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13 Noteworthy Mattress Brands in Singapore | Best of Home 2023

You are probably aware that buying the right mattress, or even choosing the right mattress brand, is key to a good night’s sleep. Our earlier issue covered the online mattress stores with free trials that allow you to test out the mattress in the comfort of your home – up to 100 days! We all know that the big, noteworthy mattress brands in Singapore have mattresses that are so comfortable for a heavenly sleep, but they probably come with a hefty price tag. Do these brands really give you what you need? In this issue, we took a closer and more in-depth look at these 13 Noteworthy Mattress Brands in Singapore and what’s good about each mattress brand in Singapore for the sweet slumber you deserve! Do check out our in-depth guide on choosing the best mattress in Singapore as well.

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This article was last updated on 7 January 2023.

Table of Contents

  1. Simmons Mattress
    • Use promo code TWVSIMMONS on Simmons website to get $188 off on BeautyrestⓇ Eternity Mattress
  2. Luxury mattresses at an affordable price: Van Vorst Corerhythm 351/352
    • Quote coupon code TWVEX5 at Van Vorst’s showroom or via sales consultants on Van Vorst’s website for 5% off all Van Vorst luxury mattresses
  3. dormiente
  4. Origin
    • Use promo code weddingvow5 for 5% discount of all products
  5. 6-zone configurable firmness for both partners: Hallmark Grandeur Mattress
    • Use promo code WEDDING15 on BedOrigin’s website or quote at their showroom for 15% off the Hallmark Grandeur Mattress
  6. LEVITATE Mattress by HipVan
    • Use coupon code TWV50 on HipVan’s website to get $50 off min spend of $500 storewide
  7. Heveya® Mattress
    • Quote The Wedding Vow to Heveya® in store sleeping consultant and get two free Natural Organic Latex PiIllows + One Bamboo Bundle Sheet Set (value of S$801) when you purchase Heveya III Natural Organic Latex Mattress
  8. King Koil Mattress
  9. Tempur Mattress
  10. Sealy Mattress
  11. Serta Mattress
  12. Slumberland Mattress
  13. Dunlopillo Mattress

13 Noteworthy Mattress Brands in Singapore & What’s Good About Them

1. Simmons Mattress

mattress brands singapore simmons

With prices ranging from $2,000 to over $10,000+, Simmons mattresses are slightly on the upscale side – though, rest assured that the quality and designs more than make up for the price tag. One of the few premium mattress brands in Singapore, various 5-star hotels such as Shangri-La, Marriott, Marina Bay Sands, and The Ritz Carlton (the list is too long to mention all) use Simmon mattresses to provide comfort and sound sleep to its guests.

Among its various mattresses series, we love the Simmons’ Beautyrest® series which features individually pocketed coil springs. This system isolates motion on the bed and allows you to have an undisturbed sleep despite any movement on the bed. These springs are compressed to build stronger resilience and provide better back support. Simmons also use different foams like the brand’s AirCool and AirFeel memory foams that can dispel heat to keep you cool and refreshed on your sleep. 

Simmons promo code:

Use promo code TWVSIMMONS on Simmons website to get $188 off
on BeautyrestⓇ Eternity Mattress

Click here to shop for Simmons mattress >>
Simmons Mattress logoSimmons (SEA)
Tel: +65 6294 2278 | Fax: +65 6293 0002

2. Van Vorst Corerhythm 351/352

van vorst mattress

Luxury mattresses at an affordable price

Established in America since 1888, Van Vorst is a trusted luxury brand producing premium luxury mattresses at an affordable price tag. Placing emphasis on quality, each Van Vorst mattress is designed, meticulously crafted, and hand-assembled in America.

Corerhythm 351 vs Corerhythm 352

We personally went down to their showroom at Four Star Building to test out their Corerhythm 351 and Corerhythm 352. Lying on it felt really comfortable and luxurious, similar to the feeling you get at 5-star hotels, as both Corerhythm 351 (medium-firm) and 352 (soft) provided a superior plush topper of 3” pillow top above the body base. I personally preferred the Corerhythm 351 as it provided a medium-firm feel which is great for my occasional backaches, while my wife found both models comfortable.

We dare say at the price of $2,000 to $3,000+, it’s definitely a steal and very much comparable to the quality and feel of luxury mattresses from top brands costing north of $8,000.

Luxurious pocketed coil spring system

More about the Van Vorst mattresses, they feature a luxurious heat tempered pocketed coil spring system which is highly effective in relieving pressure points while it contours your body perfectly. This helps you to prevent body aches when sleeping. Furthermore, each Van Vorst mattress features top-quality eco latex and high density memory foam.

