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The AllureWeddings All-Inclusive Plan Revolutionizes Wedding Videography & Photography for your Big Day

In this issue, we take a deeper dive to discover what AllureWeddings, featured as one of our Noteworthy Wedding Videographers this year, has to offer you for your wedding journey. Their All-Inclusive Plan introduces a creative and wholesome approach to wedding photography & cinematography, perfect if you are the kind who put experience first.

You spend many months planning and preparing for this special day, yet on the actual day, it flashes by in an instant. We all know the feeling of missing a shot, moments when you wished your eyes could take pictures. Trust us, there will be countless moments like these. A wedding videographer and photographer will not only help you capture these moments, but also preserve beautiful memories that can last you a lifetime.

As there are so many vendors to choose from, it can be quite a daunting task to select your wedding videographer and photographer. Besides, considering factors such as inclusions, coverage, edits, cost… you still would like to find one you can clique with. What if there was an easy way to have everything taken care of? AllureWeddings aims to simplify the entire process for you with their All-Inclusive Plan. Unlimited shoots, and unlimited edits. No more add-ons. Sounds too good to be true? Read on to discover what is in store for you.

6 Reasons to Choose the AllureWeddings All-Inclusive Plan

1. Selecting the best crew

Han, the founder of AllureWeddings, was exposed to weddings from a young age of 13. His father would let him help out carrying lights and batteries for his crew. Who knew then that Han’s weekend adventures would have a heavy influence on his career, as he now is in his 10th year capturing professional wedding documentary.

Having helped countless number of couples, and worked with over a hundred photographers & videographers, he knows exactly what to look out for when selecting a wedding day crew. Being hardworking does not mean they have the eye for the job. Having a good eye for the job doesn’t mean they have the right attitude towards weddings. Years of experience has taught Han what to look out for and who better to curate your crew than the Director himself.

2. The Best of Singapore Videography

AllureWeddings documents weddings in a creative and professional way. Testament to their works is being awarded Best of Singapore Videography by Singapore Tatler 4 years running since 2015. Their wedding videos and photos are able to both capture the smallest of details and highlight special moments. Each one of their signature creations is brimming with romance. Check out their portfolio here.

3. Enjoy Unlimited Filming & Photography

Conventional wedding packages in the market are usually limited by hours, and number of crew. The most common offering are 5-hour or 10-hour packages, supposedly for half-day or full-day weddings. To avoid service top-ups, your wedding program has to adhere to these packages, and figuring out which part of the day requires more cameramen requires experience, and more than a couple of wild guesses. It is also very common for weddings to start very early or end very late, incurring additional charges.

Sensing that there is room for improvement, AllureWeddings launched their All-Inclusive Plan for couples that are looking for a simple and comprehensive solution to fulfil their videography and photography journey. At a flat fee, couples enjoy unlimited coverage and edits for their pre-wedding and actual-day wedding. You no longer need to worry about early calls or after-hour charges for their package waives all these additional fees, allowing you to be fully present on the most momentous day of a couple’s lives.

AllureWedding’s All-Inclusive Package features the following:

  • Photography + Cinematography coverage
  • Unlimited PreWedding hours with Director Han. Yes! Includes Destination PreWedding too!
  • Unlimited Solemnisation hours with Director Han and crew
  • Unlimited Wedding Day hours with Director Han and crew
  • Unlimited Edited Pre-Wedding Pictures
  • Unlimited Video Works from our ala carte selection
  • All Unedited Pre-Wedding Pictures returned in the highest resolution possible
  • Waiver of all Early Call and Late Night fees, for all cameramen. Let’s party!
  • One 12″ by 12″ Gallery Album (photo album for either Pre-Wedding or Wedding Day Photos) of 40 pages with Unlimited Photos
Click here for the All-Inclusive Plan >

4. Letting the best ideas flow

By removing the limitations, AllureWedding’s All-Inclusive Plan allows the best ideas to flow and come to live. As the package gives you unlimited hours, shoots and edits, it makes room for more creativity and coverage. The package includes unlimited prewedding hours that can include destination shoots too, which allows you to integrate these clips into your actual day video, making the video even more spectacular.

The team had an initial concern of providing such an extensive unlimited package, for it seemed too much work for both the couple and the team. But soon after launching the package, AllureWeddings realised that on top of it being a convenient one-stop solution for couples, couples are able to achieve their vision and ideas with this package. In the video below, you will see that the couple was able to shoot scenes at many iconic Singapore backdrops with this package!

5. Spectacular Destination Shoots

Destination shoots are now a hot trend among couples. In addition to having a variety of spectacular, unique backdrops for your shoot, you also get to go on a vacation! Only with the Allure All-inclusive Plan will you be able to go to wherever you want to and not worry about the number of days. And if you are not a globetrotter like them, then count on their vast experience with destination shoots are aplenty and includes beautiful destinations such as Cappadocia, Istanbul, New Zealand, Paris, Australia as well as closer ones to home like Hong Kong, Seoul, Bali. Check out this video that was shot in Istanbul & Cappadocia!

*excludes airfare, accommodation and transport fees. Click here for the Pre-Wedding Shoot Package.

6. Dedicated Service

AllureWedding’s All Inclusive Plan aims to take your wedding videography and photography service to a higher level. Not only do you get to shoot as much as you want, but you also get to edit as much as you want. All photos are returned to you so you will not encounter any dilemma in choosing your preferred shots. The package also includes a premium 12”x12” Gallery Album to showcase at your wedding.  

Despite a number of increasing projects, Han continually strives to hand-hold his clients, giving them his personal touch and expertise. Having spent half his professional career directing Han has served some notable clients such as Dick Lee, Jim Rogers, Tay Su-Lyn and more, with the team’s professionalism and dedication, you will surely get more than you wished for. Check out their reviews here.

Click here to check out AllureWeddings All-Inclusive Package >

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