• Noteworthy Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings Jewellers in Singapore
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    Noteworthy Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings Jewellers in Singapore (2024 Edition)

    In the pursuit of forever, the perfect wedding ring becomes a symbol of enduring love. Our Noteworthy Wedding Jewellers (2024 Edition) delves straight into the heart of the matter, exploring the craftsmanship and artistry behind wedding jewellers. From intricate designs to timeless pieces, get ready to explore the world of wedding bling where every piece tells a story as unique as your love. Wedding Jewellers in Singapore 9. Lee Hwa Jewellery A diamond expert in Singapore and beyond Deemed as a diamond expert, Lee Hwa Jewellery presents wedding and engagement rings from premium diamond brands with unrivalled brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Since 1970, Lee Hwa Jewellery has been setting the…

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    10 Best James Allen Wedding Bands | Best of Lifestyle

    For centuries, wedding bands continued to be symbolic. In fact, not only has rings been a traditional rite in practically all communities around the world, but wedding bands also continued to signify attachment, commitment, and love. But with an extensive variety of James Allen wedding bands in the market, which then is the best James Allen wedding band? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the 10 Best James Allen Wedding Bands, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs. Table of Contents: 10 Best James Allen Wedding Bands 14K White Gold Common Prong Diamond Wedding Ring  14K Gold Two-Tone 1.8mm Comfort-Fit Wedding Band  14K White Gold…

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    10 Places to Buy Wedding Bands in Singapore

    They say that wedding bands are worn on the fourth finger because there is a vein in this finger that is directly connected to the heart. Wedding bands symbolize not only your everlasting love and marriage but also your eternal commitment to each other. Your wedding bands sum up the most important moment of your wedding – the solemnization where you both exchange your vows and commit yourselves to each other for the rest of your lives. It is a moment that deserves the finest and most meaningful pair of rings that you can find. Here are the Top 10 Places to Buy Wedding Bands in Singapore for you. This…

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    Shopping for your Dream Engagement Ring? Go beyond the 4Cs with Love & Co. Diamond Masterclass

    In this issue, we introduce Love & Co.’s newly launched Diamond Masterclass, led by a diamond specialist who will take you through everything you need to know about diamond shopping.” For grooms-to-be looking to pop the question, buying an engagement ring may be an uphill task. From choosing the right diamond to picking a beautiful design she will love, to making sure your purchase is worth every dollar – it sure sounds like a ton of work. In our earlier issue, we shared the basics of How to choose an Engagement Ring. Most of you by now would be acquainted with the 4Cs, but let’s take a step further to…

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    Top 10 Places to Buy Wedding Rings in Indonesia

    Wedding rings are round to symbolise the infinite love that couples swear as they say their I Dos. Greeks and Romans also believe that the ring must be worn on the fourth finger as it is said to have a vein connected to the heart. The ring plays an important role, especially on wedding occasions. It represents the true and unfading love of both the bride and groom. There is no wonder that many people are looking for the best rings that will surely be liked by their partner. In Indonesia, there are lots of creative hands doing quality but affordable ring designs that will exceed your expectations. With that,…