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    Top 11 Places to Buy Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings in the Philippines

    Wedding rings and engagement rings symbolize a loving marriage and eternal love between a couple. One way to wow your bride-to-be is to make your proposal even more special with the perfect engagement ring of her dreams. For wedding bands, we recommend classic and timeless models because you will wear them for a long time. So if you’re planning to get down on your knees and pop the question soon, or if you’re about to get married, check out our list of the 11 Places to Buy Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings in the Philippines. We also hope this list of curated vendors will help you with your wedding proposals…

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    16 Popular Places to Buy Engagement Rings in Malaysia (2023)

    RelaBefore you came to that big wedding day, you have to take the guts to ask that lucky woman for a sweet ‘Yes’.  Your proposal is also one of the most important days in your life. With that, we listed 16 Popular Places to Buy Engagement Rings in Malaysia that will definitely make her say yes and will fall in love with you the second time around. This article is updated on 10 May 2023. 16 Popular Places to Buy Engagement Rings in Malaysia 1. Diamond & Platinum  Elevating the standards of the diamond industry with impeccable craftsmanship and unrivalled pricing Just like its name, Diamond & Platinum is the place to be…

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    10 Best Engagement and Proposal Photographers in Bali (2023)

    Taking photos of an engagement or proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to capture the joy and excitement of marrying the person you love. But more importantly, they’ll help you to get to know your photographer and relax in front of the camera before the big day. You’ll also have total creative control over the venue, attire, and overall aesthetic that best suits you as a couple. With an extensive list of proposal and engagement photographers in the industry, which then is the best in Bali? We introduce the 10 Best Engagement and Proposal Photographers in Bali, providing quality recommendations based on your budget and photoshoot needs.  This article was last updated…

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    11 Best Shops for Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings in Canada (2023)

    Shopping for an engagement or wedding ring is fun, but with all the options out there, sometimes, it can also be overwhelming. Canada is home to an extensive range of shops for wedding rings and engagement rings, not to mention the ones you can just purchase online. In this article, we have curated the latest 10 Best Shops for Wedding Bands & Diamond Engagement Rings in Canada, providing you with quality recommendations to suit your needs and budget.  This post was updated on 12 December 2022. Table of contents  Best Shops for Wedding Bands & Diamond Engagement Rings in Canada (Summary) James Allen Blue Nile Brilliant Earth Ecksand Bijoux Birks…

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    16 Noteworthy Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings Jewellers in Singapore (2023 Edition)

    Immeasurable as it may be, eternal love is best remembered and sealed with engagement rings and wedding rings. These tiny pieces of jewellery hold a huge amount of delicate details and history – precious stones and bespoke materials that symbolise your love, commitment, and a promise of eternity. In this issue, we curated the 16 Noteworthy Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings Jewellers in Singapore that can turn your vision into sparkling, tangible rings that serve as your vows. These shortlisted wedding ring jewellers know how to take all your preferences into consideration with expert and intricate craftsmanship. Before we get to the list, kindly note our disclosure located at the…

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    12 Popular Places to Buy Wedding Rings in Malaysia

    Rings symbolize love, unity, and commitment for every couple. One of the heartfelt moments in a wedding ceremony is the couple’s exchange of their rings and vows. Thus, a ring makes the most famous and important piece of jewellery for any season. TWV has listed the 12 Popular Places to Buy Wedding Rings in Malaysia to help you find the perfect choice of band for your special day. This article is updated on 15 December 2022 12 Popular Places to Buy Wedding Rings in Malaysia 1. Tailored Jewel, for stunning wedding bands and impeccable craftsmanship at fair prices Photo via Tailored Jewel Trusted brand with a commitment to quality workmanship and…

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    14 Popular Shops for Engagement Rings in Sydney

    Much like all significant things in a relationship, an engagement ring symbolizes the promise to marry someone and that promise carries so much more value than the actual ring. Finding the perfect engagement ring may be harder than finding the person to put the ring on but when it comes to engagement rings, Sydney has a plethora of choices to select from.  This list of the 14 Popular Shops for Engagement Rings in Sydney is a spectrum where you can choose from homegrown brands to brands synonymous with status and luxury. 14 Popular Shops for Engagement Rings in Sydney 1. James Allen One of the biggest, trustworthy ecommerce bridal jewellery…

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    19 Popular Places to get your Engagement Rings in Australia

    Before you get the sweet “Yes.” in the proposal, you need to have an elegant yet sophisticated ring that the girl of your dreams will surely like.  The engagement ring symbolizes that your partner will marry you on the best day of your life. For those who still don’t decide on what will be the perfect ring for your engagement, here are our 19 Popular Places to get your Engagement Rings in Australia will surely help you in picking the right one. This article was first published on 3 October 2017 and last updated on 8 June 2020 19 Popular Places to get your Engagement Rings in Australia 1. Midas…

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    5 Reasons Why It is The One: Revealing the LVC Promise Diamond Solitaire Ring by Love & Co.

