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14 Noteworthy Wedding Videographers You Must Know (2018 Edition)

In this issue, we bring you our latest picks for Wedding Videographers, who will beautifully capture the most significant milestone in your lives – for you to reminisce about, in the years to come.
Your wedding day will be filled with many treasured moments, many of which you will want to relive again after the day is over. Beyond wedding photos, a wedding video is one of the best ways to capture the intimate moments and emotions during your celebration. Matt and I rewatch our wedding videos during our anniversary to remind ourselves of the happiness we share together, and how magical love is. To help you find your best wedding videographer in Singapore, we updated our 2016 issue to bring you our latest recommendations. Below is our list of 14 Noteworthy Wedding Videographers you must know, each with a specialty to boot. You will surely be able to find wedding videographers with works that touch your heart and a style that connects with you. Before we get to the list, kindly note our disclosure located at the bottom of our post. 
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14 Noteworthy Wedding Videographers you Must Know

14. Trio Films, to transform the music of your heart into an unforgettable film

Since 2014, Trio Films has been covering weddings of numerous high profile actors and influencers in Singapore, making them grow into one of the most sought-after names in wedding videography. They’ve honed their skills to a standard that lets them turn your pre-wedding and wedding footages into music videos or trailers reminiscent of Hollywood romantic blockbusters. Another thing that sets this team apart is their 3Rs that they continuously maintain and apply in their crafts: responsive, responsible, and remarkable. They provide fast & easy service and respond within 2 hours of your queries to make sure you have the smoothest, most stress-free experience when working with them.

Aside from excellent camera works, Trio Films has a knack for listening to ideas, planning, and producing exactly what customers want. They also take pride in their core values, and corporate social responsibility – a percentage of their total profit goes to the SOSD Dog Shelter. You can take part in giving back to society while having your dream wedding videography setting. This team’s accountability and teamwork give them constant stellar reviews from customers, you can read their testimonials here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Actual Day Full Day Videography – from $2,580 (8 hours coverage)
  • Actual Day Half Day Videography – from $1,880 (5 hours coverage)
  • Pre-Wedding Videography – from $3,000 (8 hours coverage)
  • Contact them here for full inclusions

Check out Trio Films for your wedding >

Trio Films
Website | Vimeo
[email protected] | (+65) 9625 5505 | (+65) 9125 5185
Facebook | Instagram

13. The Forever Films, for treasured memories

wedding videographers singapore the forever films

Retelling a story with every detail, emotion and at the same intensity is never easy. The Forever Films not only does that through imagery and videography but aims to do so with passion and love. The team strives to capture every emotion and intimate connection shared between you both and your loved ones, so you can remember your wedding the way it was – filled with happiness and bliss. Using their 5 years of experience, The Forever Films strives to bring a stress-free experience on your big day, leaving you with memorable photos and videos to treasure for a lifetime.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Actual day videography or photography starts from $1,988
  • Pre-wedding videography/short film starts from $2,000
  • Photography + videography package starts from $3,388

Check out The Forever Films for your wedding >

The Forever Films
Website | Vimeo
[email protected] | +65 9842 3357
Facebook | Blog

12. Freyafilms, for an elegant & creative film that is uniquely yours

wedding videographers singapore freyafilms

At Freyafilms, Jialiang (founder) does the work of a “memory machine” – he captures, preserves and delivers beautiful memories to couples. Using an honest and dynamic approach, he produces video films that are elegant, creative and timeless. With over 8 years of experience, his goal is to capture the unnoticed yet significant, the fleeting moments that slip through a busy hectic wedding day, the unexpected perspectives and the unique personalities of each couple.

