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5 Reasons Why It is The One: Revealing the LVC Promise Diamond Solitaire Ring by Love & Co.

In this issue, we introduce Love & Co.’s latest launch as they celebrate a magical love-filled season this Christmas. LVC Promise Diamond Solitaire Ring combines the meaningful design of their signature LVC Promise collection and the sparkle of their exclusive Lovemarque diamond, bringing you the best of both worlds.

Love & Co. has always been a brand that we deeply admire. On top of their quality craftsmanship and helpful service, their gorgeous (yet comfort-fit) designs make their engagement rings and wedding bands irresistible. As an established premier jeweller with international standing, Love & Co.’s specialty lies in crafting exquisite solitaires, beautiful wedding bands, and romantic bridal jewellery. Each collection is cohesive to their unique brand concept, just like the one we are about to reveal.

Every jewellery piece by Love & Co. is crafted with passion, precision, and dedication that aims to stand the test of time. We previously shared with you how Love & Co goes beyond the 4Cs, and in celebration of their anniversary brought you amazing deals. In this issue, we are delighted to carry news of their latest ring launch – the LVC Promise Diamond Solitaire Ring. Here are 5 reasons why this ring featuring your diamond of love, will be the ultimate promise ring bestowed to symbolise your adoration and commitment towards her.

5 Reasons to Choose the LVC Promise Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

1. The LVC Promise & what it stands for

The LVC Promise is Love & Co.’s most iconic collection for wedding bands till date. With this, came about the inspiration of glamming up the promise bands and extending the jewellery collection to cater to those in search for their ideal engagement ring.  A Lovemarque diamond held firmly at the heart of each ring, this marks your declaration of love that is and will always be the core of your shared journey ahead. These luxury statement pieces from the collection not only exude elegance and luxury, but as the collection name suggests, they stand for exclusivity, undying devotion, and an everlasting union between you and your lover. The launch of the new LVC Promise Diamond Solitaire Ring now allows you to add more meaning and beauty to your proposal. With this ring, it speaks of your heart’s true desire and sincerity.

2. Inspired by your marriage vows

The LVC Promise collection is a declaration of commitment, synergy, and unity, like that of a marriage. This collection, designed with your wedding vows in mind, is inspired by a bolt and a nut aligned perfectly when joined together, embodying a resolute bond not to be broken. Similar to two lovers, a bolt and a nut signify strength and unity that stems from walking in unison through trying times. The intricate design of LVC Promise exudes a positive synergy between the couple.

The five grooves featured on this luxury piece represent the main pillars behind every steadfast relationship – love, devotion, commitment, bond, and happiness. These five elements combined, they translate into a promise that holds significance. Your expression of love and verbal vows exchanged are now told and accurately depicted through this promise ring.

3. Accentuated with a Lovemarque Diamond, presenting to you the best of both worlds

The new LVC Promise Diamond Solitaire Ring combines the LVC Promise with Love & Co’s signature Lovemarque diamond. The Lovemarque diamond also known as your diamond of love is an exclusive diamond that speaks of an endless love. It can even be said to be the most romantic diamond, for every Lovemarque diamond bears an intricate rose design within, a symbol of eternal beauty and romantic love.

Using advanced proprietary technology, the Rose Hallmark is inscribed at the heart of every diamond to evoke romantic emotions through words unspoken, and aims to be the universal expression of love. Albeit invisible to the naked eye, the Rose Hallmark resonates with the fact that a loving gesture that stems and felt from one’s heart is what truly matters. Your promise of an everlasting love is encapsulated and safeguarded in this solitaire diamond. And there is more to the beauty and value of a Lovemarque diamond, which will be revealed as you read on.

4. A sparkle like no other

What’s not invisible to the naked eye is how the Lovemarque diamond sparkles. If you read our earlier issue on Love & Co., you will be familiar with what makes the Lovemarque diamond so special.  With a perfect symmetry of 8 hearts and 8 arrows, every Lovemarque diamond boasts a triple excellent cut with 57 facets.

Additionally, Lovemarque diamonds are classified under the highest (Ultimate) grade of light performance. Lovemarque diamonds are ranked highly in each of the 4 parameters when measuring a diamond’s cut – brilliance, fire, sparkle, and symmetry – giving rise to a radiant sparkle under various lighting conditions. The LVC Promise diamond solitaire will perfectly exhibit the sparkle, radiance and ardent passion in your relationship.

Internationally graded by the International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR) with stringent standards, you can be assured of its authenticity and superior quality.

5. The final reveal

Love & Co. pays attention to even the smallest of details. On top of its beauty and meaning, the LVC Promise Diamond Solitaire Ring is extremely wearable. Keeping in mind the importance of comfort and fit, Love & Co. has designed the edges of the bands to be slightly rounded in a convex shape. Unlike regular bands with straight and sharper edges, the LVC Promise band wraps around your finger in a snug and comfortable way.

When it comes to ring fittings, Love & Co. uses a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine to ensure consistency and quality in lasting comfort. The aim in using such state-of-the-art-technology is to ensure that their wedding bands are correctly sized for you and well crafted for prolonged wear, without leaving stress marks on your fingers. Regardless of your ring size, your LVC Promise ring is crafted with utmost precision to be the best fit. Love & Co. also provides complimentary cleaning services for your ring, to guard it against any daily wear and tear.

Customisation services are also available at Love & Co.. Be it engraving your names or a meaningful date, a digital carving of your thumbprints or photo, or signing your names in each other’s band, Love & Co. allows you to create your very own exclusive pair of an engagement ring and wedding bands.

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It’s time to unravel your sparkle of love today. Schedule an appointment with Love & Co. to see and try on the LVC Promise collection in person! By scheduling an appointment, aside from an informative and educational session on your preferred designs, enjoy exclusive promotions on the newly launched LVC Promise Diamond Solitaire Rings and receive a complimentary gift with purchase! Love & Co. has multiple showrooms, and you can visit your nearest showroom here.

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