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8 Noteworthy Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings Jewellers in Singapore (2018 Edition)

In this issue, we present our top picks for Noteworthy Wedding Jewellers in Singapore. These jewellers specialise in creating a beautiful and meaningful wedding bands for your happily ever after.

From the moment when a promise to be wed is made, until the commitment to cherish and to love is sealed, your wedding bands signify your enduring bond with each other. Engagement and wedding bands may be among the smaller details in planning a wedding, but they require delicate expertise and craftsmanship that will aptly reflect what they symbolise – eternal love and commitment to each other. Here are our top picks for jewellers – 8 Noteworthy Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings Jewellers in Singapore. These shortlisted jewellers have the passion and experience to expertly craft your engagement ring and wedding bands for one of the biggest milestones in your lives. Before we get to the list, kindly note our disclosure located at the bottom of our post.

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8 Noteworthy Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings Jewellers in Singapore

8. B.P. de Silva Jewellers, every jewel has its own story

wedding bands B.P. de Silva

The legacy of B.P. de Silva Jewellers dates to 1872 when a young Balage Porolis de Silva arrived from Ceylon to Singapore with a pocketful of gems and a heart full of dreams. B.P bought a shophouse along the iconic High Street, brought the finest craftsman from Galle, and opened the first B.P. de Silva Jewellers shop. The rest, as they say, is history. Aside from providing the finest gems and jewellery in Singapore, B.P. de Silva Jewellers has also been honoured with royal patronage over the years.

Since then, the name B.P. de Silva has grown synonymous with fine jewellery and Sapphires. They have been the go-to for couples who want unquestioned quality with warm and sincere service. Whatever your jewellery need is, times spent at their atelier are highly personal experiences that result in thoughtfully designed heirlooms that are well-made and designed to last generations.

Their bridal collection ranges from bold and timeless rings to simple and understated ones. Their other collections feature earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings that are great for any occasion and worthy additions to any bride’s personal jewellery collection. Whether you find something you love from their collections or you desire something finely crafted just for you, B.P. de Silva is a name you can trust. See some of their jewellery pieces here, or view some of their custom designs here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Bespoke jewels start from $1,000 and ranges depending on the chosen design and gemstones.
  • Book an appointment here.
Get your wedding bands from B.P. de Silva Jewellers >



B.P. de Silva Jewellers
14 Kung Chong Road, Lum Chang Building
#05-01 Singapore 159150
Contact Page | +65 6473 8880

7. Love & Co., for sophisticated diamond rings and timeless wedding bands

wedding bands Love & Co.

Love & Co. is an established premier jeweller with international standing that unite exceptional craftsmanship with contemporary designs to create sophisticated diamond rings and timeless wedding bands. For a milestone as significant and meaningful as your wedding day, the Lovemarque diamond by Love & Co. aims to evoke feelings of eternal commitment and represent an everlasting union. On top of a triple excellent cut, the Lovemarque diamond is skillfully crafted to attain the ‘Ultimate’ grade of light performance. Ranking high in all four parameters – Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire and Light, the Lovemarque diamond will sparkle and dazzle your loved one. The beauty and rarity of the Lovemarque diamond go beyond the naked eye. Using advanced proprietary technology, every Lovemarque diamond is uniquely inscribed with a Rose Hallmark within, carrying a romantic and ‘hidden’ message that encapsulates the enduring beauty of a rose.

Love & Co. offers extensive wedding band collections as well. Each exquisite collection is created with a meaningful story to tell. Their iconic collection – LVC Promise, stands for undying devotion and embraces a blissful union. Inspired by the strength and unity of a bolt and nut combined, the bands are also characterized by 5-grooves, each signifying the elements of a lasting relationship. Get to know all their collections here. In addition to its timeless design, Love & Co. wedding bands feature a smooth convex on the inner rim for maximum comfort and wearability.

Love & Co. is devoted to proclaim your love in an elegant way and to also deliver the 5th C to you in your purchase – Confidence. Read our personal experience with Love & Co. here.