Biorytmic™ Sleep Fabric Cover

Developed in Turkey, Van Vorst’s new technology, the Biorytmic™ Sleep Fabric Cover, helps provide quality sleep by improving intra-body communication during sleep and improves our body conditioning and mechanical balance. This helps to efficiently relax our body and reduce our stress levels, thereby providing better concentration and energy levels for better living.

We highly recommend you head down to their showroom to test out the feel of their mattresses for yourself. After all, you will be sleeping on it for years! You can also quote the coupon code TWVEX5 at their showroom for the 5% discount.

Why buy this:
  • Luxury mattresses with an affordable price tag
  • Over 130 years of experience
  • Luxurious pocketed coil spring system relieves pressure points when sleeping
  • Biorytmic™ Sleep Fabric Cover for better quality sleep
  • 10-year warranty
Van Vorst promo code:
Quote coupon code TWVEX5 at Van Vorst’s showroom or via sales consultants on Van Vorst’s website for 5% off all Van Vorst luxury mattresses
Van Vorst showroom address: 44 Kallang Place, #05-14, Four Star Building, Singapore 339172
Contact: +65 6909 0022 | +65 9459 6021
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Check price on Van Vorst >

3. dormiente


Boasting an incredible 32 years of healthy sleep experience as a market leader of natural latex mattresses in Germany, dormiente seeks to promote a good orthopaedic sleeping position for a comfortable and better sleep. Their best-selling Natural Classic Orthoform Female and Male Mattresses, along with their patented SYSTEM 7® and PHYSIOFORM bed slats, have been recommended by the German Association of Back Posture Trainers as ergonomically effective to help with the regeneration of the spine. Each dormiente mattress is made of certified organic natural latex with an organic cotton and pure new wool cover. Tested free of 200 types of harmful chemicals, you can be assured of its safety, especially so for allergy sufferers.

dormiente offers a 1-hour private mattress trial, so you can personally experience the comforts of each mattress to make a better informed decision. You can even design your bed through their bespoke customization service. With 50 toxic-free modern bed designs readily available, your bed will definitely match your dream house interior and aesthetics. They also offer pillows, duvets, sleeping systems and solid wood beds – a perfect one-stop solution for all your bedding needs. All dormiente products are proudly handcrafted in Germany and sourced through fair trade. Book your private viewing appointment here.

Check out dormiente mattresses for a healthy sleep experience >

Dormiente logo

315 Outram Road, #11-10 Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 169074 | +65 9748 4468
Facebook | Instagram

4. Origin

Origin Best Mattress Singapore

Unparalleled comfort with superior support

Specially designed in Germany, the Origin Hybrid® Mattress is made from Origin’s signature pressure-relieving foams coupled with an additional layer of high-quality springs. This bed in a box mattress provides luxurious support and added bounce for a great sleeping experience. What we loved was that it is one of the most affordable mattress brands in Singapore while still offering great quality, hence scoring high in our value for money criterion.

Featuring an all-natural latex layer that conforms to your body, this mattress helps to relieve pain by providing better back support, which is especially helpful for people with back issues. Moreover, it has a firmness rating of 6/10, which is a popular firmness among Singaporeans. Its Hypercool™ cooling technology also provides efficient heat dissipation via its high-density, high rebound memory foam. In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, this cooling gel memory foam will definitely help you sleep better throughout the night.

No partner disturbance with state-of-the-art pocket springs and memory foam

Furthermore, the Origin mattress brand features high-quality Vanadium Calico Encased pocket springs. Made with state-of-the-art motion isolation technology, these highly responsive springs effectively isolates motion, ensuring that you will no longer be disturbed by your partner’s tossing and turning at night!

Anti-parasitic, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic, this mattress also comes with a 15-year warranty and a 120-night trial (one of the longest in the industry).

Why buy this:
  • Affordable and great value for money for a quality sleeping experience
  • All-natural latex layer for better back support
  • Cooling gel memory foam with Hypercool™ technology
  • No partner disturbance with Vanadium Calico Encased Pocket Springs
  • No risk purchase with a 120-night trial

Use the code weddingvow5 on Origin’s website for a 5% discount off all products

Check price on Origin >

MactechBuilding, 2 Kallang Pudding Road#02-04, Singapore 349307 | +65 8247 0478
Facebook | Instagram

5. Hallmark Grandeur Mattress

bedorigin hallmark mattress

6-zone configurable firmness for both partners

What we absolutely love about the Hallmark Grandeur Mattress is its 6-zone configurations for soft, medium, or firm firmness. If you have a partner which prefers a different firmness level, this is definitely the ideal mattress to get! Personally, I have backaches from time to time after exercising and prefer the middle section of my side of the mattress to be firm, while my partner prefers it medium-firm. With this mattress, we get the best of both worlds. What’s even better is its relatively affordable price for such a feature.

bedorigin mattress chart

BedOrigin recommends medium firmness for the upper body, firm for the middle body, and soft for the lower body. You can head down to the showroom to test this out, and see which is the perfect combination for you and your partner. The sales personnel are really friendly and helpful, and can assist with swapping the paddings to experience the varying combinations on the spot.