Not merely a chronological clip of your wedding day, Freyafilms stitches all these moments to artistically tells your story in cinematic form. Check out their portfolio here. Freyafilms niche lies in telling authentic stories 100% unique to each couple, accompanied by a down-to-earth, service-oriented approach that is dedicated and personalized. Read their reviews here. FreyaFilms, previously also known as MisterJL Productions, was featured in our earlier edition of Top 10 Wedding Videographers in Singapore.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Director package: $400 per hour or $3000 for 10 hours
  • Associate package: $260 per hour or $2000 for 10 hour

Check out Freyafilms for your wedding >

Website | Vimeo
[email protected] | +65 9643 9630

11. Luvmoments, for romantic productions at reasonable rates

wedding videographers singapore luvmoments

Luvmoments, the wedding arm of Unique-Colours Creative Media, is dedicated to capturing every couple’s love story and transform it into an elegant video production. With their team of enthusiastic and professional wedding videographers and photographers, Luvmoments records your precious wedding moments in a warm and elegant fashion. Some of their works also feature aerial videography that will add an element of fairytale wonder into your story. Check out their portfolio here.

Since 2008, Unique-Colours has garnered many awards, from videography and photography awards to Top 100 Singapore Brands, and Editor’s choice in Blissful Brides. Many couples enjoy their professional and friendly service. Read their reviews here. Their one-stop service allows you to get all your wedding photography and videography needs with no added hassle in coordination. Their rates are also very reasonable. Unique-colours was also featured in our earlier issue of Top 10 Wedding Videographers in Singapore.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Wedding Day Photography and Cinematography starts from $2688
  • Wedding Day Cinematography starts from $1388 (5 hours) and $1988 (10 hours) with FOC Childhood Montage
  • Wedding Day Photography starts from $1088 (5 hours) and $1388 (10 hours)
  • Local Pre-Wedding Photography starts from $500
  • Click here for updated rates and full inclusions.

Check out Luvmoments for your wedding >

[email protected] | + 65 9144 4537

10. BeyondPictures, to capture your magical fairytale

wedding videographers singapore beyond pictures

At BeyondPictures, their belief is in celebrating a marriage that lasts a lifetime. Which is why the team strives to capture all your meaningful moments on film, for you to relive just by hitting the replay button. Your wedding day is filled with many dynamic and fleeting moments – from the laughter and cheers of your bridal party, the nervous exhilaration when your groom shares his vows, the gasp from the crowd when the bride appears at the aisle. Supported by an extremely passionate crew and state-of-the-art equipment, BeyondPictures wants to tape it all down for you, so you can keep your magical fairytale close to your heart.

Each production is customized to truly capture the charm of every unique love story. Their works are stylish, artistic, and moving – aiming to rekindle the beautiful moments in your heart. Check out their portfolio here. Many couples rave about their professionalism, expertise, and friendliness. Read their reviews here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Premium Actual Day directed by Chief Cinematographer at $3099
  • Premium Actual Day directed by Senior Cinematographer at $2599
  • Destination Prewedding Filmlet from $2800 onwards
  • Click here for their packages and contact them for full inclusions

Check out BeyondPictures for your Wedding >

Website | Vimeo
[email protected] | +65 8233 7399
Facebook | Instagram

9. AllureWeddings, for their vast experience in documenting romance

wedding videographers singapore allure weddings

AllureWeddings has been awarded Best of Singapore Videography by Singapore Tatler for 4 years in a row. It comes as no surprise to us – for their works are beautifully captured and professionally edited. Their wedding videos pay attention to simple details and highlight special moments. Every creation is brimming with romance. Check out their portfolio here.

Han, the founder of AllureWeddings has over 10 years of professional experience in documenting weddings and love stories. His exposure to weddings started at the young age of 13 as he accompanied his father to film weddings and events, which inspired him to pursue visual communications and a career in filming wedding productions. Having seen almost 700 weddings, Han shares precious tips with couples on how you can choose the right videographer. Despite an increasing number of projects, Han strives to personally serve as many couples as he can. His expertise and talent will surely come as an asset to you on your wedding day.