Wedding packages and rates:

  • Prices upon enquiry, book an appointment with Love & Co. here to find out more.
Get your wedding bands from Love & Co. >



Love & Co.
Store Locations
Schedule Appointment
[email protected] | 1800-LOVENCO (5683626)
Facebook | Instagram

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6. Carat 55, for contemporary designs and fine workmanship

wedding ring carat 55

Established with the purpose to celebrate life’s precious moments, Carat 55 offers affordable bespoke fine jewellery that encapsulates personal stories and captures milestones into memories. Founded in 2017 by Zoie Teo, who has had over a decade of experience in the jewellery industry, Carat 55 showcases carefully curated jewellery of the finest workmanship from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, and Hong Kong. The diamond studio has an extensive range of wedding jewellery which includes GIA-certified diamonds and natural gemstones for engagement rings, personalized wedding bands, heirloom pieces, and contemporary bridal sets which are traditionally referred to as “四点金” (Si Dian Jin.)

Bespoke designs are also available for brides-to-be looking for one-of-a-kind jewellery to honour their big day, or for couples looking to celebrate relationship milestones. With the studio’s in-house professional designers and gemologists, Carat 55 ensures your dream jewellery comes to reality as they assist you through the jewellery design process; from the careful selection of your diamonds or gemstones to designing your jewellery in settings of 18k Gold or Platinum. One of the brand’s main goal is to continue to deliver timeless, elegant yet affordable pieces for customers looking for jewellery pieces to mark every joyous moment in their lives. Whether it’s for a wedding, the birth of a baby, a gift, a promotion, or for simple everyday wear, Carat 55 is the jewellery boutique that has it all. Find the perfect piece of jewellery to mark life’s extraordinary moments. Book an appointment at their showroom here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • 18K Gold Wedding Bands from $500 onwards
  • 4-piece Bridal Set from $3,545
Get your wedding bands from Carat 55 >



Carat 55

5 Tank Road #01-03, Nagarathar Building, Singapore 238061
[email protected] | +65 6235 1155
Facebook | Instagram

5. GIOIA Fine Jewellery, for precious gemstones

wedding ring gioia

Knowing that every bride is different, GIOIA Fine Jewellery specialises in the custom design and handcrafting of bespoke engagement rings and wedding jewellery from precious gemstones. Their passion lies in creating a unique wedding ring to suit the bride and is one of its kind. GIOIA Fine Jewellery carries precious and high-quality gemstones such as Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Spinel, Paraiba Tourmaline and more. Brides can now choose to wear their own birthstone, or favourite colour shade, and know that these gemstones are as precious and rare as diamonds.

Each gemstone from GIOIA is sourced from all over the world, carefully curated and handpicked by their founder, Cheryl – who is an experienced jewellery designer of 8 years and counting. Each engagement or wedding ring created by GIOIA is specially custom made to your liking. Their team aims to make customisation accessible to everyone, taking your budget, preferences, and requirements into careful consideration through the entire process. GIOIA means ‘joy’ in Italian, and is what the team strives to deliver to you for your wedding day. Submit an inquiry here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Customisation starts from $1800
  • Book an appointment here
Get your wedding bands from GIOIA Fine Jewellery >



GIOIA Fine Jewellery
[email protected]  | +65 9295 5909
Facebook | Instagram

4. Carrie K., for modern & meaningful artisan-crafted wedding bands

wedding ring carrie k

At Carrie K., you will find more than just a ring. This modern-day jeweller has transformed traditional concepts into playful, artisan-crafted jewellery. Carrie K. was awarded triple honours at the Singapore Fashion Awards in 2017. Setting out to challenge the misconception that ‘tradition is boring’, Carrie K. designs and crafts jewellery pieces that are modern and fashionable, with a twist on tradition. Carrie K.’s latest collection Modern Heirloom is a contemporary Si Dian Jin collection to keep the tradition alive, wearable and relevant in today’s times. Inspired by Singapore’s Peranakan tiles, the meaningful collection exudes a classy, timeless style.

