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We are The Wedding Vow, a Singapore-based digital publication for weddings, travel, & lifestyle. We love to create content that helps & inspires readers around the world.

About us

Hello! We are Matthew & Jocelyn, and you can call us MJ for short! We are a happily married couple and this is our home on the internet. 

Since 2015, we have shared our passions, experiences & life with you – from weddings & travel, to home & lifestyle. Coming up we are launching our dedicated columns for baby and beauty content too! 

We believe in the power of creativity and content.

Together with our team, our mission is to always create interesting and relevant content that can help you through life’s exciting (yet sometimes overwhelming) milestones! 

To date we have received over 4 million views, and we are very grateful to each & everyone of you who have supported us. We hope that you can continue to stick around, and grow together with us. Oh yes, feel free to drop us a hello and subscribe to our newsletter to be part of the TWV family!

♥️, MJ



"Love is patient, love is kind."

– 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Weddings was our very first column. We live and breathe weddings.

I wanted to share our entire wedding experience with you, and it led to our 30-Day Wedding Planning Guidebook. We share all our experiences with our wedding vendors. Even though it’s been 4+ years since we got married, we are still very passionate about the industry. We continue to spend a lot of time discovering new wedding venues and vendors. Each year, we shortlist vendors for our noteworthy wedding series. While we are not perfect, and not everyone agrees with us, we put our heart into crafting each piece.

We have expanded our wedding content to cover over 13 countries – Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, and more. Start exploring below!

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"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."

– Robyn Yong
MJ Lake Marian New Zealand South Island Itinerary

We are travel companions for 9 years and counting.

Our travel column launched in 2017 to bring you on our adventures and share the world with you through our lenses. Our blogging & publishing lifestyle allowed us to work and travel on the go and we are so lucky to visit over 30 countries! From the mountains of Switzerland to the beaches in Maldives, it is through traveling that we have learned so much more about each other. We want to inspire you to journey the world together – starting with your honeymoon! Begin exploring with our Top Honeymoon Destinations in the World series. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for our videos. Start exploring, and start living! 

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"Home is where the heart is"

– Elvis Presley

We grew up wanting to have a home to call our own, and it was so exciting to finally have our own crib. That led us to start our home column in 2018. 

We jotted down our journey from buying our first home, to renovating it, working out the costs, to furnishing it and shopping for appliances. While it was exciting, it was also a stressful process. As a new homeowner, you are likely to go through the same journey. We want to share with you all that we know! Start by reading our home buying guide or home renovation guide, and check out more home content below. 

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