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Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • AllureWeddings uniquely features Allure All-inclusive Plan that includes unlimited hours for both photography and cinematography, for your entire wedding journey. One flat fee of $9,800, will cover all your pre-wedding, solemnisation and wedding day needs. This also includes a premium 12” x 12” Gallery Album, and the edits are limitless.
  • 2 days of Destination PreWedding Photography & Cinematography for promotional destinations, at $1,488. Untravelled destinations at $250. See here.
  • Cinematography Packages: Full day starts from $3,600 – $5,000 and half day starts from $2,800 – $4, 200.
  • Photography Packages: Full day starts from $2,800 – $4,500 and half day starts from $2,000 – $3,600
  • Cinematography and Photography Packages: Full day starts from $5,000 – $7,200 and half day starts from $4,000 – $5,800
  • Early-bird discount of $500 for weddings booked 9 months in advance (*T&Cs apply)
  • Click here for updated rates

Check out AllureWeddings for your wedding >

Website | Blog
[email protected] | WhatsApp
Facebook | Instagram


8. Back Button Media, for capturing intimate moments close to the heart

wedding videographers singapore back button media

Since 2014, Back Button Media has been telling stories in an organic and light-hearted manner. Yet at the same time, their videos feel intimate and sentimental. Their belief is that every key moment, be it big or small, is what gives life its deepest significance. Hence, their passion lies in capturing natural and candid moments, which has led to video creations that many couples hold close to their heart.

Their videographers, with some having over 10 years of experience, are handpicked not only for their talent and skills, but also their personalities and sense of humour. Trained in varying skill sets from video to audio, they are known for their signature non-linear edits that intertwine with sound bites and cinematography. They take pride in producing impeccable quality videos because it is instinct, it is passion and it connects to the human heart. Check their portfolio here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • 5-hour coverage with SDE from $2,799 (without SDE from $2,099)
  • 10-hour coverage with SDE from $3,699 (without SDE from $2,799)
  • Pre-wedding video from $3,500
  • An early-bird discount of $300 applies for actual day coverage booking 6-months in advance
  • Click here for their rate card.

Check out Back Button Media for your wedding day >

Back Button Media
Website | Vimeo
[email protected] | +65 91265486
Facebook | Instagram

7. Simple Clouds Films, for artistic, timeless works

wedding videographers singapore simple clouds films

Simple Clouds Film’s mission is to create timeless films that stir up the same emotions when you watch it, even after 30 years. With their strong belief is that every film is made unique with emotions, the team strives to capture pure emotions and intricate details in their works. Through evocative storytelling, beautiful imagery and the pursuit of heartfelt emotions, they aim to create a visual experience that touches the hearts of any who watches it. If you are in search of a wedding video that will last a lifetime, check out their portfolio here.

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Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Deluxe package (8-hours) starts from $1,688
  • Premier package (8-hours) starts from $1,988 (includes SDE)

Check out Simple Clouds Films for your wedding day >

Simple Clouds Films
Website | Youtube
[email protected] | +65 9222 0334
Facebook | Instagram

6. Iriswave, for beautiful storytelling visuals

wedding videographers singapore iriswave

Iriswave celebrates life with beautiful visuals highlighting the joys of your wedding day, stitched together to tell a personal love story. In their years of experience, this multi-award winning company has filmed over 1,000 weddings and events, on both local and international platforms. Founded by Alvin Ang, Iriswave creates pieces of visual art that strive to encompass the emotions and unforgettable moments on your wedding day. With high-resolution video, aerial cameras and creative direction, you can be assured of a beautiful piece that your guests will enjoy. Check out their portfolio here.

Read more: Encapsulate Your Wedding Day in Stunning Cinematic Videography with IrisWave

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Full day coverage starts from $2,000
  • Half-day coverage starts from $1,500

Check out Iriswave for your wedding day >

Website | Vimeo
[email protected] | +65 9786 4989
Facebook | Instagram

5. FreshFromKenneth, for your wedding time capsule

wedding videographers singapore freshfromkenneth

Using a raw and unscripted style, FreshfromKenneth’s creations reflect the moments as they were captured. Professional yet personal, his natural editing style is unique in the industry and is ideal for couples seeking to remember moments rich in natural emotion. Each piece crafted by Kenneth is one of a kind and tailored to the personalities of each couple. He also only takes on 3 weddings each month to keep a high level of creativity and quality for each piece. Check out the top 10 weddings he filmed last year here.