Cooling sensation upon touch

Featuring soft knitted poly-viscose jacquard mattress fabric with iCool technology, the Hallmark Grandeur Mattress has a luxurious plush layer at the top and is cool to the touch. The cooling sensation is perfect especially for Singapore’s hot and humid weather, especially so if you prefer sleeping without an air conditioner turned on.

Ergonosleep spring system

Its Ergonosleep spring system features 12 complex layers of springs, foams and natural latex to better support your sleeping posture while providing superior comfort. The Hallmark Grandeur Mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty. We highly recommend you to try this out at their showroom at the very least!

Why buy this:
  • 6-zone configurable firmness, great for partners who prefer different firmness
  • iCool technology for cooling sensation
  • Luxurious plush layer
  • Natural latex, springs and foams for better support
  • 10-year warranty
BedOrigin promo code:
Use promo code WEDDING15 on BedOrigin’s website or quote at their showroom for 15% off the Hallmark Grandeur Mattress
Address: 33 Ubi Avenue 3 #01-71 Vertex, Singapore 408868
Contact: +65 6214 0351
Check price on BedOrigin >

6. LEVITATE Mattress by HipVan


Offering comfort fit for royalty, HipVan’s exclusive premium LEVITATE mattress provides the perfect sleep all year round. With LEVITATE featuring a luxurious pillow top with a special combination of memory foam and latex over a pocket spring mattress base, we can definitely attest to HipVan’s claims of “lying on a bed full of marshmallows”. Having slept on a LEVITATE for more than a year, it really is comfortable. LEVITATE’s extra thick springs are individually coiled as well, providing great support for your body and localizing movement so you will not be disturbed by your partner’s fidgeting. 

The LEVITATE mattress also features a cooling Adaptive® fabric which provides great breathability, especially important in Singapore with several hot and humid nights should you prefer sleeping without an air conditioner. What we love most on top of that luxurious, comfortable pillow top? The incredible price point. From $799 for a Single to $1,499 for a King, this is definitely a steal. With HipVan offering a 100 nights free trial and a 12-year warranty on all of their mattresses, coupled with free delivery and assembly of products, you can be assured of a fuss-free mattress shopping experience.

HipVan promo code:
Use coupon code TWV50 on HipVan’s website to get $50 off min spend of $500 storewide
Click here to shop for LEVITATE mattress at HipVan >

Suntec City Tower 3/4 #02-728/729/730 (Opens in July 2021) | +65 6291 1725
Facebook | Instagram

7. Heveya® Mattress

mattress brands singapore european bedding
Photo from Honeycombers

Available from $2,588 to 7,488, Heveya® sells high-quality latex mattresses with 100% organic and natural materials, perfect for our eco-friendly enthusiast consumers. Made from the sap of the rubber tree, their Heveya line of products is free from harmful chemicals. Naturally elastic, the mattress adapts to your body contours and at the same time gives full support to each part of your body.

For people with allergies, latex has natural anti-dust mite, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial properties too. With an open-cell structure and ventilation holes, you can be assured of a comfortable sleeping temperature. On top of their mattresses, Heveya® also offers ergonomic bed base from slatted to motorised with high-quality slats and frame to match your very own Heveya® latex mattresses.

Heveya® promo code:
Receive two free Natural Organic Latex PiIllows + One Bamboo Bundle Sheet Set (value of S$801) with the purchase of a Heveya III Natural Organic Latex Mattress in the matching size. Mention “The Wedding Vow” to our sleep consultants to redeem (only applicable in-store).
Click here to shop for Heveya® Mattress in Singapore >>
Tel: +65 6735 6658

8. King Koil Mattress

mattress brands singapore King Koil

Another mattress brand that originated in the USA in 1898, King Koil promises a supportive and comforting mattress that makes sleeping well a luxury that you can actually afford. From $300 to $2,000, you can purchase their mattresses in King Koil stores and other authorized offline and online retailers.

King Koil also specialises in pocketed coil innerspring mattresses. What sets it apart, is that the coil system is spread into 5 contour zones based on where support is more needed. This means that the springs are concentrated on vital areas to provide better reinforcement where your body is the heaviest such as the spine area, providing a more superior quality sleep. For maximum sleeping surface and support, King Koil also has a foam encased technology which covers the spring unit perimeter edge to edge.

