Whether you love the beach, greenery or museums, here are beautiful photoshoot locations in Singapore for your pre-wedding shoot.

For many of us, photoshoots are not a common task. Let us share how to go about planning your pre-wedding shoot.

Looking for the perfect photographer to capture your beautiful memories? Here are our top picks for this year.

These makeup artists will help you look great and feel confident for your pre-wedding shoot.

Releasing our latest top picks for videographers, who will beautifully capture a pre-wedding video for you to share with your guests.

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Wedding Photoshoot

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Stunning Wedding Photography & Photoshoots by Simplifai Studios

Simplifai delicately brings out the beauty and emotions of your relationship. Check out his captivating photos in this issue. 

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A Journalistic Pre-Wedding Photography Experience with Said & Meant

We share our own personal experience of taking a wedding photoshoot with Said & Meant. 

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Make Up & Hairstyling

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Photoshoot Tips
  • Location
  • Vendors
  • Beauty

First, think about where you would like to take your pre-wedding photos. Do you both have a place really special in your relationship? Alternatively, check out these beautiful spots in Singapore for your photoshoot location

Depending on your budget, you can consider doing a destination photoshoot overseas. The idea of combining a holiday with a photoshoot can be fun. We took our pre-wedding photoshoot in the Philippines! We engaged local photographers - check out our photos by Shutterfairy and Love Train Studios. We also had videos done by Digital Eye Studios, a videographer whom we highly recommend for international shoots.

When choosing your photographer, videographer or makeup artist, take note of their:  

1. Style: Make sure to browse through their past works. Do they show a consistent style? Do you like what you see? 
2. Personality: Arrange a meet up to see if you can click well, and if you feel comfortable with him/her.
3. Budget: A 2-hour photoshoot on average costs about $500. Depending on the inclusions, and the popularity/experience of the photographer, it could be cheaper or more expensive. Before you book, ensure that the shoot falls within your budget. 
4. Read reviews: Lastly, read reviews online to make sure that their past clients are satisfied with their service. 

Rest well before your shoot. Getting enough sleep is important, for it will affect your complexion. Leading up to the day of your shoot, do go for a facial (ahead of time, not the day before) to rejunvanate your skin. You can put on facial masks to pamper and hydrate your skin (moisturized skin looks best in front of a camera). Be sure not to try out any new facial products before your shoot.