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Romantic Wedding Videography by International Videographer, Digital Eye Films

[Advertorial] Wedding videography is the key to making your treasured moments last forever. Though your wedding day is going to pass you by, these captured memories taken by your wedding videographer freezes them in time and will be your most precious keepsakes in time to come. The best part about wedding videography is that the moments are in motion, and you can truly remincise and immerse yourself in them to soak up the romantic moments! To ensure that your best moments are captured, It is key to find a professional wedding videography crew that is experienced, talented and creative. We were so blessed to have found ours. Watch our 15 second wedding trailer below, produced by Digital Eye Films:

Talented & Stunning Wedding Videography

digital eye films 2

Digital Eye Films is an international wedding videography and cinematography team that travels around the world to capture and craft love stories. Based in The Philippines, they have covered many weddings in Singapore, Boracay, Manila and more. The team focuses on capturing every meticulous detail and spark between you both, crafting them together into beautiful and timeless stories.

digital eye films 1

It was a breathtaking experience watching the beautiful moments unravel as I watched our wedding videos created by the talented team of Digital Eye Films. I cannot express how blessed and thankful we are to have had two shoots with such a brilliant and amazing team! We had a pre-wedding destination shoot in Cebu, Phillipines and a shoot for our actual wedding day in Sentosa, Singapore!

digital eye films 3

Having fallen in love with their stunning videography and their impeccable creations, we were incredibly psyched to not only have them do a “Save the Date” trailer for us, but have them travel down to Singapore to capture for our wedding day! Check out the 9 minutes wedding production that they made for our wedding day. They embedded our pre-wedding footage from Cebu into the actual-day video, tying them together with perfect flow. The scenes unfolded and eased into each setting very well. The music and voice overlay was also in perfect synergy and rhythm. All the precious scenes and messages from our loved ones were all included in this memorable video. It was a beautiful and touching production that left us speechless when we got to see it.

My Favourites by Digital Eye Films

Amazing Aerial Videography and Ring Shots

Digital Eye’s specialty lies in their aerial videography and ring shots. Digital Eye Films believes that capturing the landscape of your wedding venue will add a majestic element to your video. Their aerial shots are very impressive and beautiful.

The Digital Eye team is also great at capturing rings with various elements like water, ice, fire. It is absolutely breathtaking to see every details and sparkle of your rings against the movement of the elements! Watch their 2015 showreel below, which comprises all the beautiful love moments, impressive scenes and touching scenes.

Overwhelming Passion & Dedication

Headed by Alain, the founder of Digital Eye Films, the team is brimming with drive and bursting with passion and energy. Through our video shoot and conversations, it was both incredible and inspirational how much dedication they give to their craft.

Our shoot in Cebu, Philippines at Movenpick Hotel was initially dicussed to be one day and we wanted to capture scenes at the beach, but as it was really crowded during the sunset hours, Alain generously extend the shoot to us the next morning. The team came down early before sunrise to capture the beach shots. I was so impressed by how focused they were on their work. As they pride themselves on churning out high quality videos, time sensitivity and traveling to them was secondary.

When speaking to Alain about my actual wedding day, he was commenting that gate crashing is a very unique tradition that we Chinese do, and he loves to capture the fun and laughter that goes on during gate crash. His team arrived for my wedding day at 6am when it started, and stayed all the way till 10pm till the end. The tremendous amount of dedication and patience that Alain and team showed to my wedding was very touching.

digital eye films 18
Filming the gate crash preparations

You could see Alain’s eyes sparkle as he talks about his love for wedding videography. That love goes into each and every single video he creates, and you can be assured of a video that is crafted with love and passion.

Talented, Artistic & Creative Conceptualization

Using cinematography concepts, Alain’s direction is to tell love stories through film. He aims to conceptualize a storyline to create a unique and special video for every couple. With his ideas, your wedding video will be much more meaningful and interesting. Check out our pre-wedding video by Digital Eye Films!