With his experience and an exceptional eye for detail, he will ensure to touch the hearts of those who watch your film. Read his reviews here. FreshfromKenneth is also featured in our earlier issue of Top 10 Wedding Videographers in Singapore.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Full-day Videography (8 hours) starts from $4,200
  • 3-hours Videography starts from $1,400
  • Pre-wedding film starts from $2,500

Check out FreshfromKenneth for your wedding day >

Website | Vimeo
Facebook | Instagram

4. Ark Moments, for intimate & artistic moments

wedding videographers singapore ark moments

Ark Moments specializes in capturing intimate moments of your wedding day. From happy tears to loving looks, each emotional moment will be documented for you to relive over and over again. Using a unique and professional videography style, Ark Moments will present you with a high-quality, personalised and timeless video to remember your wedding by. Check out their portfolio here.

With his warm and easy-going personality, Shiwei is able to make his clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, leading to only the most natural and genuine of shots to be captured. Ark Moments is also featured in our earlier issue of Top 10 Wedding Videographers in Singapore.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

Check out Ark Moments for your wedding day >

Ark Moments
[email protected] | +65 6635 7205
Facebook | Instagram
Vimeo | YouTube

3. J Production, for enthusiastic captures

wedding videographers singapore j production

J Production has been capturing treasured memories since 2009. Founded by Camie and JJ, the team at J Productions is made up of enthusiastic cinematographers and photographers who are passionate to deliver the best of their works for your wedding day. Their aim is simple – to capture the happy moments and highlights on your wedding day and transform them into a film that you can rewatch over and over, each time allowing you to revisit the emotions on your wedding day. Check out their portfolio here.

Co-Founder JJ also brings her experience from Mediacorp into wedding videography. Her sense of fulfillment is in allowing couples to fully ‘enjoy the moment’, knowing that this moment can be replayed throughout their marriage. Using creativity, experience, and passion, the team wants to capture your love story in a professional yet friendly way. Photography services are also available. Check out their reviews here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Their current promotion rates start from $888 for 10 hours photography and videography from $1800
  • Check more of their promotions here.

Check Out J Production for your wedding >

J Production & Motion
[email protected] | +65 9661 7188
Facebook | Vimeo

2. One Button Film, to showcase your unique love story

wedding videographers singapore One Button Film

This all girls power team has over 10 years of combined experience when it comes to crafting honest and hearty love stories. Believing that every couple has their own love story that reflects their unique moments and personalities, the team behind One Button Film strives to immortalise these special moments of love, passion, and joy in every film they make. Click here to see their portfolio.

Christel and Taylor have realised over the years that the best works are focused on reflecting what’s close to the heart of the couple. Whether you’re emotional, fun, traditional or artistic, One Button Film is able to capture the intricate moments of your wedding and weave the elements to create a timeless video of your special day. Click here to read their reviews.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Half-day wedding videography from $2,000
  • Full-day wedding starts from $2,600

Check out One Button Film for your wedding >

One Button Film
Website | Vimeo
[email protected] | +65 8282 0709
Facebook | Instagram

1. 50nfifty Productions, for heartwarming storytelling

wedding videographers singapore 50nfifty productions

Founded by Cino Chee, principal photographer and videographer, 50nfifty Productions was created to tell heartwarming stories. Through impactful images and conceptualized videos, the team focuses on producing works that have meaningful narratives, are purposeful and aesthetically beautiful. Believing that storytelling has the power to move hearts, Cino uses his signature contemporary journalism style to unfold your story from the special moments to the significant details. Check out their portfolio here.

To maintain a high quality of their works, the team commits to no more than 3 assignments per month. In addition, they also provide an entire day of service as compared to a limited number of hours for each. 50nfifty has also been featured in our 2016 issue of Top 10 Wedding Videographers in Singapore. Read our full review of them here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • 1-day Videography package starts from $5,000
  • 1-day Photography package starts from $4,000
  • Pre-wedding storytelling video starts from $7,000
  • Pre-wedding photography starts from $2,000
  • Photobook and canvas prints available
  • Shoot and Share service with 10 years of backup cloud storage also available. Contact them for more info.

