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Dreamy Wedding Photography by Love Train Studios in Boracay, Philippines

[Advertorial] Your wedding photos will be your memorable keepsake to relive your special occasion over and over again. They testify your love story at its best moments. As you embark on your marriage, these photos serve as a beautiful reminder of your Happy Ever After and that you are blessed with a wonderful love story. Hence, when it comes to wedding photography, finding a wedding photographer who can capture those dreamy moments is key. Discovering Love Train Studios was like uncovering a series of Happily Ever Afters. Their photos encapsulated happiness and romance in each and every love story they documented, whether on the wedding day or prior to the big day. I was really excited to have discovered their work, and was so ready to fly to Philippines for our wedding photoshoots!

Delicate & Intricate Moments Captured

Love Train Studios 6 Based in the City of Love, Iloilo, Philippines, the¬†team¬†behind Love Train Studios¬†is¬†hugely passionate about¬†capturing perfect moments and bringing joy to couples.¬†One of their frequent shooting locations is Boracay, the home to¬†pristine beaches and clear waters.¬†It was too beautiful a place to miss, and so we had to have our shoot there! Love Train Studios 8 The¬†photos by Love Train Studios come with an added soft¬†touch of dreaminess, emitting a romantic glow on the delicate and¬†intricate moments captured. It sure¬†makes you feel like you could stare at these photos all day! We had two shoot sessions with Love Train Studios, alongside with My Revery Films¬†who was our videography crew. Both teams have worked closely together on several weddings, which was wonderful as they are familiar with each other’s working styles, and also made for a really fun journey with interesting conversations and laughs. I highly recommend seeking them both for your full wedding coverage! The first was a morning shoot was with the luscious greenery at¬†Mandala Spa & Resort Villas. Our second sunset shoot was taken at the Boracay Beach at Nami Resorts.


My Favourites by Love Train Studio

Talented & Versatile Photography

With each their own expertise,¬†they complemented each other very well during the shoot, making a great team. Cea¬†specializes in candid photography and Deneb takes a more technical¬†angle to his shooting (His double exposure¬†shots are amazing!). Cea was helpful to¬†calm my nerves by reminding me to focus on just having fun and to always smile from the heart!¬†With both photographers shooting us, we could enjoy the same shot from different angles! Check out Deneb’s double exposure sunset shot! Love Train Studios 30 Using different filters, they create emotive shots that will make you reminisce every moment. love train studios 22 We also had an everyday themed shoot at Mandala Spa & Resort Villas! Love Train Studios - Matt and Joce 3 Love Train Studios 2 Love Train Studios

Incredible Night Shots

It is a real challenge to capture photos in the evening or at night because of the lack of lighting resulting in dark shadows and low image quality. But the night shots by Love Train Studios are absolutely incredible! Despite low lighting, their team takes amazing night photos with their creativity and technical expertise. The result is nothing short of spectacular! love train studios 2 love train studios 7

Glamour Shots

You will be ecstatic to hear that Love Train Studios not only captures picturesque photos of the beautiful scenery, but they take stunning glamour shots of the bride and groom!

love train studios 20love train studios 21

An Eye for Pretty Details

I love that Cea and Deneb are really meticulous and paid close attention to the smaller details as well! They captured my dress, shoes and wedding ring perfectly. Love Train Studios - Matt and Joce 4

A Fun Experience

Love Train Studios - Matt and Joce 3 The entire journey with Cea and Deneb was really fun and lighthearted. Getting to meet¬†Cea and Deneb was a wonderful opportunity. Apart from being talented photographers, they made us very comfortable with¬†their presence and friendliness. We were all smiles the entire time, making the shoot seem much easier! It’s very helpful to feel comfortable with your photographers so that they are able to capture your natural emotions.¬†Feeling¬†uncomfortable will tend to result in stiff emotions and poses that will look unnatural in the photos. But with Cea and Deneb, we felt completely at ease! Us before lunch! Cea and Deneb were also really sweet to stay all the way to capture the moments when¬†Matt¬†threw¬†me a surprise candlelight dinner at Nami Resorts¬†after a long day of shooting! Love Train Studios - Matt and Joce Love Train Studios - Matt and Joce 1 Thanks Cea and Deneb, for the beautiful photos and the amazing time spent in Boracay! Your liveliness and cheerful natures are contagious!¬†Keep smiling! :)¬† If you‚Äôre planning for a destination wedding or photo shoot anywhere in Philippines, be sure to reach out to¬†Love Train Studios! You will get to enjoy their awesome company and dreamy wedding photos that will last a lifetime! Love Train Studios - Matt and Joce 2 TWV would like to thank and give all photo credits in this post to¬†Love Train Studios.¬†

love train studios logo
Love Train Studios, Based in Philippines
0917 308 1287 | 0929 124 6716 Facebook Page | Instagram | Vimeo
Photography by Love Train Studios Makeup & Hair styling by May Jasmin Gown & Suit by The Louvre Bridal Location(s): Mandala Resort & Spa
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