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A Luxurious & Personalized Wedding Gown Experience at La Belle Couture

[Advertorial] One of the hallmark experiences of being a bride-to-be is choosing your wedding gown! Running through bridal boutiques scouring through designs to find the one that truly spells you can take quite a bit of effort… but once you have discovered the right place and landed on the perfect piece, the feeling is incredible! When it came to my wedding gown, I was in search for a place with a wide selection of designer couture gowns for more options. La Belle Couture, one of the leading bridal boutique names in Singapore, houses over 1000+ in house designs with new collections¬†being¬†released every quarter.¬†Featured in The Straits Times, Her World, Style Weddings, 938 Live with many positive reviews online, there was no doubt that I had to¬†make an appointment with them!

A Luxurious & Personalized Gown Shopping Experience

La Belle Couture’s 3-storey boutique gives couples a luxurious experience. Newly renovated and made complete with large and comfortable fitting rooms, each couple has a dedicated bridal specialist to help you with your gown selection, fitting and appointments as well. Not only will she provide you personalized and attentive services for your selection, you get loads of helpful advice and tips from her too!

A Dress for Every Bride

La Belle Couture 8La Belle Couture 9

La Belle Couture’s¬†wide range comprises of many designs, styles and cuts that fits every size and shape. Whether you like vintage lace designs, romantic chiffon or elegant satin, La Belle Couture¬†has a large variety of styles in different cutting such as A-line, ball gown, mermaid, fish tail etc. La Belle Couture also has gowns of various necklines like sweetheart, toga, off shoulder, and skirting of different lengths and finishing. With their expansive selection, every bride in town is destined to find a perfect piece for herself in their boutique. Despite the massive number of gowns in store, the gown selection process with La Belle Couture¬†is far from overwhelming and in fact is a very smooth experience. La Belle Couture’s¬†experienced specialists¬†will help to narrow down the type of gowns that you look and feel good in. It is key to find gowns that match your body shape, size, height as well as complement your style and personality. Having an experienced professional guiding and advising me through the steps was stress-free and comforting. In addition, the specialists at La Belle Couture are very friendly and warm, making it a very enjoyable experience.

Adele, for the Plus-Size Brides

 La Belle 4La Belle 5

Photo Credits: La Belle Couture La Belle Couture just launched their new collection titled ‚ÄúAdele‚ÄĚ, specially tailored for plus-size brides. It is a common challenge for plus-sized to find off the rack gowns. Many turn to the more expensive alternative of customizing their gowns.

La Belle 3La Belle 6

Photo Credits: La Belle Couture As La Belle Couture wishes to give every bride the best experience that she deserves, the team designed the ‚ÄúAdele‚ÄĚ collection to serve the needs of plus-size brides. The sincerity in this collection has gifted plus-sized brides the freedom of trying on different gowns in the prelude to their wedding day!

My Favourites by La Belle Couture

The Gowns

Unlike other boutiques that might post a limit to you trying on gowns, my bridal specialists May Ling and Pei Wen were very patient, accommodating and helpful during my selection process. They gave me plenty of tips and suggestions, as well as sufficient time to parade around in each gown. They even helped to take photos of the gowns I tried on. This was great because after you try on several pieces, you will forget the previous few! In total, we selected three sets of gowns and suits for our wedding day.


Photo by Simplifai Studios The first gown was for our beach solemnization. I was in search of a glamourous piece that would match the elegant wedding theme I had in mind, but it needed to be lightweight as I was going to walk on sand. This gown was perfect. A sweetheart bustier laced with crystals that shone very brightly under the sunlight, it was classy for an elegant theme and chic for a beach setting. Simplifai 1 simplifai_0199 Photo by Simplifai Studios Next up was my evening gown. As I have a tanned skin tone, I did not think it would be easy to match it to a suitable colour, but Pei Wen recommended this gown for me that was so stunning I could not take my eyes away from it!

La Belle 7
Photo Credits: La Belle Couture

The colour was a unique shade of orange + red + coral! For my evening gown, I really wanted something special, and this definitely was. It caught a lot of attention on my wedding night!


simplifai_0248 For our last gown, we picked out one inspired by Vera Wang’s iconic rose skirting. The gown’s top is a bustier of beautiful folds with intricate beads on the waistline.

La Belle Couture 20simplifai_0280

simplifai_0303 Photos by Simplifai Studios I¬†tried out plenty of other gowns too, each as beautiful as the next! Check out some of La Belle’s¬†gown collections¬†here.

La Belle Couture 10La Belle Couture 13
La Belle Couture 16La Belle Couture 14

The Suits

La Belle Couture‘s¬†range of suits are impressive with several colours, shades, textures and designs. Who knew there could be so much variation to men‚Äôs suits? Matt really liked that the material of their suits were of good quality. Better quality suits look more classy and expensive, fitting for a big occasion like your wedding day. We picked out 3 suits to match the gowns ‚Äď a white, blue and a grey textured one that gave a British 1980s vibe. Loved them all!

Tailored & Personalized Service

Our gown experience at La Belle Couture was nothing short of luxurious. On top of the very comfortable and spacious setting, La Belle Couture is very meticulous in giving personalized service when attending to each bride. Our specialist not only recommended gowns to us, but also helped me wear them.

La Belle Couture 7
May Ling helping me to put on a veil to complete the look!

With every piece, May Ling never failed to help me put on a pair of high heels too!

La Belle Couture 6
May Ling helping to take snap shots me of me in the gown

La Belle Couture provided me some accessories to match with the gowns that I picked out.

Beautiful accessories on display!

Knows exactly what you (Brides) need

From what they offer, it is clear that La Belle Couture knows exactly what brides need and want. The convenience of a one-stop where you can get your gowns, your makeup and hair, even your wedding photos ‚Äď La Belle Couture has it all set up for you. La Belle Couture also offer brides a free wedding planning guidebook here. You can also find their blog packed with resourceful articles.

La Belle FX Mirror - Straits Times
La Belle’s FX Mirror | Photo Credits: The Straits Times

La Belle Couture also just launched their Digital FX service, which allows busy brides to virtually try on the gowns. As trying on gowns can be quite tedious and tiring, La Belle Couture is hoping to reduce some of that hassle for brides. Now you can try on 15 gowns in 25 minutes and easily narrow down on the choices that look good on you!

La Belle FX Mirror 2La Belle FX Mirror

I was glad to have a chance to use the FX Mirror even though I had already chosen my gowns prior to the launch of the FX Mirror. My body frame was measured by the sensors and the gowns were fitted perfectly to me on the screen. The technology is very intuitive and I could move around in it to see the sides and details. I can see why this would help busy brides reach their dream gown much more quickly! Check out the video below on the FX Mirror, by The Straits Times.

A Heartwarming Experience

Getting my gowns from La Belle Couture was a really pleasant and enjoyable journey. I enjoyed great service, beautiful gowns, great conversation ‚Äď all the pieces fit together perfectly to form a wonderful experience.

Thank you La Belle for giving us a wonderful and memorable experience, we really appreciated the great service and fun times!

If you are looking for a bridal boutique where you can find the perfect gown, be sure to give La Belle Couture a visit! Check out singer Tay Kewei & Alfred Sim’s experience at La Belle Couture in the video below!

la belle
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