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A Talented Entourage of Wedding Hair & Makeup Stylists by EK Makeup Studio

[Advertorial] Looking good on your wedding day is important as it is your big day! Having a professional and talented makeup artist will do the trick. Your mothers and bridesmaids also deserve to look good on your big day, especially when there will be many photos and videos taken. To them, watching their treasured loved one wed, is also one of the biggest days of their lives.

EK Makeup Studio
Photo Credits: EK Makeup Studio

Most hair and makeup artists (HMUA) are solo as they are freelancers, but at EK Makeup Studio, you get a one-stop for all your makeup and hairstyling needs. They have a team of very talented hair and makeup artists that can do wedding hair and makeup styling for you (bride), your mothers, sisters and bridesmaids too! As such, you do not need to go to lengthy trouble to find several hair and makeup artists just to fix everyone’s makeup all at once.

EK Makeup Studio 2
The EK Team, lead by Eesha K (4th from right) | Photo Credits: EK Makeup Studio

Led by Eesha Ke, Styling Director of EK Makeup Studio, who immersed herself into the beauty industry for over 17 years, EK Makeup Studio comprises of a talented entourage of hair and makeup stylists who can provide the best styling for your wedding day. Having trained in several countries such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan, Eesha’s skills combine various techniques from various cultures into her own unique style. Together with her team, her focus is to ensure that the makeup and hairstyling is not only suitable for the bride, but brings out the best features to enhance her look and make her truly shine for her wedding day.

My Favourites by EK Makeup Studio

The Talented & Efficient Team

Colliding Luster 1
Photo Credits: Colliding Luster

EK Makeup Studio was in charge of my bridesmaids’ makeup. It was quite challenging as I have seven bridesmaids. On top of that, my wedding at Sentosa’s Movenpick Heritage Hotel, and the morning kick-started at 8:30am with the gate crash. This meant that my bridesmaids had to wake up by 5am for their makeup and hairstyling! My bridesmaids were staying at the hotel so thankfully, they did not have to wake up even earlier, but the makeup and hairstylists had to! Knowing how important it is to start the wedding day on time, Eesha’s team of 4 stylists (Eesha, Vivian, Valerie, Judy & Raine) arrived promptly at 5am. Armed with their set of brushes and tools, they were very efficient in setting up and in less than 5 minutes was ready to get started on the styling. Even my bridesmaids were shocked how efficient they were in setting up! We had breakfast and coffee set aside for them but you could see that their focus was to get our bridesmaids looking pretty so they immediately got started. In less than one and a half hours, our bridesmaids were all looking perky, bright and beautiful with their makeup on! Check out how beautiful my bridesmaids look at the beach solemnization! PS: This was 10 hours after the makeup and hair was done! 


Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios 

Good Quality Products & Technique

EK Makeup Studio 3 Employing well-known makeup brands such as Makeup Forever, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Chanel, Shu Uemura, Clinque and more, