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What is this Wedding Booklet about? 

We specially created this Wedding Booklet for brides & grooms to be!

It has a 12-month Wedding Checklist that you can use to prepare for your big day. Simply print and check off the list!

We also have wedding discount vouchers that you can enjoy from our trusted partners, so you plan your dream wedding with savings in mind!

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Editor’s note: 

Hi there and welcome!

Getting married feels like butterflies in your stomach! It’s exhilarating but at the same time, it can be quite “stressful” to plan probably the most important celebration of your lives. I remember how it was like, wanting every moment to be perfect. But after going through it all (we’ve been married close to 5 years now), I learned that what is most important is enjoying yourself, having fun, and getting to celebrate this significant day with your loved ones. That’s how you make your wedding memorable.

Even though we’ve moved forward from our wedding day to moving into our new home and now having a baby, we still very much love weddings and the magic in them, which is why we still keep writing about them.

This booklet was created specially for you. It contains a wedding checklist so you can easily tick off what to prepare for your big day. Also, we know how much weddings can stress a couple financially, so we’ve worked with our trusted partners to bring you wedding discount vouchers that you can enjoy.

I hope that you find them useful and that you will share them with your friends & family who may need them too. As always, drop me a note at if you have any questions, feedback, or just want to chat. Enjoy your wedding journey, and we wish you the very best!

With love,

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