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Shopping for your Dream Engagement Ring? Go beyond the 4Cs with Love & Co. Diamond Masterclass

In this issue, we introduce Love & Co.’s newly launched Diamond Masterclass, led by a diamond specialist who will take you through everything you need to know about diamond shopping.”

For grooms-to-be looking to pop the question, buying an engagement ring may be an uphill task. From choosing the right diamond to picking a beautiful design she will love, to making sure your purchase is worth every dollar – it sure sounds like a ton of work. In our earlier issue, we shared the basics of How to choose an Engagement Ring. Most of you by now would be acquainted with the 4Cs, but let’s take a step further to see how Love and Co. goes beyond that.

Going beyond the 4Cs with Love & Co.

1. Class & Consultation

Earlier this month, we were invited by the friendly team from Love & Co. to attend their newly launched Diamond Masterclass. Intending to guide couples out there looking to get wed , and men in search of their proposal ring, the class includes an introduction to diamonds, known as the 4Cs, and goes a step further to share other important tips you will want to know when diamond shopping – such as why apart from a triple excellent cut, light performance should be a strong considering factor for every diamond and how Lovemarque diamonds are certified to attain the highest grade – ‘Ultimate’.

Following the session, you get a personal consultation with their staff, who can answer any questions you may have about diamonds, as well as take the opportunity to try on their iconic Lovemarque range and find out for yourself which setting and casings is best suited for you.

Love & Co.’s diamonds go through a stringent grading process and are internationally graded and certified by International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), which is part of the De Beers Group of Companies – the world’s leading diamond company with over 120 years of experience in diamond expertise. This brings us to our next point.

Are you aware that the standards across different diamond certification labs may vary? Here’s another topic that the masterclass will cover, since this may be something easily overlooked by majority.

Though there a ton of information on the internet about diamonds, it is easy to get lost in it. Going to a class is much quicker, convenient and trustworthy. Not only does it give you a concise overview on picking the right diamond, you also get to see the Lovemarque diamonds up close through scopes to check out the grading for yourself. The consultation is set to have a personal touch to it. The intimate setting makes one feel at ease to ask questions.

The consultants at Love & Co. are also patient and helpful in taking the time to share with you their industry knowledge. Friends, if you are now shopping for an engagement ring, we will highly recommend you attend this session. An informative and educational class touching on the ‘must-knows‘ for diamonds, along with addressing some of the common misconceptions about the quality and true value of diamonds – this is definitely worth a go, especially for first-time diamond buyers.

Their previous session was held earlier in June, but you can stay updated on their upcoming Masterclass schedule by liking their Facebook page here. Seats are limited and are on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to RSVP quickly once a session is up!

Alternatively, do also feel free to make an appointment at their showroom for a dedicated consultation. Receive a $100 voucher for your purchase* when you do. Schedule an appointment here.

*Terms & conditions apply. 

2. Cut & Light Performance

Not every diamond is equal. The 4Cs (carat, colour, clarity, and cut) are key elements that make up every diamond, which ultimately determines its value. Many people pay most attention to the carat, which is the size of the diamond. But a bigger ring does not necessarily mean a better diamond. When it comes to the visual beauty and sparkle of a diamond, the cut is the most important factor to consider, as it will determine light performance of the diamond.

“At Love & Co., we go beyond the 4Cs for the quintessential assessment of diamond’s beauty, through its light performance. On top of a set of stringent criteria for each C, every Lovemarque diamond attains the Ultimate grade of light performance.”

On top of a triple excellent cut, all Lovemarque diamonds are graded by Sarine Technologies, a listed company that specialises in grading the light performance of diamonds. It offers reliable, accurate and objective grading that are recognized in the industry on a diamond’s light performance using a technology that measures 4 parameters, namely,

BrillianceThe intense bright light that shines from the diamond
SparkleThe dramatic flashes that occur as the diamond moves
FireThe vivid colours of the rainbow that radiate from within the diamond
Light SymmetryThe equal distribution of light that reflects from the diamond

How Lovemarque diamonds are graded:

The diamonds are first assigned a measurement grade for each of the four parameters, then the diamond is given a total light performance grade, which ranges from Low to Ultimate. Under each grade, there is a sub-grade using a star system.

