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Discover a Fairytale Honeymoon of your Wildest Dreams at Taskonaklar Hotel in Cappadocia

In this issue, we bring you to discover a place with otherworldly beauty. As if plucked from a fairytale, Taskonaklar Hotel is a charming boutique hotel in the enchanting town of Uchisar, Cappadocia.

Cappadocia, a historical region in Turkey,¬†is a spectacular fairytale on earth. Popularly known for its otherworldly beauty, it has a¬†unique moon-like landscape and is home to fairy chimneys, magical hot-air balloons, underground cities, cave churches, and charming hotels. It is no surprise that this UNESCO heritage site is one of the top honeymoon hotspots amongst couples seeking romantic wanderlust. During our visit, we seek out a beautiful boutique hotel for your Cappadocia honeymoon –¬†Taskonaklar Hotel.

Taskonaklar Hotel is nestled in the enchanting small town of Uchisar, the highest point in the region. In hopes of sharing its charm with you, what started as a dream house has today opened its doors to couples from all over the world. This 23-room hotel won the World Luxury Awards in 2017 and continues to touch the hearts of many couples who visit Cappadocia. Read on to discover what is in store for you. 

7 Reasons to stay at Taskonaklar Hotel for your Cappadocia Honeymoon

1. Wake up to a magical sunrise

When dawn breaks each morning, you will awake to a sight so breathtaking, seemingly from your wildest dreams. Through your windows, you will see dozens of hot air balloons gently sailing across the skies as the sun rises in the horizon. The panoramic view of the fairy chimneys and mountains in the far distance makes waking up to each morning feel incredibly surreal. 

You can savour this mesmerizing sight from your own private balcony, or from the hotel’s garden terrace as you tuck into a hearty breakfast.¬†It is one of the most magical views I have seen.

2. Take flight on a hot-air balloon ride

The fairytale does not stop there. Taskonaklar can arrange for you to go on one of those hot air balloon rides! Hold your breath as you get gently lifted up into the skies. Hover over the impressive valleys and unique landscape as the sun creeps up from the horizon and the skies light up in a warm glow. This sunrise hot air balloon tour was hands down one of the most romantic things we have ever done. In fact, it was so amazing that we had to capture the entire experience all in a travel vlog below Рbe sure to watch it!

A hot air balloon ride ranges from 120 to 175 Euros per person. Though just an hour-flight, the experience is unforgettable and in my opinion, absolutely worth it. I suggest for you to reach out to the friendly reception Taskonaklar to help you to book the tour. There are so many operators in Cappadocia (over 40) that it is important to get a reliable one through them. The tour will pick you up at about 4 am in the morning and drop you back at the hotel after the ride.

Taskonaklar also has other tours available for you such as walking tours, or even culture and archeology tour. Horseback riding and a jeep-safari tour is also another exciting way to check out the city. See all activities here. 

3. It looks amazing, even in winter!

Just when we thought this place could not get more magical, we saw photos of how Taskonaklar looks like in the winter. We were there during the autumn season and we enjoyed cooling temperatures along with some sunshine in the day. But seeing how Taskonaklar transforms into a winter wonderland during snow season, we are definitely tempted to head back a second time. Heading there during the off-peak winter season will also mean lower prices for your trip!

If you are worried about being freezing cold during the winter, you will be delighted to know that the cave rooms in Taskonaklar are warm and cosy. The heaters will keep you warm even as temperatures plummet. Also, for an authentic cave lifestyle experience, the rooms also have a fireplace where you can light up your own firewood and cuddle around the bonfire. Marshmallows, anyone?

4. Soak in your private jacuzzi that overlooks Pigeon Valley

One of the magical experiences at Taskonaklar is having your very own hot tub on your private terrace. The Royal Suites come with a private jacuzzi where you can soak in panoramic views of Pigeon Valley. It is heated so you can do this even on chilly days! You can also walk through Pigeon Valley which offers a fascinating landscape.

Taskonaklar Hotel 7

Some of the rooms also come with a private terrace for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the views over a cocktail. Check out all of their room types here.

5. A unique experience of luxury living in a cave hotel

Taskonaklar Hotel 3

In the past, the people of Cappadocia lived in underground cities and cave dwellings that were carved into the natural landscape. Taskonaklar, which means stone mansions, teleports you back to bring you a unique experience of living in a cave home! Local craftsmen have converted these caves into a boutique hotel with all the modern-day comforts to enjoy – air conditioning, heating, electricity, warm showers, and even room service.

On top of preserving the original features of the local stone walls and interiors, rooms are also furnished with local fabrics and furnishings, giving it a beautiful homely touch. You will also be surprised that in summer, the caves are cooling too!

6. Enjoy a delicious local breakfast made from the heart

The breakfast spread at Taskonaklar might just blow your minds like it did ours. Our first morning, we stepped into the restaurant and was welcomed with a warm smile from the local waiter. Little did we know we were in for a treat! He ushered us to our table and gently pulled our chairs out for us. There was a mini breakfast buffet table by the side, lined with cereals, pastries, and jams. He then asked us if we wanted eggs and something to drink.

Minutes later, just as we were about to help ourselves to the buffet, our waiter came by with a huge tray of delicious treats. He placed down on our table a cheese platter, a selection of pastries, a plate of fruits and vegetables Рall beautifully plated and presented. Then he placed small jars of jams, honey, dried tomatoes, olives, along with several other condiments. We were stunned. It was the first time we experienced such a heartwarming breakfast spread, specially tailored for each guest to enjoy. I had never seen breakfast quite this amazing! Best of all, food served at the hotel are all prepared on the spot using fresh local produce. If you are a fan of Turkish cuisine, I am almost certain you will never want to leave here!

7. Experience Turkish hospitality at its finest

It was hard to leave Cappadocia. 7 days here and it felt like a fairytale that I did not want to come to an end. Spending a vacation here in Taskonaklar was relaxing, magical, mesmerizing, romantic… I could keep going on… The best part of it was the homely atmosphere that we enjoyed, thanks to the warm hospitality of the staff at Taskonaklar.

Our stay here was made pleasant, with many thanks to the friendly ladies who helped to clean up our rooms and the helpful waiters who prepared our meals. Jo, the front desk manager is very approachable and helped us with our questions on where to go and how to get around. It is no wonder why Taskonaklar has a 4.9 Star rating on Facebook, with many reviews citing their wonderful service. For couples in search of that romantic and breathtaking fairytale adventure, be sure to check out Taskonaklar in Cappadocia!

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