The passion of Carrie K. is to tell stories with the jewellery they craft. As every couple is unique, they offer bespoke services to help you create unique engagement rings and wedding bands that reflect your love story and serve as precious memorabilia. Let their designers translate your love story into a unique piece that you can wear for years to come. Carrie K. sources the best of diamonds and finest of gemstones for your creation. You can even choose to revive your heirloom and give it a new lease of life. Submit an inquiry here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Wedding bands start from $500
  • Bespoke and design start from $6,000
  • Book an appointment here
Check out Carrie K for your wedding bands >



Carrie K.
[email protected] | +65 9061 2880
Facebook | Instagram

3. La Putri, for artistic design in creating heirloom pieces

wedding ring la putri

La Putri has over 45 years of experience and expertise in custom and bespoke jewellery design. The team artistically interprets diamonds and gemstones, crafting them into beautiful wedding rings and bridal jewellery. As a couture bespoke jeweller, they are passionate in offering you a personalised, custom service that allows you to create exquisite engagement ring and wedding jewellery that is truly one of a kind. The journey starts at La Putri’s showroom, where their dedicated in-house designers will work closely with you throughout the entire design and crafting process. Their aim is to translate your vision into your dream engagement ring.

With their ethos “Jewellery is Art, as Art is Jewellery”, each piece created by La Putri is exquisitely made to express your individuality and tell your personal story. Your engagement ring will be a heirloom piece that will last you a lifetime. Select from La Putri’s highly curated loose gem collection, or bring in your own gemstones or diamonds where the team can help you refresh it into a new, exceptional piece. Each bespoke piece takes approximately 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the design. La Putri also has a collection of wedding jewellery that you can complete your wedding look with. Submit your inquiry here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • A custom design project starts at $1,000 and ranges depending on the design
  • Jewellery collection starts from $1,000 with many selections in the $2,000 – $5,000 range. Exclusive pieces start from $5,000
  • Book an appointment here
Get your wedding bands from La Putri >




La Putri
Contact Page
Facebook | Instagram

2. Michael Trio, for a seamless online and offline ring shopping experience

wedding ring michael trio

Michael Trio is a custom jeweller based in Singapore that provides you with a seamless engagement and wedding ring shopping experience, both online and offline. On their e-commerce store, you will be able to create your own engagement ring in just 3 simple steps. Their catalogue of diamonds and ring settings is extensive and gives you plenty of options which you can easily filter to suit your budget and preference. Fancy cut diamonds, which are difficult to find in the commercial stores are available at Michael Trio at competitive prices. The entire process is easy and transparent. All pricing, apart from complex customised designs, can be found online, which makes your research process much easier too. You can also visit their Tanjong Pagar showroom to view designs in person. Read our review on our customised wedding bands with Michael Trio.

From designing to sourcing to manufacturing, Michael Trio has strong and direct guardianship over the entire process, allowing you to avoid high markups. All diamonds come with CIA certification to ensure authenticity. Michael Trio also has an education section to help their customers make more informed purchases. At the core of their business, the team is steadfast in their values – family, trust, and love. Read their customer reviews here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • See prices for engagement rings here and wedding bands here
  • Book an appointment here
Get your wedding bands from Michael Trio >

Michael Trio
Contact Page | +65 6299 0110
Facebook | Instagram

1. Les Precieux, for a timeless bespoke engagement ring

Les Precieux

Les Precieux is one of the leading bespoke jewellers in Singapore. They specialise in crafting bespoke engagement and wedding rings, as well as private jewellery. Exceptional gemstones, sapphires, and diamonds are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors in their store for your selection. Every single piece of their jewelry is crafted locally under the careful supervision of their in-house experts, ensuring that polishing is meticulously done as precious stones immaculately set to create a magical finish in their jewelry pieces.

It is easy to have your dream engagement ring customized with Les Precieux. Simply contact them to set an appointment and let them know about your overall requirements. From there, their experts will provide unique advice and recommendations to suit your needs, style and personality.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Bespoke services start from $3,000 onwards
  • Arrange a viewing via WhatsApp at +65-96472673
Get your wedding bands from Les Precieux >

Les Precieux wedding bands



Les Precieux
360 Orchard Road International Building #11-04 S238869
[email protected]
+65 9647 2673 / +65 6734 6829

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