Lovemarque diamonds are classified under the highest grade – Ultimate – of light performance in all 4 parameters. This certification proves its excellent beauty in different lighting conditions and gives a spectacular show of light. Your diamond certificate is also available in a digital form, making it easy and convenient for you to trace and share with your loved ones (no need to fuss over the possibility of losing a certificate!). Additionally, Love & Co. Lovemarque diamonds are internationally graded by International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), part of the De Beers Group of companies. The Lovemarque diamond is graded according to stringent standards, giving you the assurance that you are buying something of authentic and superior quality.

3. Creative designs

During my visit, I was impressed by the extensive designs and collections that Love & Co. offers. On top of their signature Lovemarque range for engagement rings, Love & Co. has gorgeous wedding bands that are timeless and elegant in design. Each collection tells a story and here are my favourites.

LVC Promise is an exquisite collection that stands for exclusivity, undying devotion and an everlasting union. The LVC Promise bands are luxury pieces featuring five grooves that signify the elements of a lasting relationship — love, bond, devotion, commitment, and togetherness.

LVC Eterno shines with diamonds set across the band, and precious gems that speak of everlasting passion and the different shades of love. LVC Aqueen, one of their more iconic designs is a unique 3-part ring that can be worn together or separately. With monarch butterflies carved on the inner band, LVC Aqueen is designed with a fairytale romance in mind. Perfect for the modern romance tale between a princess and her prince charming, it symbolises the start of a new beginning together. For those seeking a more conservative yet stylish look, LVC Soleil takes the traditional golden band and transforms it using a mix of golds, blended seamlessly to resemble rays of sunlight on your finger. The collection signifies the start of a bright and promising future.

Many collections like LVC Alegria, LVC Classique, LVC Desirio, LVC Noeud, and LVC Poesie are awaiting your discovery.

Browse Love & Co. online catalog here and here.

4. Fine Craftsmanship

Your wedding ring represents your marriage and lasts a lifetime. Love & Co. ensures that each ring is intricate yet hardy. In order to achieve its high quality, each ring is carefully and meticulously crafted. All Lovemarque diamonds are cut to perfection by precise and master craftsmen and boast an excellent cut with 57 facets. As you look through the scope, you will see the beautiful symmetry of the 8 hearts and 8 arrows.

The diamond also has the exclusive Love & Co. Rose Hallmark inscribed inside it, as well as its IIDGR’s unique ID number. With an everlasting rose embedded within each diamond, the Lovemarque diamond is uniquely yours for a lifetime.

5. Customization

Love & Co. specialises in round diamonds, but that does not mean limited choices for your wedding ring. On top of the plenty of designs for you to choose from, you can customize certain parts of your ring to enhance it. Apart from diamond size, you can change the band to white or rose gold.

Love & Co - 6Love & Co - 7

You can also personalize your wedding bands by engraving your name, a meaningful date, phrase, unique symbols and even your own thumbprints! You can imprint a digital carving of your photo on the inside of your band as well.

6. Comfort & Fit

While trying on the rings at Love & Co., I was impressed to find out that the edges of the band are moulded to give a comfortable fit. There was a difference between the Love & Co. rings as compared to ones that I previously tried on, with the normal edges. As you will wear your ring through daily life, you will want it to be comfortable, feeling almost as if it is not there. Love & Co. takes into account the comfort of daily wearing. Also, as your ring may be subject to daily wear and tear, Love & Co. provides you with complimentary cleaning services for your ring.

7. Customer Service

Love & Co - 8

Upon arriving at Love & Co.’s classy showroom, I was pleasantly greeted by their staff. They extended a friendly welcome, which included warm tea and macaroons! The intimate session was enjoyable, comfortable, and most importantly, answers questions you will have about diamond shopping. Their consultants are generally very helpful and will take you through a hands-on experience which allows you to view diamonds through scopes as you try out different ring designs to see which catches your eye.

8. Confidence

When it comes to shopping for an item as expensive and meaningful as your wedding ring, Love & Co. wants you to shop with confidence. Going beyond the 4Cs and certification, Love & Co. brings you a class and consultation service that allows you to learn more about diamonds, hence you can make a more informed purchase. No hard selling is done here, and the customer service is friendly and helpful. Be sure to find out how you can sign up for their upcoming diamond masterclass session here as limited slots are available.


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