We showcase the top bridal studios in Singapore where you can rent gorgeous wedding dresses, for every bride to look her best.

For brides looking for a bespoke wedding gown, check out these top wedding gown designers in Singapore.

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Wedding Dress

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Wedding Dress by Shape


A-Line gowns are the most common types of wedding dresses. They are fitted at the bodice and gradually extends out like the shape of an A. The fitted bodice highlights a small waist while its full skirt camoflages wider hips and bottoms. 

Best for: A-Line gowns are flattering for any body shape, making it a popular choice. 


The bodice of empire gowns usually cinches and ends just below the bust, creating a high-waist illusion. 

Best for: The empire gown is a great choice for many brides, namely petite, plus sized or those with a straighter figure. 

Not for: Avoid picking one that is too large of with too much fabric. 


Fitted at the torso and flaunting a full skirt, the ballgown is an enchanting fairytale look.

Best for: Ballgowns look fantastic on pear-shaped brides, for it cinches at the waist and creates a flattering look.

Not for: However, a ballgown might be overwhelming on a petite frame. 


Mermaid/trumpet gowns are iconic for its body hugging contours and fit-and-flare cutting.

Best for: It is perfect for brides with an hourglass figure as it will accentuate your curves.

Not for: But if you are not comfortable in a bodycon dress, or if you have a apple or pear body shape, it might not be suitable. 


Sheath wedding gowns fit close to the body and tend not to flare. It is simple, and designed to flow with your body’s curves.

Best for: Short brides can enjoy the illusion of length to seem taller. It is also a great choice for silm and tall brides as it accentuates your height.

Not for: If you have a rectangular frame or a pear-shaped figure, this however might not be a good pick. 


High-low gowns are unique in that they have a short hem in front and a longer train at the back. This assymetrical hemline can create an illusion of longer legs. 

Best for: Suiting most body types, though the shorter the length of the front, longer legs will look nicer. 

Not for: Petite frames and short women may find that the high-low makes them look shorter.


For a modern spin on the vintage silhouette, tea-length gowns adds a fun and relaxed vibe. It is fitting for a lunch reception or ROM. 

Best for: Suitable for most body types. 

Not for: If you are self conscious of your calves, this style might not be suitable for you. There is also a risk in dressing more casusal than your guests. 


For the fuss-free and minimalist bride, the jumpsuit can be a simple yet elegant alternative. This modern one-piece makes a fresh statement for your wedding day. 

Best for: Similar to the A-line cut, the jumpsuit can suit most body types, though it will make taller brides with slender legs look outstanding.

Not for: At the risk of running too casual, this style might not  be for a formal event. 

Wedding Dress by Style

3 Tips to choosing your wedding dress
  • Research
  • Budget
  • Tips

Do some research to find out which style you like. This will help you narrow down your choices when you go for a bridal fitting, so you can avoid getting overwhelmed by the options available. 

- What is your body shape? Identify the style that best fits your body shape and accentuates your figure. There is a dress for every bride! 
- What does your dream dress look like? Is it extravagant and sparkly, or simple and minimalist? 
- What style are you going for? Romantic, whimsical, bohemian, fairytale? 
- What are the vibes of your wedding like?
You want your dress to be suitable for the occasion. If you are planning a casual, intimate affair at a restaurant, you might want a simple flowy dress. But if you are planning a grand ballroom affair, you might want a gown that makes a statement. 

Go to Pinterest and come up with a moodboard of your favourite selections. There isn't a rule to doing this, just bookmark whatever catches your eye. 

Budgetting is a key part of good planning. Renting an off-the-rack gown can range from $500 - $1,500, whereas customising your own made-to-measure usually costs $1,000 and upward. You can also buy from online wedding gown stores, though you might need to get it tailored for a better fit once it arrives. 

Having a budget will also allow you to find the right studio or designer. Most bridal gown studios charge a flat fee and you can either pick from their entire or selected section. If you are planning to design a bespoke dress, do let the designer know your budget beforehand. 

If you plan to cap your gown spending at $1,000, don't spend it all on the gown. Do make sure to leave allowance for your shoes and accessories. Some bridal studios may include accessories, but require an additional deposit. Tailoring and cleaning fees are usually included in their rate. 

- Start shopping for your gown early, we would suggest 9 months before your wedding date. Though the typical appointment is usually set at 1 - 2 hours, keep the morning/afternoon of your appointment free for its known to stretch. 

- When choosing your bridal boutique, do check out their price range and online reviews. Bridal studios usually have packages offering a full suite of services such as makeup, photography and videography. If they don't have their in-house crew, they usually partner with other vendors to offer discounted rates. Do consider that for better value, but be sure to always check their past work and inclusions. 

- When visiting the boutique, bring a strapless or stick-on bra (nubra) and nude underwear. Avoid bringing a large group of family or friends (max 3), for you do not need too many differing opinions. 

- Last but not least, keep an open mind when shopping. You  might have a moodboard of dresses you like, but sometimes you may end up looking great in dresses that you never knew you liked. 

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