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Get Gorgeous on your Wedding Day – Bridal Makeup by Ruth Chew Makeup

[Advertorial] It is every bride‚Äôs dream to look perfect on your wedding day. For your wedding day, your hair and makeup artist is the real life equivalent of your fairy godmother. With a wave of her brush, she can instantly transform you into a princess! As such, it is key to find a professional hair and makeup artist who can create the radiant look that you desire. Be sure to find someone who, you are comfortable with, as you will be interacting with her the most often on the wedding day for your styling and touch ups. Ruth Chew Makeup specializes in bridal hair and makeup for your big day. With a vast experience in styling for fashion shows, editorial shoots and makeup courses, Ruth is a passionate and dedicated stylist¬†who aims to¬†transform women into the most beautiful versions of themselves. She focuses on enhancing your beauty features and making them stand out. I was privileged to have Ruth as my makeup and hair stylist for both my local pre wedding shoots and actual wedding day. My entire experience with Ruth was¬†nothing short of an enjoyable one! Read more to find out what’s in store for you!

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My Favourites by Ruth Chew Makeup

High Quality Products & Brands

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Ruth takes pride in working with renowned brands like NARS, MAC, YSL, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Shu Uemura and more. ‚ÄúLooking great on your wedding day is nothing short of a luxurious affair,‚ÄĚ she says, ‚ÄúIt is important to use high quality products by great brands to ensure that they look better and stay on longer‚ÄĚ.

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True enough, her products were very nourishing and suitable for sensitive skin. The colours also did not fade despite my long hours of wearing them outdoors.

Good Technique

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My wedding was a challenge. The day begun from 5pm and went on all the way till 10pm. The long hours were no doubt exhausting and it was going to be tough making me look fresh throughout! In addition, I was having a beach wedding, henece leaving my makeup and hair vulnerable to the outdoor elements. Hot sun and breezy winds can do a lot of damage to your look. The day was hectic and hardly left any time in between for touch ups or a re-do. Despite all these challenges, Ruth with her expertise and good makeup technique, ensured that my makeup lasted without smudging and still looked perfect.

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During my beach solemnization, the hot sun rays were shining right onto my face. I was pleasantly surprised that despite sweating, my makeup did not melt at all! Having my makeup run or mascara drop would have been a nightmare but Ruth ensured that I remained glowing.

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Photo Credits: Colliding Luster x True to Love

When asked for the secret, Ruth attributed it to using quality products, as well as having proper moisturizing, priming and setting techniques. That gave me a bridal look that was waterproof and lasting. For my hair, Ruth set my hair with more spray so that I would not have strays flying all over my face and I would be photo ready anytime. I was a challenge as not only was my wedding outdoors, my bridal car was a open-top convertible, a Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet!

Talented and versatile

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Prior to my wedding day, I had two sessions for my local pre-wedding shoot with Said & Meant. I intended for both shoots to have different looks, and so Ruth worked up a natural bronzed look for my first garden shoot at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Photo Credits: Said & Meant

For my second shoot at Chijmes she did a bridal look that had a more dramatic effect to match my gown.

Photo Credits: Said & Meant

On my wedding day, I had four outfit changes.¬†Ruth did up various looks for me to spice things up. She sent me several inspirations for me to choose from and asked for my preferences. During my wedding, I enjoyed different hairstyles ‚Äď side bun, up-do and side curls! I could not ask for more, Ruth‚Äôs talent and versatility gave me several different looks to enjoy!

Gentle, Patient and Dedicated Service

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Ruth uses very gentle strokes when applying makeup to my face. I have very sensitive eyelids that will twitch at even the lightest of pressure, and that made it challenging for Ruth to do my eyeliner and lashes. Ruth was very patient and gentle with me throughout, which I really appreciated as I was having a long and tiring day.

ruth chew 5 As my wedding was going to stretch over many hours from 5am to 10pm, we initially discussed for Ruth to go back to her place in between our makeup / touch ups sessions to rest. However, as the day unfolded, my touch up timings became very unpredictable. Ruth, dedicated to her work, was so accommodating and stayed the entire day to ensure that I was well taken care of. She was very patient with us throughout.

Photo Credits: Colliding Luster x True to Love

A Comfortable and Enjoyable Experience


Ruth’s friendly and sociable personality made my wedding day experience a very enjoyable one. She was my go-to person on my wedding day, especially during the intermittent breaks for my change ups. My wedding day was very hectic and it was so great to have Ruth around. She was very encouraging and always managed to pep me up whenever I was feeling tired. It was incredible of her to do so, as she was probably just as tired, having to travel down to Sentosa early in the morning at 5am and staying throughout till evening. I appreciated her very much, as she really went out of her way to accommodate to our requests and schedule.

Thanks Ruth! For making me look absolutely gorgeous and stunning on my wedding day. Working with you has been such an amazing and pleasant experience. Stay passionate and beautiful! :)

If you are looking for a professional and talented makeup artist, be sure to check out Ruth Chew Makeup. Apart from her wonderful service, her package rates are reasonable and you can check them out here.

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