Top Wedding Venues in the Philippines to Suit Your Wedding Theme

Every young girl dreams of a wedding that would perfectly narrate their love story or fit their personality. What kind of wedding are you planning? Are you planning a vintage-inspired one? What about a laid-back beach wedding? Or maybe something that is both classy and luxurious? There are a number of themes that you can […]

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Top 10 Beautiful Chapels and Churches in the Philippines for your Wedding

beautiful chapels and churches

Chapels and churches are peaceful and solemn places that will make your wedding more meaningful and romantic. If you are into the traditional wedding ceremony, which is held mostly in a church, we compiled the Top 10 Beautiful Chapels & Churches in the Philippines for your Wedding. Enjoy Reading! Top 10 Beautiful Chapels and Churches […]

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Top 10 Wedding Dessert Tables in the Philippines

wedding dessert tables philippines

A dessert table is probably one of the most hunted treats during a wedding reception. Just imagine wedding cakes, chocolate cupcakes, macaroons, pies, doughnuts, cupcakes, candies and more sweets that you think in one sumptuous buffet. It also serves as great alternative to traditional wedding cakes or as memorable souvenirs to satisfy your guests. Dessert […]

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