Check out 50nfifty Productions for your wedding day >

50nfifty Productions
Website | Vimeo
[email protected] | +65 8750 8523
Facebook | Instagram

Bonus Features:

Candid Moments Cinematography, capturing real moments of love and laughter

Candid Moments Cinematography lives up to its name by filming spontaneously without being intrusive to reveal the real emotions of each moment – be it fun, emotional, and heart-warming. Couples are just their true selves on each scene – caught in between mid-sentence or laughter and gentle kisses. Each wedding video is unique on its own because Chief Cinematographer, Julian Mortimerwho happens to be in the industry for almost 5 years nowmakes sure that for each couple, there is a different story being told and portrayed. He aligns the couple’s characteristic and tale to the cinematography as well as the non-mainstream music used in the video. It is hard not to feel anything upon watching the end product; each beat matches the rhythm and transition of each clip being displayed as couples are captured in their antics and quirks.

Julian believes that wedding videos shouldn’t be like a documentary nor should it only focus on cinematic shots, so his team and himself play around on both worlds of candid and spectacular footage. Candid Moments Cinematography wants you to be able to look back at your wedding video in the future and remember the feelings and just how beautiful and happy those moments were.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Half Day Cinematography Coverage – $1990 (Directed by Chief Cinematographer)
  • Full Day Cinematography Coverage – $2590 (Directed by Chief Cinematographer)
  • Local Pre-Wedding Cinematography – from $500
  • 2 Days of Destination Pre-Wedding Cinematography – from $2400   
  • Please email them for full inclusion and more enquiries.   
Check out Candid Moments Cinematography for your wedding >

Candid Moments Cinematography
22 Sin Ming Lane #06-83 Midview City Singapore
[email protected] | +65 9747 8949
Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo

aFerrisWheel Studios, for romantic, cinematic videos

For those who are looking for romantic, cinematic wedding videography for your wedding day, aFerrisWheel Studios is the place to find them. Established in 2012, the wedding videographers behind aFerrisWheel Studios are passionate and committed to capturing and delivering your most important moments in the most cinematic way that allow you to relive every single moment of your wedding in the years to come. Check out some of their works here.

From their vast experience in wedding videography, aFerrisWheel Studios knows that it may be uncomfortable for most regular couples to be in front of the camera where the team will always does their captures in a natural way, so that you are able to immerse yourselves fully in the moment and enjoy the filming process. Read their reviews here. The team combines their sincerity in making couples happy, their eye for capturing significant moments and skill for storytelling to create videos that not only encompasses the intangible memories of your wedding day, but does so in a romantic and heartwarming style. Book an appointment with them here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Packages start from $2,000 – $2,588
  • View their full inclusions here
Check out aFerrisWheel Studios for your wedding >

aFerrisWheel Studios
[email protected] | 97318505 and 83851064
Facebook | Instagram

Unveil Production, versatile wedding videography for all races

wedding videographers singapore unveil production

Be it a church solemnization, an Indian temple wedding, a Malay reception, a Chinese gatecrash or a dinner banquet, the team at Unveil Production knows exactly how things will unfold. Their specialized experience in racial weddings allows them to unveil delicate emotions, capture your entire celebration and freeze it in time, no matter the type of ceremony.

The 2 person video team is able to capture multiple angles as the day unfolds; emotional close-ups that will be blended with sweeping landscape shots giving your video an intimate touch, yet retaining a light and lively atmosphere. In addition, Unveil Production aims to personalize each video for their couple, from personal messages in the video to must have shots that are entirely you. If you are looking for a fun and personal wedding video, be sure to check out their portfolio here.

Check out Unveil Productions for your wedding day >

Unveil Production
Website | Youtube
+65 6386 7226

We hope that our listicle of Noteworthy Wedding Videographers will help you in finding your suitable wedding videographer for your big day!

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We aim to include vendors who have that extra special something. To clarify, it is not necessarily that we include the biggest or most expensive vendors on our list. Instead, we focus on presenting vendors whom we believe can deliver a certain value to their customers. Noteworthy is our way of saying there’s something special each of these vendors brings to you that’s worth noticing – whether it’s impeccable works, a beautiful story, a passionate brand, a unique style, an added touch of warm service, enticing packages or reasonable prices that give you great value!

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