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    Top 10 Wedding Makeup Artists in India

    As your biggest day comes along, preparation is getting tight. A big part of it is preparing and deciding which style suited to your criteria. Every bride wants to discover the striking features to enhance and choose the applicable makeup for her. Bridal makeup must turn you stunning and no2t just only makes you look like it’s made up. TWV has listed the Top 10 Wedding Makeup Artists in India that will surely help you choose and decide for your wedding hair and makeup style. Enjoy reading! Top 10 Wedding Makeup Artists in India 10. Shalini Singh, for a professional and alluring style Shalini Singh is one of the most…

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    Top 10 Wedding Makeup and Hairdressing Stylists in Malaysia

    It is every woman’s dream to be the most beautiful and stunning bride on the day of her wedding. Since the bride is the center of attraction during weddings, TWV had compiled the Top 10 Wedding Makeup and Hairdressing Stylists in Malaysia just for you! Top 10 Wedding Makeup and Hairdressing Stylists in Malaysia 10. Grace Wang, for beauty and confidence They offer bridal makeup and hair styling courses in Taiwan and also uses airbrush technique for makeup. Grace uses high-quality products during a bride’s big day. She will assure you that you will look beautiful and confident on your big day. Grace Wang Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia www.gracewang-makeup.com [email protected] +60 12-760 1752…

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    Top 10 Wedding Makeup and Hairdressing Stylists in Bali

    After you said yes to the man of your life, you become busy preparing all the stuff you need for your wedding. A lot of couples said that planning and preparing for a wedding can be really stressful, but you have to remember that it is the grandest moment in your life so you have to look stunningly beautiful. Here is the part where makeup and hairdressing stylists will come in. But, we all know that picking one is also a hard decision. So, to help you pick the perfect stylists, we compiled the Top 10 Wedding Makeup and Hairdressing Stylists in Bali. Top 10 Wedding Makeup and Hairdressing Stylists…

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    Top 10 Wedding Hair and Makeup Stylists in the Philippines

    Every bride dreams of looking her best on her wedding night. A tremendous amount of effort is placed into choosing the perfect wedding gown, shoes, accessories and most importantly, your wedding hair and makeup. Your wedding hair and makeup do wonders to glam up your entire look for the day. However, finding the right wedding hair and makeup artist for you can be quite time-consuming. To reduce your stress, here is our list of the Top 10 Wedding Hair and Makeup Stylists in the Philippines for you.  10. Xeng Zulueta, for versatile look The same with other hair and makeup artists, Xeng Zulueta is one of the professionals who has a background in…

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    Bridal Hollywood Glamour – Wedding Makeup & Hairstyling by Bianca Marie Nabor

    [Advertorial] A professional hair and makeup artist is key to a bride looking her finest. We planned a series of photoshoots in Philippines in November and we were extremely excited to meet with Bianca Marie Nabor, a Boracay-based hair and makeup artist who would be styling me for my video shoot with Enrico Nepomuceno. With her years of experience in theatre, show business and the fashion industry, Bianca finally found her passion in bridal hair and makeup. She has been dedicating herself to it since. “I get to transform them into their most beautiful selves,” she says, “there is no greater feeling than to do that for someone on the biggest…

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    Photoshoot Perfect Wedding Makeup by May Jasmin

    [Advertorial] “Everyone is born beautiful. But having shades and do’s can make that beauty glow.” – May Jasmin When it comes to your wedding photoshoot, it is important to get a professional hair and makeup artist (HMUA) to do your styling for you. Having good wedding makeup done can highlight your features, making them look more defined in photos, and a nice hairstyle can compliment your style and gown beautifully. You would want to look your best in your wedding photos, and finding a good HUMA is one of the key steps in a successful shoot! It’s important to find someone who is both experienced, professional and personable. May Jasmin is one of the leading names in Boracay,…

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    Bridal Wedding Makeup with Erika Diaz

    [Advertorial] Wedding beauty is made up of a few ingredients – the dress, the shoes, accessories… But no doubt the key to unlocking your natural beauty is your wedding hair and makeup. Having someone talented and professional do your wedding makeup and hair can truly make the difference to how you look, especially when it comes to accentuating your features to highlight your beauty. Furthermore, it has a big impact to your photos. Beauty is in the details. And when it comes to finding perfection in the details for your wedding makeup and hair, Erika is your best person for the job. Based in Cebu, Philippines, Erika Diaz is one of the finest hair and makeup artists (HMUA) you’ll get to meet.…