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    11 Best Coffee Machines in Singapore for Professionally Brewed Coffee (2020)

    Sipping a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee is a delightful way to start each morning. But instead of spending $6 every day on a cup of Starbucks, why not invest in a good coffee machine? A $6 cup of coffee every day amounts to over $2,000 in a year! Having your own coffee machine not only saves you money in the long run, but it also allows you to brew the coffee that you like. You can also be flexible and try different types of coffee beans. But with that many types of coffee machines of different brands and prices, how do you know which is the right coffee…

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    9 Best Pressure Cookers in Singapore for Delicious, Quick Meals

    A pressure cooker is one of the best ways to get a home-cooked meal on the table fast. Simply throw in your ingredients into the pot, lock it and viola, you can get a delicious pot of soup or stew in a matter of minutes. After using the Philips Deluxe Multi-cooker HD2145/62 for over a year, I can attest to the magic of a pressure cooker. It is one of my best buys and works like magic. But with so many brands and models of pressure cookers available, you are spoilt for choice. So we did our research and here is a list of the 9 Best Pressure Cookers in…

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    13 Best Food Steamers in Singapore for Healthy Home-Cooked Food (2020)

    Do you like eating healthy and delicious foods? Personally speaking, I love steaming my dishes. It makes the food taste moist, fresh and healthy. Compared to stir-frying, steaming does not leave my kitchen oily, so I do not need to worry about cleaning up afterwards. There are plenty of food steamer recipes that allow you to whip up delicious foods in a flash! Steaming is the best way to preserve the nutrients and flavours of your natural foods. While a stove steamer works fine, an electric food steamer is easy to use and is convenient. It allows you to step away from the kitchen to attend to other chores as…

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    10 Best Rice Cookers in Singapore for Perfectly Cooked Rice (2020)

    A rice cooker is a quintessential appliance for every household. Rice is a staple in our Asian meals, and nothing quite as close to a bowl of fluffy white rice to go along with tasty homecooked dishes. Rice cookers are very versatile appliances. On top of cooking white rice, they can also whip up a heartwarming pot of soup or congee. But there is a catch – not rice cookers are created equal. Traditionally, rice cookers are electrical, but today you find more sophisticated rice cookers. Some rice cookers can connect to smartphone apps (like the Xiaomi Mijia Rice cooker), some have microchips in them that automatically adjust temperatures (like…

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    5 Best Digital Locks in Singapore for Modern Homes (2020)

    Long gone are the days when you fumble in your purse for your keys to your home. Now all you need is your pin or fingerprint to unlock your door, whereas some digital locks even have facial recognition technology. You will find every smart modern home’s entrance powered by a digital lock. The types of digital locks include password, biometric (fingerprint), Bluetooth via your mobile phone, or a card/RFID digital lock. Some digital locks have more than one of the above features. The cost of a digital lock starts from $200 and can go up to $1,000, depending on the brand and features. With so many brands and models of…

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    9 Best Water Dispensers in Singapore for Clean Water (2020)

    Having a water dispenser at home is extremely convenient. It is one of those appliances that you never knew how useful it could be until it came into your life. Water dispensers allow you to have hot or cold water immediately on demand. They replace your kettle and you having to wait for the water to boil just to brew a cup of coffee. You no longer have to refill the water container to be placed in your fridge, saving you both time and space. Additionally, some water dispensers have the function of purifying water, ridding it of impurities and ensuring that your water is even safer for drinking. If…

  • Vacuum Cleaners Singapore buying guide
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    6 Best Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore in 2020 for a Dust-Free Home

    I remember the first vacuum cleaner I used. It was my mum’s Rainbow vacuum cleaner. While I must say it was really effective, lugging it around was quite a painful task. It was corded and heavy and noisy and made cleaning generally, a big chore. Fast forward to today and there are so many types of vacuum cleaners in Singapore – wireless, bagless, robot and handheld. With the wave of Dyson vacuums cleaners and its lookalikes, we have more options than ever. So how do I go about buying a vacuum cleaner in Singapore for my home? In this issue, we introduce 6 Best Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore in 2020…

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    8 Best Carpenters in Singapore for your Carpentry Needs (2020 Guide)

    Carpentry is one of the biggest elements of home renovations and you will definitely need a carpenter to help make your dream home happen. Whether you are intending to build a TV feature wall with console, in-built cupboards for more storage space, a walk-in wardrobe to store your clothes, a platform bed, or even custom-made furniture, a carpenter is your solution. While you can also find an interior designer or renovation contractor as a one-stop renovation solution for your home, if you want to ensure that your in-built features well built and of good quality, you can find an experienced carpenter or a company with a specialty in carpentry. With…

