• 10 Best Studios for Family Photoshoot in Singapore
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    10 Best Studios for Family Photoshoot in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle 2022

    There are important milestones in our lives that deserve to be remembered and kept for a lifetime. Celebrations and special occasions may come and go easily, but not if you have photographs as family heirlooms. In order to capture fond family memories in print, it is best if you have a trusted photoshoot studio or a professional photographer. You can always count on their expertise and ensure that you only get the best shots that you and your family will surely treasure. With an extensive variety of studios for family photoshoot in the market, which then is the best studio for family photoshoot in Singapore? In our Best of Lifestyle…

  • Candid Moments Cinematography noteworthy wedding videographers
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    8 Noteworthy Wedding Videographers You Must Know in Singapore (2022 Edition)

    Weddings are one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you want to capture as it is – from the sound of laughter shared to the number of tears shed to every single little moment that makes up your special day. For this to happen, you need excellent wedding videographers that can encapsulate the essence of your nuptial. In this issue, we curated 8 Noteworthy Wedding Videographers in Singapore that can help you document your union of love in the most authentic and creative way. Before we get to the list, kindly note our disclosure located at the bottom of our post. Before you go, do not forget to download our free…

  • wedding videographers Philippines
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    10 Popular Wedding Videographers in the Philippines

    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words – reflecting the importance of wedding photographers. The same goes for videos. This is because moments captured by the camera or documented in the film aren’t just images – they are also a reflection of how we feel during the moment they were taken. Your wedding is a special occasion with plenty of memorable moments that you’ll want to reminisce every now and then. To capture these moments, you’ll need a great wedding videographer that can capture and document tears of joy, laughter, happiness and true love. To find the perfect videographer for your special day, check out our list of…

  • Wedding Videographers Malaysia
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    14 Popular Wedding Videographers and Cinematographers in Malaysia

    Wedding videographers and cinematographers help to create a perfect memory that you and your partner will treasure for a lifetime, producing stunning footage of your most unforgettable wedding day. In this issue, we compile a list of 14 Popular Wedding Videographers and Cinematographers in Malaysia that we hope will help you better plan for your big day. This article was first published on 18 April 2017, and last updated on 18 May 2020. 14 Popular Wedding Videographers and Cinematographers in Malaysia 1. Momentous Motion Pictures, for authentic moments and beautiful love stories When it comes to wedding videography, the philosophy of Momentous Motion Pictures is simple yet beautiful. For the…

  • iriswave
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    Encapsulate Your Wedding Day in Stunning Cinematic Videography with IrisWave

    In this issue, we share the remarkable success of IrisWave – capturing over 1,000 weddings and events is no mean feat. Featured in our Noteworthy Wedding Videographers, let us show you why brides and grooms simply enjoy working with them as we delve into the very core of their artistry. After months of planning and preparation for your wedding day, this is finally it. It’s your big day – the next chapter of your life together with your lifelong partner, and you would want to capture every single moment of this beautiful day. Rewatching these cherished memories every anniversary cuddled with your loved one – sounds perfect. IrisWave, a multi-award…

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    6 Noteworthy Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Malaysia (2019 Edition)

    Wedding photography and videography plays a special part in every couple’s wedding – it can magically encapsulates your unending love and freezes your special romantic moments. In this issue, we shortlist our top picks of wedding photographers and wedding videographers, professionals who will be sure to capture your love beautifully. Before we get to the list, kindly note our disclosure located at the bottom of our post. 6 Noteworthy Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Malaysia (2019 Edition) 6. Terence Tan Photography, for priceless wedding photography Award-winning photographer Terence Tan has spent his last 10 years capturing wedding moments and honing his photography skills. His love and passion for photography have driven him to capture…

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    The Key to Capturing Emotions through Passionate Lenses, by Simple Clouds Films

    “In this issue, we share the secret sauce behind Simple Clouds Films. Featured as one of our Noteworthy Wedding Videographers this year, they specialise in filming wedding videos filled with emotions for your big day.” Months of hard work and preparation lead to your wedding day – a single day filled with significant and overwhelming moments. Needless to say, you will want to hold your wedding day memories close to your heart for years to come. With professional wedding videography, you can relive these treasured moments over and over. Your wedding video will serve as a wonderful reminder of the love, happiness, and commitment that you both share in your…

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    The AllureWeddings All-Inclusive Plan Revolutionizes Wedding Videography & Photography for your Big Day

    In this issue, we take a deeper dive to discover what AllureWeddings, featured as one of our Noteworthy Wedding Videographers this year, has to offer you for your wedding journey. Their All-Inclusive Plan introduces a creative and wholesome approach to wedding photography & cinematography, perfect if you are the kind who put experience first. You spend many months planning and preparing for this special day, yet on the actual day, it flashes by in an instant. We all know the feeling of missing a shot, moments when you wished your eyes could take pictures. Trust us, there will be countless moments like these. A wedding videographer and photographer will not…

