Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel - The Ultimate Japan Honeymoon Guide
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Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel: An Artful Escape

Surrounded by vibrant and energetic art, Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel transcends your usual stay in a hotel, making every moment a visual and sensory delight. Elevating your experience further, this artful hotel also invites you to indulge in a refreshing escape within the hotel’s unique large public bath and sauna—a haven that ensures a truly relaxing retreat at the heart of Tokyo. And oh, did we mention how this hotel is one of the closest in the world-renowned Tokyo Disney Resorts? In this article, we will explore all the exciting experiences that await at Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel.

5 Artful Experiences at Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel

1. Immerse yourself in local art

Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel - Local Art

At Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel, art is not just an addition or a decoration; rather, it is an important part of your whole experience. Right from the moment of your visit, the hotel lobby welcomes you with an awe-inspiring mural featuring lily flowers as waves, a creative take on travel and tide viewing. Look up, and you will find a ceiling adorned with a mix of imaginative elements, including shipping pulleys, evolving hieroglyphs, and waterfowl objects—a visual journey into exploration and transformation. 

As you explore beyond the lobby, the entire hotel transforms into a vibrant gallery. Talented Japanese artists have left their marks in hallways, hotel suites, and more, unveiling layers of fascination with each glance. You will not get bored by just looking at their artwork! 

Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel - Hallway

2. Stay in stunning, artful rooms

Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel - artful rooms

After immersing yourself in the artistic wonders both within and around Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel, finding respite in one of their hotel suites offers a perfect cap to your day. Their generously sized accommodations, spanning over 29.7 m² and capable of accommodating up to four guests, fulfil the desire for a spacious and comfortable retreat. Ensuring modern conveniences, the hotel rooms are also equipped with amenities like a Nespresso machine for that essential morning caffeine fix, Bluetooth speakers, internet TV, and more.

Beyond the practical comforts of Hollywood mirrors and sumptuous Simmons beds, the allure of their rooms lies in their captivating wall art – just like any other part of the hotel. So, if you are all about having little photoshoots in your hotel suite, then Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel is exactly the accommodation for you. To elevate your stay further, the hotel also provides guests with matching in-house wear, crafted from soft and tactile waffle material for the ultimate in relaxation.

Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel - artful room design

3. Experience a new sense of Japanese French cuisine

Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel - Japanese French cuisine

As for your food options, Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel presents Restaurant & Var TIDE TABLE Shiomi, where the fusion of Japanese-French cuisine unfolds in a captivating setting. Much like any other part of the hotel, the restaurant is housed in such a colourful and artistic space, with pleasant natural light during the day, and a moody atmosphere at night. The dynamic interior adapts to the time of day, creating a unique and immersive dining experience.

As the sun sets, the restaurant transforms into a haven for exclusive dinner experiences, offering a delectable array of dishes crafted with a fusion of Japanese ingredients and French culinary techniques. Complementing the exceptional menu are original drinks that elevate the dining experience. And with sofa seats, private rooms, and a bar counter available, the setting is perfect no matter what the occasion. 

Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel - Restaurant & Var TIDE TABLE Shiomi

Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel takes breakfast to another level with an outstanding selection that rivals even the most esteemed hotels. The buffet selection is exemplary, featuring delights that stand out in quality and taste. We especially loved their scrambled eggs and French toast. We also got to try Prince Hotel’s very own curry recipe and it did not disappoint!

4. Relieve fatigue in a spacious and relaxing public bathhouse

Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel - relaxing public bathhouse women's bath

Adding to the uniqueness of the hotel, Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel has its own open large public bath. And it is not your usual “toto” experience either! In this public bath, you can really stretch out and relax while checking out beautiful paintings on the walls by Katsushika Hokusai and Monet. For those seeking an extra layer of comfort, the public bath comes equipped with a sauna, offering a welcoming atmosphere and a tranquil escape for all. The men’s bath is equipped with a Lory sauna and cold bath while the women’s bath is equipped with a steam sauna.

5. Discover the magic at the nearby Tokyo Disney Resorts

nearby Tokyo Disney Resorts

Another thing that we appreciate about Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel is how it is located in such an exceptionally convenient area, within just 1-minute walk to the Shiomi Station. That said, the hotel finds itself surrounded by key attractions in Tokyo, with Fukagawa Gatharia Shopping Mall, Tatsuminomori Kaihin Park, and the Susaki Stadium Monument all within easy reach. Moreover, for those planning a family adventure in Japan, the proximity of Tokyo Disney Resorts via train ensures a magical and accessible experience for all. A honeymoon on the most magical place on earth is also highly recommended! 

Adding to the excitement, the innovative teamLab Planets TOKYO DMM is just minutes away, offering a unique opportunity to immerse yourself further in art—albeit in a digital form. However, if you are up to some real thrill and is seeking a different perspective on Tokyo, the hotel offers an exclusive shuttle service to a heliport, where you can embark on a thrilling and extraordinary aerial adventure. Soar above iconic landmarks in the city like the Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Skytree, and Rainbow Bridge, and witness these famous sights bathed in a whole new light.

Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel offers more than just a relaxing stay; it immerses you into Japan’s local art like no other, a captivating visual feast of vivid and energetic art. Also, As one of the closest accommodations to the renowned Tokyo Disney Resorts, Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel not only provides convenient access to iconic attractions but also serves as a destination in itself—a haven where modern comfort meets artistic allure.

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