Click here to shop for King Koil mattress >>

King Koil logoMatsushita Greatwall Corporation Pte Ltd |
Tel: +65 6269 8155 | 63654828

9. Tempur Mattress

mattress brands singapore tempur

Boasting to be the only mattress brand approved by NASA, Tempur promises unyielding support and comfort that you can purchase for under $10,000. The original memory foam was initially developed in the 1970s to provide cushion to astronauts during takeoff. Now, Tempur has developed the same material in their mattresses and pillows to offer you a good night sleep. One of the more premium mattress brands in Singapore, the Tempur material offers a personalized comfort, continually adjusting to your body temperature, shape, and weight even as you move around – lost in your dreams.

Tempur mattresses come with four varying firmness, but what caught our attention is the TEMPUR® CLOUD and its ultimate softness. The mattress is made of extra soft material with enough and proper support. Of course, the firmness is a personal preference, and Tempur provides you with medium to the firmest mattresses. Each of their mattresses is also covered with CoolTouch fabric that can help absorb heat and lets you sleep cooly.

Click here to shop for Tempur mattress in Singapore >>

Tempur Singapore Pte Ltd.
Tel: +65 6933 7667

10. Sealy Mattress

mattress brands singapore sealy

Designed with the help of renowned orthopaedic surgeons, Sealy’s star mattress, Posturepedic, vows for the perfect balance of correct support and pressure-relieving comfort. This popular mattress brand uses a unique support system made from titanium alloy designed to sense, respond, and support your body’s weight and motion. As part of their product development program, they map out pressure relief points, ensuring that every Posturepedic mattress adheres to the criteria set out by their Orthopedic Advisory Board.

Sealy Posturepedic mattress starts at $2,000++ and is available online and in local retail shops. Their online mattress selector helps you know what is the best type of Sealy mattress that matches your need and budget. Sealy focuses on making sure you get the right mattress that can provide you with a healthier sleeping position. 

Click here to shop for Sealy mattress online>>

Sealy Sleep Palace (Flagship Store)
Tel: +65 6235 3166

11. Serta Mattress

mattres brands singapore serta

One of the most popular mattress brands in Singapore along with Sealy and Simmons, Serta was introduced in Singapore in 2003, widely accepted as one of the premium mattress suppliers in the country. With Serta’s various varieties of mattresses, you no longer have to rely on counting sheep to fall asleep.

Depending on your needs and preferences, they have mattresses which use different innerspring systems and materials such as Serta latex, memory foam, 5-comfort zone latex, and a pillow top option. Some of their collections, however, are exclusive for certain distributors such as Tru Living and Crate & Barrel with Scandinavian designs, fitting for a minimal and bright room concept.

Click here to find Serta stores near you >>

Serta International Pte Ltd
+65 8619 9525 

12. Slumberland Mattress

mattress brands singapore slumberland

UK mattress brand Slumberland is known worldwide as a premier international bed manufacturer catering not only to retail buyers but also to international hotels. Now a popular mattress brand in Singapore, Slumberland offers a wide range of mattresses combining technology and nature for a deeper and sound slumber. Their TempSmart series, for example, uses memory foam for a cool and refreshing sleep. The TempSmart 3.0 is also renowned for its NASA-inspired Micro Temperature Control.

The LivinGreen series, on the other hand, features latex or latex-memory foam hybrid and QuadroFlex hybrid spring system. It is also made of organic cotton fabric which is naturally grown, without the use of any fertiliser and pesticides. Slumberland leans on developing new products that provide and sustain healthier slumber.

Click here to find Slumberland stores near you >>

Hilding Anders Singapore Pte Ltd
Tel: +65 6425 2850 | Fax: +65 6561 4835

13. Dunlopillo Mattress

mattress brand singapore dunlopillo

With over 80 years of history of latex innovation, it is not surprising that Dunlopillo is one of the leading mattress brands in Singapore. Their newest technology, the Talasilver Wave treats latex using electromagnetic waves to create a mattress with an interconnected and uniformed cell structure that ensures comfort and durability. It also features improved ventilation and breathability as well as an advanced hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and antifungal layer.

For rejuvenating nights, Dunlopillo is also known for its Latexworld product which is crafted for better ventilation and contour support. It is nanobionic – meaning, it reflects the body heat back to the body instead of the mattress, stimulating the body for a more soothing sleep. Dunlopillo has a total of 5 different mattress series – Talasilver Wave, Latexworld, Normablock, Royale, and Hotel.

Click here to shop for Dunlopillo mattress in Singapore >>

Dunlopillo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Tel: +65 6268 2066 | +65 6262 2789

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We hope our list of the noteworthy mattress brands in Singapore has helped you in your quest to build a lovely home and a comfortable bedroom with the best mattress brand of your preference. Do share it with your friends who are looking out for popular mattress brands in Singapore as well. Stay tuned for more guides, and in the meantime, do check out our other guides below.

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