleeping habits. This will aid you in buying a mattress that suits your needs and preferences.

  • Consider your build. If you are a bigger person, you might want a firmer and possibly thicker mattress. A soft bed may cause a sunken feeling in your back.
  • Do you perspire easily during sleep? If so, avoid memory foam mattresses that retain heat. Get something with a gel cooling layer.
  • Does your partner move a lot? If so, you should get a mattress with minimal motion transfer. Avoid the standard innerspring beds.
  • If you are a light sleeper, buy one with individual pocketed springs.
  • If your child sleeps with you, make sure to get a waterproof protector. It will save you a whole lot of trouble. Also, get a king-sized bed so that there’s space for everyone.
  • Do you have asthma or sensitive skin? If you are, consider a latex mattress for it is naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Do you have back pain or aches? If so, you will want to get a mattress that gives you good support.
  • Consider how much space you have in the room for your bed. It will determine what size to buy (next point).

4. What size are you looking for? 

right mattress size

Below are the standard dimensions for the various mattress sizes commonly found in Singapore. American sizes are different.

We use a King-sized Hipvan Levitate in our master and a queen-sized Simmons for our guest room. If your room has sufficient space, I suggest a king-sized for a couple, as it is very spacious and comfortable. That said, if you have a limited budget, you might want to consider decreasing your size (from king to queen) in order to get a better-quality bed.

After picking your size, make sure to take down the dimensions so you get the right bed frame and bedsheets.

SizeDimensions (in cm)
Single190 x 91
Super Single190 x 107
Queen190 x 152
King190 x 182

5. Choose your mattress type

different types of mattress

In short, there are 4 mattress types – spring (standard or pocketed coil), memory foam, latex, and hybrids (details above). Generally, mattresses are made of two layers, a support layer and a comfort one.

Think about whether you prefer a spring or foam mattress. Spring mattresses are cheaper than foam mattresses, but foam mattresses offer more support, contour your body better, and hold its shape better (hence last longer). I would recommend a foam bed if your budget fits.

That said, memory foam mattresses in Singapore do retain more heat, so if you are a sweaty sleeper, you might want to choose one with a gel topping, made of latex (more expensive) or you can always go back to a spring mattress.

Latex is getting very popular as it is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. It also can give you all the benefits and comfort that memory foam has. It is expensive, but you get what you pay for.

6. Which brand of mattress should I get? 

When thinking about mattresses, well-known brands that commonly come to mind include Simmons, King Koil, and Sealy.

Below is a list of well-known mattress brands in Singapore. You won’t go wrong getting your beds from one of these brands. Find out more about the most popular brands.

  • Simmons
  • King Koil
  • Sealy
  • Tempur
  • Four Star
  • Heveya
  • Dunlopillo
  • Sea Horse (cheaper brand)

These are the ‘bed-in-a-box’ brands in Singapore that we featured in our online mattress shopping guide. Read the full guide to find out more about the pricing and type of mattresses they sell.

  • Hipvan
  • Noa
  • Haylee
  • Baton Sleep
  • Woosa
  • Wonderbed
  • Origin Mattress

7. Make sure to test your mattress

how to buy a mattress

A mattress is a long-term purchase. It is important to test it by lying down on it, whether in-store or at home. Speciality stores like Simmons make mattress testing a very comfortable (and not awkward) experience.

Here are the steps to test out your mattress:

  1. Lie in the positions you usually sleep in, for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. When lying down, relax in your normal sleeping position. What you should be looking out for is support, comfort, and fit.
  3. There should be no space between you and your mattress. Your spine should be aligned and supported. There should not be a gap where your back arches.
  4. If you have a sleeping partner, make sure to test the mattress out together so you can keep your eye out for movement as you change positions. Have a discussion on what is best for you – firm or soft. If you both have differences in firmness, go for something in between.
  5. The specifications are not more important than comfort, but knowing the features i.e. hypoallergenic, will help you make a better decision on whether the mattress is worth the price.
  6. Ask about returns and trial periods

8. Things you should not do

Do not buy a second-hand mattress to save money. 

There is a risk of bed bugs when you buy a second-hand mattress. They are sometimes not visible to the eye as they hide in the mattress. Also, the previous owner would have slept on it, and without a proper and thorough cleaning, there will be bacteria and germs on it. Used mattresses are also worn out and will not provide the support you are looking for. It is better to get a new, slightly lower-quality mattress for cheaper than go for a second-hand option (unless you know the previous owner very well).

Do not buy a cheap mattress for the sake of the price (unless it is for rare use for guests). 

A good mattress gives you good health and good sleep (which gives you a positive attitude). You are going to spend one-third of your life sleeping on it, so it is important to get a good one. If you have a busy schedule and a few hours of sleep, it is important to make those hours count.

While you should not buy what you can’t afford, I do believe budgeting for a good bed is key.

FAQ – Best Mattress in Singapore 

newly weds mattress

How do I clean my mattress? 

You spend on average 6-8 hours every day sleeping on your mattress. Cleaning it regularly is very important to keep it hygienic.

Here’s how to clean your mattress:

  • Buy a mattress that is resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew
  • Use a mattress protector. Try the King Koil 100% Cotton Fitted Mattress Pad Protector. If you need a waterproof protector, get the Weavve Lyocell Waterproof Mattress Protector and use our coupon code TWV15MP to get 15% off.
  • Vacuum your mattress at least once a month. You can use a handheld vacuum cleaner like the Shark Wandvac Handheld Vacuum (use our coupon code weddingvow203 to get $50 off). For more vacuum recommendations, read our vacuum cleaner guide here.
  • Keep your mattress dust-mite-free, use a vacuum like the JIMMY JV35 or the Deerma CM1900 to clean it regularly.
  • Change your bed sheets regularly. I make sure that I have 2 sets of bedsheets so I can alternate between them without worrying about whether my one set dries in time.
  • If your bed smells, apply a thin layer of baking soda to the top. Leave it for 10 minutes before vacuuming it. Your bed should smell much fresher.
  • You can air or sun your mattress. Letting it breathe in fresh air and sunlight will help to kill bacteria, dust mites and also get rid of bad smells.

Proper care for mattresses

With proper care, a good mattress can last a decade or more. Unlike my air conditioner, I did not think that my mattress needed to be taken care of. But caring for your mattress can increase its lifespan, and provide you with better comfort throughout the years. You can rotate it regularly (this will help to even out the depressions and prevent the same area from getting “sunk in”). To ensure your bed last the years, avoid sitting on the edge of the bed, jumping on your bed, or carrying it using the straps (the straps are meant for adjustments only).

When should I change my old mattress? 

Sleeping on a saggy mattress that no longer supports your body is not recommended. If you are sinking more than 2.5 cm into your bed regardless of where you lie, it is time to change your mattress.


To sum it up, choosing the ideal mattress is a cornerstone in cultivating restful sleep and overall well-being. Ranging from memory foam to hybrid designs, we hope that our 13 Best Mattress in Singapore buying guide will help you to buy the best mattress in Singapore for your home. Please share this with your friends if you have found this useful.

This article was last updated on 11 August 2023.

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