Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - Dedicated Advertorial
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Meliá Desert Palm Dubai: A True Jewel in the Desert

A true jewel in the desert, Meliá Desert Palm Dubai has won our hearts at first sight. Secluded but beautiful in ways beyond one can imagine, this spot is undoubtedly a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. So if you want to look for a desert luxury and tranquil spot for your next trip to Dubai, you might want to check this out for a delightful experience. In this article, we will share what made the Meliá Desert Palm Dubai best for you.

10 Best Hidden Jewels at Meliá Desert Palm Dubai

1. Appreciate the equestrian lifestyle

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - equestrian lifestyle

Nestled within a sprawling 64-hectare polo estate, Meliá Desert Palm Dubai seamlessly intertwines the rich tapestry of Latin and United Arab Emirates cultures and heritage. This fusion is elegantly reflected in the hotel’s equestrian-themed design, creating an ambience that resonates with discerning travellers seeking a harmonious blend of leisure and sport. Live as if taken straight out of a movie, the Meliá Desert Palm Dubai has amazing horse stables that are open for you to tour. Here, you can experience the equestrian life firsthand and appreciate its magic. At the same time, you can also take a walk around and interact with the horses! 

During our recent stay at Meliá Desert Palm Dubai, we were enchanted by our encounter with Monica, Fabiana, and the other magnificent resident horses at the hotel. Their grace and beauty left us captivated, and the opportunity to interact with them firsthand was truly surreal.

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - Lovely experience with Fabiana

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - with Fabiana
Lovely experience with Fabiana

The stables were also in really good condition, boasting modern facilities that speak to the resort’s commitment to animal welfare. Apparently, they are also currently building an air-conditioned stable for the summer, ensuring the comfort of these noble creatures during the sweltering summer months.

2. Watch a sport fit for kings 

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - polo match

One of the absolute highlights of our stay at Meliá Desert Palm Dubai was attending our very first polo match, an experience that truly felt like stepping into a scene from a royal affair! The polo match, with its electrifying energy and regal atmosphere, kicked off around 4 p.m., just as the sun began to cast its enchanting golden hues across the landscape, so it was truly a gorgeous scene. 

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - watch a polo match

If you are staying for quite some time and want to truly immerse yourself in the equestrian lifestyle, you can learn horseback riding and how to play polo through the Meliá Desert Palm Meliá Collection Riding School. Here, you will learn from the finest instructors as they tour you on the estate while riding a horse. 

Moreover, you also get a chance to watch some of Arabia’s leading jockeys and horse-riding fans practice. During the polo season, polo fans can watch chukkas or tournaments held on one of the estate’s three polo fields. You can also visit the Desert Palm Polo Club whenever you wish, a polo academy in Dubai for budding polo players.

3. Find sanctuary in their five-star hotel suites and villas

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - five-star hotel suites and villas bathroom

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - five-star hotel suites and villas

At Meliá Desert Palm Dubai, you are spoiled for choice with eight distinct accommodation options, ensuring a tailored experience for every guest. Each room promises a unique ambience while guaranteeing a delightful stay throughout. We personally love the villas with private pools where you can spend the day chilling by the water! Here, you can also take in the view of the Dubai cityscape. Perfect for families or intimate gatherings, these villas offer a serene retreat amidst lush greenery that harmonises beautifully with the azure sky above. Picture yourself on the terrace at sunrise, savouring a steaming cup of coffee as you immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings—a moment of pure bliss awaits.

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - serene retreat amidst lush greenery

However, if you want to be right by the resort’s polo fields, to the point that you can literally watch the polo matches from your room, Meliá Desert Palm Dubai’s Palm Suites are the perfect answer. These luxurious accommodations feature opulent emperor king-sized beds adorned with customisable pillows and sheets—opt for fibre, gel, or feather to suit your preference. Additionally, each suite boasts a lavish rain shower and bathtub, inviting you to indulge in a rejuvenating spa experience right within the confines of your room. For those who enjoy staying connected, select suites are equipped with Chromecast, allowing you to stream your favourite series effortlessly. We love how they offer welcome dates and coffee too!

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - welcome dates and coffee

4. Stroll around the massive estate and appreciate nature

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - Dedicated Advertorial

If you are not keen on horseback riding, strolling around the resort is also a great idea in here. You may stroll around the estate, all 64-hectare (or 160 acres!) of it, and take in the marvellous sight of the lush greeneries and appreciate how the sun shines down on you. Melia Desert Palm Dubai is such a beautiful resort; there is luxurious architecture all around so it makes for really great photos! The owner also has a private art collection on display throughout the resort.

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - stunning main infinity pool
With the stunning main infinity pool as the backdrop

If you are tired from walking around, their thoughtful staff will also offer you lemongrass towels to freshen up. We are especially thankful to Essam, one of the hotel’s kind staff, for bringing us around the estate and showing us the stables, museum, and other interesting places.