Alain came up with several ideas our our wedding video – such as writing our vows to each other and recording our voice reading it out as playback, a running concept at Ibiza Beach Club to add suspense, as well as having some interview answers in the video to share the background story of our first impressions and how we met.

 digital eye films 29

Every part of the video was carefully thought out. These ideas helped to create the magical moments in the video that tugged at my heartstrings as I watched it. Though the video looks like it took a long time to conceptualize, with his years of experience, Alain and his team was able to conceptualize and execute the concept right on the spot.

The team also took multiple angles and takes of each scene, so that they could combine them together to create more atmosphere and feeling in the production. So much work went into it. They truly takes days and months of hard work and effort to conceptualize, film and create the videos they produce.

digital eye films 20
Taking the same scene at different angles.

Good Directing Skills

For our pre-wedding shoot, Alain and Merck guided us every step of the way. As it was our first time experiencing a shoot, we were pretty nervous at the start and was not too sure what to do or expect. I was almost too nervous to sleep the night before! With Alain, all we needed to do was to follow his directions, which was very clear. He would guide us how to angle ourselves, where to look at, where to place our arms and what to feel. He reminded us to relax and simply enjoy the shoot like it was any other day when we are dating. The only difference was that now he behind the scenes recording these moments down.

digital eye films 28

The shoot turned out much easier and way more fun than we could have imagined. Alain’s guidance helped to us to relax, and our emotions looked more natural and we were not so stiff. It is most likely that it will be your first time going on camera to film a shoot, so having a team that is patient and good at directing is cruical to a successful and comfortable shoot.

Great Technical Knowledge

Both Alain and Merck were very talented with their cameras and equipment. They employed some tricks of the trade which was an eye opener, such as using a plastic bottle to add a blurry effect and a glass piece to add shimmery light rays. Merck was great at moving the camera steadily in a wavy fashion to create that dreamy swaying illusion. It was incredible watching them shoot the various scenes. They shot each scene from various angles and pieced them together to achieve that nice flow. It was a lot of work for each scene was about four to five takes!

digital eye films 26

Digital Eye Films also did an excellent job with the editing. It is always tricky to have music played with audio. Many other wedding videos we watched had the speech compromised due to the music being too loud. Sometimes transitions between audio and music were not smooth, and that severely compromises the quality of the video. However, in Digital Eye Films videos, not only is the music a great fit with the video, it complemented the audio and eased into every scene very well.

A Professional & Efficient Team

Filming the timelapse...
Filming the timelapse…

Alain sent us our 15 second trailer the very same day of the shoot at midnight. We were thrilled and ecsatic. It was incredibly efficient as our shoot and dinner ended past 9pm! We could not stop rewatching the trailer that night. It was a wonderful feeling getting to enjoy the fruit of the day’s labour. We are thankful that Alain and his team put in the extra hours so we could enjoy it so quickly. The team was very professional in their work throughout our entire experience. At the same time they were very friendly and personable. I loved every moment with them, whether it was during the shoot or when it was having lunch with them. It was a super memorable and enjoyable experience. Matt and I got the opportunity to bond and experience something new through this shoot, which would not have been possible without Digital Eye Films.

Huge thanks to Alain, Merck and his team for making our wedding so wonderfully magical with your incredible work. Our wedding would not have been what it was without you. Alain, Stay passionate, cheerful and driven! You are an inspiration!

If you are heading to the Philippines for your destination wedding or photo shoot, be sure to check out Digital Eye Films. As an international videography team, you will be happy to know that they can travel to your country to capture your happily ever after. Check out their portfolio of amazing works here.

A great meal to end off our Cebu trip! A wonderful experience with wonderful friends made! :)

  You will be happy to know that their rates are very reasonable, and you can check them out here. What are you waiting for? Enquire for their availability today right here before they are fully booked! They also recently introduced The Story of Us Studios, a co-branded lifestyle filmmaking group that focuses on going the extra mile as an in-demand, inter-island Destination Wedding Videography team. You could see their works and projects at  

Digital Eye Films

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