7 Unique Wedding Ring Holders to Show Off Your Ring Bling

You have this beautiful engagement ring and a ring like that deserves a beautiful box to sit in. Having a ring box is a nontraditional way to showcase your ring while displaying your personality and commitment to one another, plus it looks beautiful for portraits too! For a little help on how to get started, I found 7 unique ring holders you might want to consider.

Vintage Box

For a classic yet still elegant design, try a vintage box. The shimmering glass walls provide some light, while the copper edging reflects beautifully. The tiny claw feet really give it that elegant and vintage feel. This type of box is perfect for a classy wedding without going over the top.

Tree Stump

If you’re a nature lover or just love the appearance of bark and wood, a tree stump display is a great option. This slice of wood is handcrafted into a stump shape, providing those sparkly rings with just a bit of rustic charm. You can even carve your initials into it fairly easily for some personalization that will really show your love for one another.

Heart Book

An adorable heart book is the perfect ring display for those of you bookworms out there. I loved the design myself, plus it’s both romantic and whimsical too! Just cut a heart into a book or a journal to frame your favorite passage beneath. This will make the perfect background for your wedding rings, and thankfully, it’s DIY and quite simple to put together as well.

Wooden Square

Make use of a sleek wooden square box to add a contemporary feel to an otherwise earthy and natural look. Give it a little more color with some beautiful multicolored pebbles acting as a bed for your rings when they sit right in the frame. If you want to add a little more modernity, you can add pebbles or even marbles that have some style to them.

Geometric Shape

We love how elegant and modern this one looks. Pick up a small three-dimensional pyramid to add a chic design while still being playful too. Just use a hook dangling from the tip to show the rings with this eye-catching and satisfyingly geometric design.

Golden Snitch

Harry Potter fans know exactly what I’m talking about with a golden snitch ring box. Not only does this box provide a sleek design, but it’s perfect when it comes to making any ring much more magical. For those of you Harry Potter brides, pick out this golden snitch box to add a fun touch.

Treasure Chest

It’s hard to find something more classic and beautiful than a slender rectangular treasure chest. The resemblance to a real chest is uncanny, holding your rings as its treasure gently atop the lush olive green fabric. Add any color you like to accessorize with another pop of personality. You might not want to pass up a beautiful and yet still personal look like this!

When it comes to your wedding, everything down to the rings just has to be perfect. That includes pictures of the rings! For that perfect shot, try out some of these unique wedding ring holders to not only show off your rings but to show off your love for one another too.

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