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Best Family-Friendly Activities to Do with Kids in Australia

Known for world-class museums and splash pads, Australia is a go-to family-friendly spot to have a break from daily life. But more than doing tours and filling up your itinerary with mainstream activities, we bet it’ll be interesting to consider unique family-friendly activities during your stay. From koala and kangaroo sanctuaries to cruising around Sydney Harbour, here are the best things to do with kids in Australia, providing quality recommendations based on the most popular spots and places too good you’d want to stay longer.

Best Things to Do with Kids in Australia

1. Penguin Parade

things to do with kids in AustraliaBecause of the cuteness that comes with it,  this activity no doubt tops our list — Penguin Parade! You can expect to watch these amazing seabirds waddle home from the ocean to their burrows any night of the year. The whole experience is meant for you to observe from their set viewing platforms and boardwalks.

Since the penguins usually come home during sunset, it’s best to track time and consider the travel time from the nearest city. If you get hungry, you can also choose from the a-la-carte and snack menu at the Shearwater restaurant or just grab a drink from the Boardwalk Coffee Cart.

  • Great range of self-guided viewing options or choose one of our ranger-guided tours
  • Fully accessible with ramps, handrails, wide pathways and viewing areas
  • Adopt a penguin today to help support vital little penguin conservation, research and education activities
Check out Penguin Parade >

2. Daintree Rainforest

Australia family vacation
Image Source: Daintree Rainforest – Best Family-Friendly Activities to Do with Kids in Australia

The Daintree Rainforest is the oldest on Earth and it’s great to intentionally set a day to drop by and enjoy this location. We love how it boasts of ancient trees, exotic creatures, and relaxing activities to consider. Furthermore, you can cruise down the Daintree River, keeping your eyes peeled for crocodiles sunbathing on the banks.

Here, you can also glide through the tree tops with the set rainforest zipline. With a bunch of activities, we’re sure you won’t run out of something exciting to do here. Even if you just want to walk and explore as a family, you can simply opt for their Explorer Day Tours.

  • Feel connected with nature and go for Explorer Day Tours
  • There are also options for tree top zipline or river cruise
  • Horse rides, river drifts, night tours, and more activities to consdier
Check out Daintree Rainforest >

3. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

koala sanctuary
Image Source: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary – Best Things to Do in Australia with Kids

Who wouldn’t love to see a koala? If you and your family if up for this adventure, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is perfect for you! When you opt to book a tour,  you can get up close and personal with these iconic marsupials.

Furthermore, you can also learn about their conservation efforts, snap some seriously cute photos + selfies, and maybe even hold one of these fluffy ambassadors. Remember, koalas are sleepyheads so timing is always important when doing the tour.

  • Twilight tour to witness Australia’s most iconic native nocturnal wildlife
  • Prepare food together as a family and engage with their platypus
  • Group tours to consider as a family
Check out Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary >

4. Sydney Harbour Sightseeing Cruise

Sydney HarbourSet sail on an adventure around Sydney Harbour, where iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge will steal the show. Quite touristy but this is a must especially if it’s your family’s first time in Australia! Moreover, it’ll be a great way to see iconic establishments while sitting back and feeling the gentle rock of the cruise + city air.

We also recommend that you pay attention and keep your eyes peeled for playful seals basking on the rocks. Although out, you can definitely listen to the guide spill the beans on the city’s fascinating history and learn so much more together.

  • Comfortable seats and views from the deck
  • Cruise will take you through Sydney Harbour to Taronga Zoo and Watson’s Bay
  • Hear about the history of Sydney Harbour and the many secret beaches and gardens
Check out Sydney Harbour Sightseeing Cruise >

5. The Kangaroo Sanctuary

kangaroo sanctuary
Image Source: The Kangaroo Sanctuary – Best Family-Friendly Activities in Australia with Family

Ever wanted to meet a kangaroo IRL? The Kangaroo Sanctuary is your chance! Book for their sunset tour where you can get firsthand interaction with rescued kangaroos and wallabies. Furthermore, you can also have a great time together learning about their unique behaviours and even hand-feeding the joeys.

Plus, you might even get to hop alongside them in designated areas set by the sanctuary. Great if you want to create a heartwarming experience for the whole family to enjoy while also learning about these amazing animals.