    In this issue, we introduce Love & Co.’s latest launch as they celebrate a magical love-filled season this Christmas. LVC Promise Diamond Solitaire Ring combines the meaningful design of their signature LVC Promise collection and the sparkle of their exclusive Lovemarque diamond, bringing you the best of both worlds. Love & Co. has always been a brand that we deeply admire. On top of their quality craftsmanship and helpful service, their gorgeous (yet comfort-fit) designs make their engagement rings and wedding bands irresistible. As an established premier jeweller with international standing, Love & Co.’s specialty lies in crafting exquisite solitaires, beautiful wedding bands, and romantic bridal jewellery. Each collection is…

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    Shopping for your Dream Engagement Ring? Go beyond the 4Cs with Love & Co. Diamond Masterclass

    In this issue, we introduce Love & Co.’s newly launched Diamond Masterclass, led by a diamond specialist who will take you through everything you need to know about diamond shopping.” For grooms-to-be looking to pop the question, buying an engagement ring may be an uphill task. From choosing the right diamond to picking a beautiful design she will love, to making sure your purchase is worth every dollar – it sure sounds like a ton of work. In our earlier issue, we shared the basics of How to choose an Engagement Ring. Most of you by now would be acquainted with the 4Cs, but let’s take a step further to…

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    7 Unique Wedding Ring Holders to Show Off Your Ring Bling

    You have this beautiful engagement ring and a ring like that deserves a beautiful box to sit in. Having a ring box is a nontraditional way to showcase your ring while displaying your personality and commitment to one another, plus it looks beautiful for portraits too! For a little help on how to get started, I found 7 unique ring holders you might want to consider. Vintage Box For a classic yet still elegant design, try a vintage box. The shimmering glass walls provide some light, while the copper edging reflects beautifully. The tiny claw feet really give it that elegant and vintage feel. This type of box is perfect…

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    Shopping online for your diamond ring? Here’s 10 Reasons why you should do it with Zoara

    [Update: Zoara is permanently closed as of Jan 2019] “In today’s digital era, almost 100% our purchases are made online, from electronics and furniture to clothes and groceries. Soon, walking into stores to get your purchases will be unheard of. No one can deny that the comfort and convenience of shopping from your home at your own time is a huge time saver. Now, for your engagement ring, would you not want to experience the same too? But often when it comes to bigger purchases, there is an intrinsic fear that what you saw online may not be what you receive offline. That is why it is particularly important for…

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    Shine bright like a diamond: The answer lies in a Super Ideal Cut diamond for your Engagement Ring, says JannPaul

    “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” We are all too familiar with this statement. Which explains why for a milestone as significant as your proposal, choosing the right diamond for your engagement ring is important. You want something that sparkles and lasts through time, symbolic of your marriage. But even though diamonds have long been a big part of engagement proposals, we find that most are not aware of the intricacies when it comes to choosing them.   In our earlier issue ‘How to Choose an Engagement Ring’, we shared the basics we learned from JannPaul about the diamond 4Cs, GIA certification and how you can very easily customise your own unique ring.…

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    Top 11 Places to Buy Wedding Rings in India

    Wedding rings are not just a simple ring that you wear for your wedding day. Wedding ring for us symbolizes the love, trust and the promises on the day that we get married. Every woman wishes to wear the best wedding ring that they could have on their biggest day. Ring signifies Indians a lot. They believe that the middle finger is directly connected to the heart.There are different wonderful places to visit and buy the best wedding ring suited for you., TWV has prepared and listed the Top 11 places to buy Wedding Rings in India to help you choose and decide which is the best one for you.…

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    Top 10 Places to Buy Wedding Rings in Indonesia

    Wedding rings are round to symbolise the infinite love that couples swear as they say their I Dos. Greeks and Romans also believe that the ring must be worn on the fourth finger as it is said to have a vein connected to the heart. The ring plays an important role, especially on wedding occasions. It represents the true and unfading love of both the bride and groom. There is no wonder that many people are looking for the best rings that will surely be liked by their partner. In Indonesia, there are lots of creative hands doing quality but affordable ring designs that will exceed your expectations. With that,…