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - Exploring Meliá Desert Palm Dubai
Exploring Meliá Desert Palm Dubai

Oh, and if you are lucky, you might even get to see majestic peacocks roaming freely as you go around the estate. We were fortunate to encounter a flock of about 10-20 of these splendid birds, including a rare all-white peacock that proved elusive until our final day at the hotel! So gorgeous!

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - peacocks
So many peacocks!
Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - The elusive white peacock
The elusive white peacock

5. Kick off your day with an epic breakfast from Epicure

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - Epicure

Melia Desert Palm Dubai boasts several restaurants, but nothing beats breakfast at Epicure, a casual all-day dining restaurant overlooking the resort’s shimmering pool. Savour a wide range of great dishes and all-time breakfast favourites. But honestly, what we enjoyed was the bread creations of the restaurant’s pastry chef. He deserves a raise! All the breads, especially the croissants, were amazing. Pair it with French butter and goodness me, you will be having seconds! I think I ate 2 croissants every day during our stay. 

Other breakfast dishes were also quite good. Be sure to try out the Spicy Shakshouka, Pancakes (great for the kids), Avocado Eggs and Toast, Eggs Benedict, and Truffled Toast Egg. Even the sides like sauteed mushrooms and sauteed spinach were great! 

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - delicious croissants from Epicure
The most delicious croissants I have ever had

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - epic breakfast selections from epicure

Other epic breakfast selections

Breakfast options for kids were top-notch as well. Our little Ally and Aaron absolutely loved the buttermilk pancake, oatmeal porridge, fruit bowls, and yoghurt. Plus, the restaurant staff were kind enough to allow us to customise the fruit bowls to have more strawberries as our kids loved them! Also, just like I did, they loved the French Butter to the point that our little girl started eating it on its own and we had to stop her from finishing one entire serving.

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - Little Ally and Mama Joce enjoying breakfast
Little Ally and Mama Joce enjoying breakfast

6. Indulge in an intimate dinner at RARE

intimate dinner at RARE

Dine in at RARE, their spectacular restaurant that overlooks the polo fields. We love its charming atmosphere, offering quality meats cooked on charcoal and paired with the best wines in an open kitchen with an oak wood grill. You can indulge in their popular pizza, grilled meats, and delicious desserts any time of the day.

quality meats at RARE

7. Chill and have a malt beer at their grand sports bar

malt beer at their grand sports bar

If you are looking forward to chilling and enjoying a cold beer, you can drop by the Red Bar. Great after sunset, this spot just buzzes with life. We like its elegant yet chill atmosphere – though quite different from the usual sports bar, you can still sit back and appreciate its walls that showcase trophies and championship polo mallets. Moreover, you can check out their extensive menu of malt whiskies, spirits and contemporary cocktails.

For light middle-of-the-day meals, The Polo Bar got us covered. Additionally, they have this white Jordanian stone terrace with a lush garden view. Perfect for champagne sessions in the sunset! You can also bask in and enjoy the sun, energising you for a whole day of self-care. Furthermore, they also have a cocktail bar so you can easily get a glass of your favourite drink.

8. Break a sweat on their tennis and squash courts

Hotel's tennis and squash courts

For the sporty at heart but cannot play polo just yet, you can get on Meliá Desert Palm Dubai’s tennis and squash courts to break a sweat. You can drop by the lobby to have them assist and drive you to the courts with their golf carts. You can have a smashing time right there! After a good match, their staff will usually serve you a glass of iced water for a refreshing experience. Or better yet, head off to their stunning 34.5-metre infinity pool to cool off! 

The stunning main pool
The stunning main pool

9. Have a fantastic downtime at the Samana Spa

Samana Spa

What’s a good getaway without a superb spa, right? And Melia Desert Palm Dubai hit the right spots with their very own Samana Spa. This spa offers a comprehensive water circuit featuring a steam room, sauna, ice room, cold pool, and sensations shower. Guests can unwind in the relaxation room or luxuriate on heated stone beds, melting away tension and restoring harmony to both body and mind. There is also a Thai massage suite that is perfect for couples or someone going solo. 

If you also feel ready for a hairstyle change, there is a men’s barbershop onsite. This indeed makes the pampering sessions enjoyable for everyone.

10. Have the wedding of your dreams at their luxe event spaces

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - wedding of your dreams

Bring your dreams to life and have your wedding at this prime green oasis in the middle of Dubai. Surrounded by lush nature, you can definitely enjoy a serene atmosphere for your big day, all while basking in the beauty of the Dubai skyline. They not only focus on giving you first-class service but also ensure that your guests are well taken care of. You can explore their selection of indoor or outdoor spaces depending on the vibe you are going for. For more info on weddings at Melia Desert Palm Dubai, click here

selection of indoor or outdoor spaces for your wedding

If you love horses and want to experience the equestrian lifestyle, Melia Desert Palm Dubai offers an extraordinary haven where the allure of polo unfolds right outside your hotel suite. From exhilarating attractions to tantalising culinary adventures, this resort is a treasure trove of jewels waiting to be explored. Plus, the resort is located in a serene and secluded location, providing the ideal sanctuary for those yearning for moments of tranquil relaxation amidst the bustle of city life.

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