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Bridal Hollywood Glamour – Wedding Makeup & Hairstyling by Bianca Marie Nabor

[Advertorial] A professional hair and makeup artist is key to a bride looking her finest. We planned a series of photoshoots in Philippines in November and we were extremely excited to meet with Bianca Marie Nabor, a Boracay-based hair and makeup artist who would be styling me for my video shoot with Enrico Nepomuceno. With her years of experience in theatre, show business and the fashion industry, Bianca finally found her passion in bridal hair and makeup. She has been dedicating herself to it since. “I get to transform them into their most beautiful selves,” she says, “there is no greater feeling than to do that for someone on the biggest day of their lives!” When asked about what excites her about styling brides the most, she reveals that it is the moment when brides get to see how beautiful they are. Her secret to building the suspense is to not place a mirror as she styles the bride. Her aim is to have them to feel relaxed during the hair and makeup session and later be blessed with a pleasant surprise when they get to see themselves in the mirror.

My Favourites by Bianca

Cheerful & Friendly Nature

Bianca 12

I had several photo and video shoots lined up before this final one. To be frank, shooting is not an easy job and I was pretty worn out from the tight and hectic schedule. Thankfully, Marie’s cheerful, chirpy and friendly nature uplifted my energy and spirits and got me ready to go in no time. I enjoyed every minute of our conversation as we discussed on the potential looks she wanted to do for me, and as we shared about each other’s journey and life.

Daring to be Different

Bianca 5

Knowing that I had several shoots prior to her, Bianca wanted my shoots to be different. “Having the same look always is too mainstream. Let’s be bold and different,” she said, “let’s have something a little more pop” as she suggested doing a Hollywood Glamour Makeup for me. The result? Dramatic eyes, thicker lashes, brighter lips and bolder makeup making me look so savvy! I loved it!

Bianca 8Bianca 9

Though I have never tried such a look before, she assured that it would look great. Darker makeup would also be more visible in the sunset when the lighting gets dark. I was sold. Marie had no reservations about experimenting with colours and looks to complement your personality and outfit. If you are feeling adventurous, Marie is a great artist to work with. I absolutely loved what she did for me as it was a more sophisticated look that felt really refreshing.

A Dash of Inspiration

Bianca 1

During our session, we had plenty of conversations, one of which I asked Marie about her story and she shared how she chased her dreams so that she could do what she does today. Her journey started in theatre, and she has over 27 years of experience styling people. As she dreamt to transform brides into their most glamourous and gorgeous self, she made the transition and took up a lot of new skills on the way. Her jolly, fun and never say die attitude was indeed a touch of inspiration that I could bring home to.

Bianca 10Bianca 11

Thanks Marie! Your lively attitude really made me feel so good on the day of my shoot. And of course, you made me look absolutely gorgeous. Huge thanks for the effort and smiles. Stay passionate and driven!  I really enjoyed the comfortable and friendly session with Marie. If you are having a destination photoshoot or wedding in Boracay, be sure to reach out to her here. Her rates are very reasonable and you can be assured of a beautiful and radiant transformation.

Bianca Marie Nabor

boracayprincess@yahoo.com | +63 920 659 1550
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