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    8 Best Pest Control Companies in Singapore to Get Rid of Unwanted Pests (2020 Guide)

    If your home is facing pest problems like cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, or rats, it is time to hire a pest control company. Having pests infiltrate your home is one of the most cumbersome problems a homeowner can face. It is important to exterminate these ‘unwanted friends’ at once, otherwise, you will find it harder to eradicate them from your home. Pest control companies are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and equipment required to handle them. Whenever in doubt, find a reliable professional who can help you. Here are the best pest control companies in Singapore to call when you have a pest problem in your house. Table of Contents…

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    8 Best Handyman Companies in Singapore for Home Fixing (2020 Guide)

    What was functioning great yesterday can be obsolete tomorrow. Unfortunately, not everything can be solved with a simple do-it-yourself fix especially in terms of home maintenance concerns. There will be a time that one may require assistance to do the heavy lifting or a professional fix to ensure that our home stays safe, secure, and functional. Whether you need assistance for renovation, repair, installation, improvement, and many more for the sake of your home– hiring a handyman can definitely make your life easier.  In Singapore, handyman services range from assembling furniture and fixing doors to repairing a leaking pipe to the installation of the heater. They can pretty much do…

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    5 Best Air Purifiers in Singapore for Clean, Filtered Air at Home

    Wiping your floors and cleaning your furniture is important to maintain a clean home, but what about the air in your home? Philips found out through a survey that while air quality concerns many Singaporeans, most do not take action towards our own respiratory health. Most of us think air pollution exists only outdoors, but indoors is when many allergens are found and are more dangerous for our health as they are confined in an enclosed space. Breathing in clean air on a daily basis is important for your respiratory health in the long term. Yet most of us only scramble for an air purifier during a haze period. In…

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    Where to Stay in Phuket + 6 Best Phuket Hotels (2020 Guide)

    The pristine beaches of Phuket are among the best in the world, making it a top destination for all kinds of tourists. Culture buffs will enjoy the historical attractions at Old Phuket Town, while adventure seekers are sure to go wild at Patong’s beach parties. Kata’s diverse sea life is a must-see for divers, and the private beaches of Karon will be perfect for families. Whatever your agenda is, there is something in Phuket for everyone. With over 30 islands and 100 villages to explore, planning could be a challenge. If you’ve come here for help, then continue reading as we help you decide where to stay in Phuket, as…

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    13 Best Mattress in Singapore for a Rejuvenating Slumber

    Most of us know that getting a night of restful sleep is important for a productive day ahead and that a good mattress can help to achieve that. But when it comes to buying a mattress in Singapore, most of us do not know our way around it. There are so many mattress brands and literally thousands of different mattresses you can buy. And with the wide range of prices ranging from under $100 to $20,000 and above, how does one know what is the right amount to spend on a mattress? Which mattress is the right one for you? In this issue, our mattress Singapore buying guide lists 13…

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    5 Best Ceiling Fans in Singapore for Different Home Styles in 2020

    Ceiling fans are a great way to battle the searing Singapore heat. As newer HDBs and condominiums get smaller, it makes for lesser space for a standing fan. A ceiling fan is a great solution. It is also more effective in cooling down the entire area of the room as it covers a wider area compared to a standing fan. Not only is it space-saving, but it is also energy-saving. Compared to switching on the air-conditioner, ceiling fans take up less energy and you get to save on your utility bill. It is also a great way to cool down an outdoor balcony or patio area. In this issue, we…

  • Wedding Venues India
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    39 Outstanding Wedding Venues in India to suit your Wedding Theme

    The lands of Gods, India has so many to offer in terms of a place to say vow to your loved one and start a new happy life. Not only the traditional venues, from the most luxurious ones until a former grand palace building, all are also available for you to marry your loved one. With Indian famous hospitality, your wedding will be even perfected when being held in one of India wedding venues at this amazing country. Check out our latest list of 39 Outstanding Wedding Venues in India to suit your Wedding Theme to help you fulfill your wedding dream. This article was last updated on 3 April…

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    Where to Stay in Kyoto + 5 Best Kyoto Hotels (2020 Guide)

    Japan is undoubtedly one of the places I wouldn’t mind visiting again and again, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. If you’ve already explored the vibrant streets of Tokyo and experienced a food trip in Osaka, then you should start planning a cultural adventure to Kyoto. Once the capital of Japan until the 19th century, Kyoto has preserved its rich heritage and has since become the best place to immerse yourself in Japanese tradition and history. The cobblestone streets and old town feel of Higashimaya are home to a plethora of temples and shrines. For a taste of new Kyoto, go downtown to Kawaramachi and enjoy some shopping…