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10 Popular Wedding Videographers in the Philippines

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words – reflecting the importance of wedding photographers. The same goes for videos. This is because moments captured by the camera or documented in the film aren’t just images – they are also a reflection of how we feel during the moment they were taken. Your wedding is a special occasion with plenty of memorable moments that you’ll want to reminisce every now and then. To capture these moments, you’ll need a great wedding videographer that can capture and document tears of joy, laughter, happiness and true love. To find the perfect videographer for your special day, check out our list of the 10 Popular Wedding Videographers in the Philippines.

This article was last updated on 21 November 2022.

Table of Contents

Popular Wedding Videographers Philippines

  1. Mayad Studios
  2. Jason Magbanua
  3. Jake Olaso Wedding Films
  4. Indemand Wedding Films
  5. Hello & Co. Cinema
  6. Bob Nicolas Wedding Films
  7. The Digital Eye Films
  8. Enrico Nepomuceno Photography and Cinematography
  9. My Revery Films
  10. I Cinema Works

Popular Wedding Videographers Philippines

1. Mayad Studios

Mayad Studios is composed of a team of international wedding videographers in the Philippines known for their destination wedding coverage. They have won numerous awards from the Wedding and Event Videographers Association International. Mayad Studios has a team based in Boracay who have perfected the art of making engaging wedding films, capturing the beautiful, raw emotions of couples. In addition, they feature amazing editing skills and a great selection of music.

Check out Mayad Studios >

2. Jason Magbanua – Wedding Videographers Philippines

They say save the best for the last. If you wish to have an exceptional wedding video that is both remarkable and unique, we suggest that you contact Jason Magbanua. The renowned and award-winning videographer has been working in the industry for over 20 years. Known for his coverage of celebrity weddings, Jason is also dubbed as the Holy Grail of wedding videographers in the Philippines.

Check out Jason Magbanua >

3. Jake Olaso Wedding Films, for videos that trigger heartfelt memories

Jake Olaso Wedding Films aims to tell stories that matter to the couples and would trigger memories of one of the best moments of their lives. The team has their paper plane logo to symbolise the heartfelt and handmade wedding videography they bring to life. With artistic flair in motion and angles, every film they take lets you fly back in time exactly how it was – the same butterflies as the bride walked down the aisle; the same tears as the groom took her hand.

As an artist and observer, Jake wants to elicit emotions in every clip they show with the same intensity the moment was captured. It is only possible through getting to know the couple better; hence, they start working even before the actual wedding day. Jake makes an effort to meet and get to know their subjects – both individually and as a couple. It gives him the dynamics of the couple’s relationship and a better perspective that lets him find where to anchor his storytelling. Being familiar with the subjects also allows him to shoot as raw and natural as possible, staying close to the heart of every second passing. The final result is a wedding film with captured fleeting moments preserved as a lifetime memento of love.

Check out Jake Olaso Wedding Films >

4. Indemand Wedding Films, for cinematic videos that tell your story in living colour

“We do not just create videos, we tell your stories in living colour”. Headed by founder Jerome Francisco, Indemand Wedding Films believes in capturing the essence of your love story through films, making your precious moments last forever. More than just a team of highly skilled and passionate wedding videographers, the team emphasises the art of storytelling. They meticulously encapsulate genuine emotions and little gestures in every single clip, while investing time and effort to watch their captures raw. All of these done so to provide a unique, tasteful touch on each unique love story.

Their top-notch quality is evident in their beautiful portfolio, as we were blown away by their cinematic shots, perfectly synced clips to varying background music beat-by-beat, and dramatic aerial clips which added flair to their films. Many of Indemand Wedding Films’ past clients praised their SDE as magical, as seen in their lovely reviews here. You’ll definitely be pleased to know that they usually deploy up to five videographers when filming a wedding, which is definitely an added bonus. This helps to ensure that all the important moments of your big day are not missed out on. Indemand Wedding Films also shoots prenup and save the date videos.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Basic package includes:
    • 5-8 Minutes SDE
    • Free Aerial Videography
    • Crystal USB for the output
    • RAW Files
  • Intimate wedding package includes:
    • 4-8 Minutes Highlight
    • 3 Wedding Filmmakers
    • Free Aerial Videography
  • Infinity Package for 25,000 (Metro Manila weddings)
  • Please contact them for rates and other inquiries
Check out Indemand Wedding Films >

5. Hello & Co. Cinema – Wedding Videographers Philippines

Since their establishment in 2013, Hello & Co. Cinema has been making wedding films that are untemplated and unique to each of their couples. Untemplated means they say no to the usual and overdone poses, and the formula wedding videos you might have seen everywhere. The difference is they take the time to know their clients – making sure they know their stories and personalities and capture it on the day. The result – a wedding video the couple can proudly call their own.

All of their wedding videos have well-thought of cinematic compositions with the combination of natural light, candids, slow-motion footage and more. They aim to show their artistic perspectives that can’t be seen with the everyday naked eye. The team makes sure to capture every moment in its rawest and most honest form, be it big or small, and translate those moments into a cinematic masterpiece. Showing the realness of your love during your wedding day is their priority. As a part of their commitment in delivering artisan wedding films, they only accept a limited number of engagements or commissions each year. Read their reviews here.

Check out Hello & Co. Cinema >

6. Bob Nicolas Wedding Films, for exquisite wedding cinematography

As early as 12 years old, Bob Nicolas, founder of Bob Nicolas Wedding Films, was trained to document weddings and other special events through videography. He learned the craft from his family’s photo/video company. However, his love for wedding videography grew more than his passion for photography. Bob Nicolas Wedding Films is known for their exquisite style of wedding videography and moving storytelling.

Check out Bob Nicolas Wedding Films >

7. The Digital Eye Films, for epic aerial cinematography

Renowned for their destination wedding videography, The Digital Eye Films cover weddings from any location you wish, including Singapore, Manila, Boracay, Cebu, and all over Mindanao. With a team of dedicated wedding videographers in the Philippines, they seek to capture every important and heartwarming detail about your love story and wedding with the help of state-of-the-art drones.

Check out The Digital Eye Films >

8. Enrico Nepomuceno Photography and Cinematography

If you’ve been planning a perfect beach wedding along the white-sanded shores of Boracay, then you should definitely check out the works of Enrico Nepomuceno. Based on the beautiful island, the passionate members of Team Enrico can put life into photos and capture memories that you’ll treasure forever. Its proprietor, Enrico Nepomuceno, has over 25 years of experience in the industry.

Check out Enrico Nepomuceno Photography and Cinematography >

9. My Revery Films, for a creative and cinematic wedding film

Featuring amazing wedding videographers in the Philippines, the team from My Revery Films is committed to capturing special moments, adding touches of creativity to stunning wedding videos. Although based in Iloilo, My Revery Films specializes in destination wedding videography, both locally and internationally.

Check out My Revery Films >

10. I Cinema Works – Wedding Videographers Philippines

I Cinema Works’ outputs are greatly inspired by the movies they’ve watched. The passion of each and everyone in the production company is reflected in the quality of their works. Their mission is to capture and document memories that the couple will never forget.

Check out I Cinema Works >

We hope that our list of the Top 10 Wedding Videographers in the Philippines is helpful for you as you find the best videographer for your upcoming wedding!

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