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    Top 10 Most Romantic Wedding Videos in India

    Record every moment as it unfolds with the most skilled and experienced professionals to produce the most exquisite wedding video. Preserve not only the memories but the emotions as well. As may time pass by, everything may perish, but a good reminisce of that special day will always be precious to your grand family in the future. I hope you can get great inspirations for your wedding video, as watch these spectacular sets of the Top 10 Most Romantic Wedding Videos in India. Top 10 Most Romantic Wedding Videos in India 10. Alia & Sameer Wedding by Amit Video Vision, for fun and meaningful video What makes this video on the…

  • wedding videographers bali
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    Top 9 Wedding Videographers in Bali

    Finding the perfect videographer to document a wedding day is on the top of every couple’s to-do list in preparing for their big day. Capturing the special moments is a big thing and you only want nothing but a complete coverage of your I Dos. To help you in finding the right videographer for your wedding, we compiled the Top 9 Wedding Videographers in Bali.  This article was last updated on 20 January 2022.  Top 9 Wedding Videographers in Bali 9. Point One Designs When talking about wedding videographers in Bali, Point One Designs is undoubtedly a choice that comes to mind. What is more, we love how their team is…

  • wedding videographers indonesia
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    Top 7 Wedding Videographers in Indonesia

    In a wedding, everything must be perfect and you should properly document it. You can use your wedding photos to bring back your memories for this event. But, if you want it to make more special, be sure to make your own wedding film through the help of wedding videographers. In Indonesia, there are a lot of professional videographers who can help you capture your best moments. To help you find the perfect videographer for your wedding in Indonesia, check out our list of the Top 7 Wedding Videographers in Indonesia. Top 7 Wedding Videographers in Indonesia 7. Lentera Videography, for splashy events Lentera Videography is committed to providing professionally captured memories…

  • wedding photography videography indonesia
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    Top 10 Wedding Photography and Videography Teams in Indonesia

    Every couple spends a lot of time planning for their big day because they want it to be special. Are you one of them? If yes is your answer, you can now start documenting your way to that one blissful experience! With the best wedding photography and videography team, they will document all of your wedding moments, from wedding planning up to your grand celebration. We listed the Top 10 Wedding Photography and Videography Teams in Indonesia that will create your life long memory into a paradise that you can visit once in a while! Top 10 Wedding Photography and Videography Teams in Indonesia 10. BaliHigh, for a sky-high wedding shoot…

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    Spectacular Wedding Videography & Photography by Enrico Nepomuceno

    [Advertorial] Wedding photography and videography are essential in keeping your memorable wedding moments as precious keepsakes. These photos and videos will be your most treasured memories and prized possession of your wedding moments. For a magnificient wedding shoot, you will need a professional photographer and cinematography team, for they are the ones who, through their lens tell your love story to your loved ones. Hiring a talented, experienced and creative team can craft spectacular memories for you. A Memorabilia that will Last Forever Enrico Nepomuceno is a family business with their many years of experience. Comprising of a team of talented photographers and videographers, Enrico Nepomuceno specializes in shooting radiant…

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    Romantic Wedding Videography by International Videographer, Digital Eye Films

    [Advertorial] Wedding videography is the key to making your treasured moments last forever. Though your wedding day is going to pass you by, these captured memories taken by your wedding videographer freezes them in time and will be your most precious keepsakes in time to come. The best part about wedding videography is that the moments are in motion, and you can truly remincise and immerse yourself in them to soak up the romantic moments! To ensure that your best moments are captured, It is key to find a professional wedding videography crew that is experienced, talented and creative. We were so blessed to have found ours. Watch our 15 second…

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    Romantic Storytelling & Wedding Videography by 50nFifty Productions

    [Advertorial] Wedding videography is one of the key elements to have at your wedding. Having your wedding moments are captured in motion on camera is wonderful as you get to keepsake those precious memories forever. Your wedding video can serve as a beautiful reminder of the love that you both share, as well as the promise and commitment you both made to each other on this very special day. Having this beautiful reminder that you can always remincise on, will help you tide through any future trials and tribulations in future marriage life! 50nFifty Productions is a team of professional wedding photographers and videographers. They are brilliant at capturing and…

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    Top 10 Wedding Videographers in Singapore

    Choosing the right wedding videographer can be challenging, for it’s every couple’s dream to have their wedding day moments captured perfectly to showcase the best moments of their romance. Being able to tailor the video to showcase your personalities as well as to highlight the character of your relationship takes quite a bit of skill, which is why it is important to find a wedding videographer that you can connect with well. To help you seek out a wedding videographer for your pre-wedding or actual wedding day, here are 10 Wedding Videographers in Singapore. We also highlighted the different specializations that shone through their work and creations. Surely on this list, you will be able…