  • Encounter rescued orphaned baby kangaroos and adult kangaroos
  • Educates about conservation through our guided sunset tour
  • Meet our kangaroo family and get a chance to hold a baby kangaroo
Check out The Kangaroo Sanctuary >

6. Whisk Creamery

mermaid ice cream
Image Source: Whisk Creamery – Best Family-Friendly Activities to Do with Kids in Australia

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, Whisk Creamery is an ice cream wonderland. We appreciate how they boast of overflowing and colourful flavours like “fairy bread” and “lamington” that sure get kids excited. Additionally, you can experience firsthand and craft ice cream flavor with an endless array of toppings, or simply indulge in a pre-made scoop of pure deliciousness.

More than this, the creamery also comes with a vibrant atmosphere and sweet treats that are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. You can all have a fantastic time that’s fun-filled, making this a great pit stop after a day of exploring the city.

  • Home for artisanal gelato and creative desserts
  • A delightful menu that is served with love and passion for sweets
  • Stimulating and vibrant atmosphere for all to enjoy
Check out Whisk Creamery >

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7. Boundless Playground

family-friendly activities to do in Australia
Image Source: National Capital Authority – Best Things to Do in Australia with Kids

Let loose and get your giggles on at Boundless Playground, an inclusive haven designed for everyone, regardless of abilities. This family-friendly activity to do with kids in Australia is great for an active family who has a competitive streak and wants to get on challenges. Imagine tackling obstacle courses, conquering climbing walls, and exploring sensory spaces that ignite your imagination.

Furthermore, this engaging playground is all about celebrating differences and having fun together, creating memories that’ll last long after you leave. We also appreciate that it’s a great way for kids (and adults) to burn off some energy and get those happy hormones flowing.

  • A hangout spot for all ages and families
  • Open for fun-filled events
  • Engaging obstacle courses, walls, and sensory spaces
Check out Boundless Playground >

8. Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery

Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery
Image Source: Melbourne Museum – Best Things to Do with Kids in Australia

Step into a world where art meets play at the Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery. Expect to explore themed galleries, participate in creative workshops, and let your imaginations run wild as a family. From building fantastical creatures to experimenting with colours and textures, we love how this interactive space is designed to spark curiosity and ignite a love for art in little minds.

Take this chance to ditch the screens for a while and encourage your kids to participate + express themselves creatively. At the same time, you might be surprised by what your masterpieces would turn out like.

  • Interactive activities such as fossil excavation at the dinosaur dig and botanical garden tour
  • Combines hands-on exploration and discovery with open-ended play-based learning
  • Welcoming for families with children on the autism spectrum
Check out Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery >

9. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

things to do in Australia with kids
Image Source: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium – Best Family-Friendly Activities in Australia with Family

Dive deep into the ocean world at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, where mesmerizing sea creatures await. As one of the go-to family-friendly activities to do in Australia, it’s actually a must to spend at least a day here. They have nine expedition exhibits that you can visit. Here, you can witness also come face-to-face with playful penguins and marvel at schools of fish gliding through the water.

Furthermore, there are also options to upgrade for an interactive experience like snorkelling in the oceanarium. Besides this, you can also touch starfish, learn about ocean conservation, and maybe even watch a feeding frenzy. This adventure will spark a love for the ocean and its inhabitants that your kids will definitely find fun.

  • Wide collection of expedition exhibits you can explore altogether
  • Witness sea animals in its natural environment
  • Can be booked with other attractions
Check out SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium >

10. Great Ocean Road

best family friendly activities in Australia with family
Image Source: Unsplash – Best Family-Friendly Activities to Do with Kids in Australia

Buckle up for a scenic road trip along the Great Ocean Road, a legendary coastal route that’ll leave you speechless. Sit back and imagine the whole family driving alongside windswept cliffs, spotting koalas clinging to eucalyptus trees, and witnessing the iconic Twelve Apostles rock formations carved by the power of the ocean.

Additionally, this journey is a blend of natural beauty, adventure, and photo ops that’ll be forever etched in your memories. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to stretch your legs with hikes along the cliffs, making it a perfect blend of sightseeing and getting some fresh air.

  • Stunning coastal highway located in the state of Victoria, Australia
  • Appreciate the stunning view and watch the sunset at the end of the tour
  • Enjoy the pristine beach of Loch Ard Gorge in the glory of the mid-morning sun
Check out Great Ocean Road >

Where to Stay in Australia for Families

Here’s how to plan a family trip to Australia. First, you have to figure out the best family-friendly hotels in Australia and find the best ones that suit your family’s budget and needs.

Conclusion: Best Things to Do With Kids in Australia

Having a great time in Australia doesn’t mean we stick with the usual spots to visit — you can also focus on enjoying quality time through amazing activities you can do together as a family. Depending on your kids’ ages and interests, there’s always a great option that should align with what your family needs to make your Australia family vacation the trip of a lifetime.

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