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Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills: A Vibrant Stay in the Heart of the City

Tokyo is truly one of the most exciting cities in the world – there are just so many things to do and see around the city! At the heart of this vibrant metropolis lies Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills, your ideal haven for a Tokyo escapade. Poised atop a 52-story skyscraper in the innovative Toranomon District of Minato, this stylish retreat beckons with a captivating blend of sophistication and excitement. Beyond offering modern Japanese rooms and suites, each providing unrivaled views of the Tokyo skyline and iconic landmarks such as the Tokyo Tower, Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills sets the stage for an extraordinary stay. In this article, we will share the vibrant experiences to discover at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills.

6 Vibrant Experiences to Discover at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

1. Explore the best of Japan from the heart of Tokyo

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills - best of Japan

Nestled in the ever-evolving neighbourhood of Toranomon, Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills offers a unique blend of historical charm and futuristic traditions at the heart of Tokyo. With Tokyo Tower and the Imperial Palace just steps away, the hotel serves as an ideal launching point for an immersive exploration of the city! And while the Toranomon neighbourhood is not as bustling atmosphere of Shibuya or Shinjuku, the nearby subway station further enhances accessibility, making popular attractions like Ginza and Roppongi just a few stops away, ensuring that Tokyo’s dynamic energy is within easy reach. A mere few minutes walk unveils a world where the tranquillity of Toranomon meets the pulsating energy of Tokyo, inviting guests to discover the best of both worlds.

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2. Relax in luxurious hotel suites blending traditional Japanese elements  with modern conveniences

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills - luxurious hotel suites

Indulge in the seamless fusion of traditional Japanese aesthetics and modern comforts at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills. Boasting 164 rooms, including eight suites, each accommodation provides an unmatched vantage point to admire the bustling metropolis below. As the day gracefully transitions into night, guests can bask in the enchanting glow of the Tokyo Tower’s glittering lights. The captivating views of the city, especially the front-row perspective of the iconic Tokyo Tower, exclusively accessible when reserving the luxurious Andaz Sky Suite, truly epitomises perfection in every detail.

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills - Best Hotel Suites in Japan

Every room and suite interior draws inspiration from Japanese tradition, thanks to Tony Chi, a world-renowned interior designer. Drawing inspiration from the Katsura Imperial Villa in Kyoto, Chi seamlessly weaves cultural richness into the hotel’s design, featuring elegant shoji panels, Japanese artworks, and indulgent deep soaking bathtubs. Even the beds are low enough to evoke the sense of sleeping on traditional Japanese tatami mats! Each meticulous detail transports guests into the enchanting ambience of a traditional Japanese house, skillfully blended with contemporary design.

3. Enjoy spectacular views of Tokyo at night at the hotel’s Rooftop Bar

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills - hotel’s Rooftop Bar

However, if you really want to experience the best view from all over Tokyo, the hotel’s Rooftop Bar is definitely a must-visit. Crowning the hotel on the 52nd floor, this sophisticated semi open-air terrace provides an unrivalled panoramic view of Tokyo Bay and Odaiba, creating a spectacular backdrop for an unforgettable evening. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, where skilled mixologists craft innovative cocktails that showcase the finest local seasonal ingredients. Savour each sip of the delectable concoctions while indulging in the breathtaking cityscape that unfolds before you – a perfect fusion of elevated taste and awe-inspiring views.

Andaz Lounge at the hotel’s 51st floor is also available if you prefer a more relaxed ambience. Considered as the ‘living room’ of the hotel, guests can enjoy complimentary soft drinks and snacks throughout day and night. In addition, the evening service between 6pm to 8pm offers complimentary wine and canapés. Perfect for unwinding!

4. Indulge in classic European cuisine at The Tavern – Grill & Lounge

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills - The Tavern - Grill & Lounge

Well, of course, aside from cocktails, Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills also offers it fair share of fine dining experience. Experience a unique culinary journey from breakfast to dinner at the hotel’s main restaurant, The Tavern – Grill & Lounge. This dining haven is a celebration of authentic and classic European cuisine, offering a unique journey that skillfully balance tradition and innovation with dishes made from natural and locally sourced ingredients. Also, their menu showcases the best of seasonal and sustainable products from organic farms and passionate Japanese artisans, ensuring a dining experience that is both distinctive and responsible. What we recommend – their fabulous snow-aged steak! Meanwhile, our breakfast favourite was their authentic udon set. 

5. Experience authentic Japanese food at the SUSHI

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills - authentic Japanese food at the SUSHI

No journey through Japan is truly fulfilled without savouring an authentic omakase experience in a traditional Japanese setting. At Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills, you can experience this and more at the SUSHI, where skilled sushi chefs indulge you in an unforgettable Japanese dining experience. Settle into the intimate ambience of the restaurant’s traditional eight-seat sushi counter, where you can witness the meticulous creation of traditional edo-mae sushi, using only the freshest seasonal ingredients, right before your eyes. Then, elevate your experience further with a glass of their original ’52’ sake, perfectly complementing the flavours of this exceptional journey.

6. Relax in an urban retreat nestled in the heart of the city

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills - Japan Honeymoon Guide

As we know, Tokyo is one of the busiest cities in the world. So naturally, after spending the day exploring the city, you might also want to indulge with a relaxing spa treatment at the hotel’s AO Spa. An urban retreat nestled in the heart of the city, AO Spa seamlessly marries the purest elements of Japan with cutting-edge spa techniques, presenting a refreshingly unique and revitalising experience. Whether you seek invigorating facials, soothing massages, or a comprehensive bath ritual, the spa is dedicated to fulfilling your relaxation desires, ensuring that your stay is not just a visit but a rejuvenating journey in the heart of Tokyo.

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills - urban retreat nestled in the heart of the city

In addition to the spa, Andaz Tokyo Toromonon Hills also offers a sanctuary for health and well-being on its 37th floor, way above the city. This haven offers a blend of luxury and fitness, with an aquatic area that beckons you into a world of tranquility. Immerse yourself in a 20-meter swimming pool, indulge in the unique carbonated pool, or let the rejuvenating waters of the floating jet pool wash away the stresses of the day. The fitness center, boasting breathtaking panoramic views of the Imperial Palace, is equipped with a comprehensive range of cutting-edge cardio and strength training equipment, creating an inviting space for those in pursuit of a holistic wellness journey.

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills - 20-meter swimming pool

A stay at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills unfolds as a captivating journey where luxury, culture, and modernity converge. The attentive service and the iconic Tokyo Tower as your backdrop, especially from the luxurious Andaz Sky Suite, elevate your stay to a symphony of sophistication.

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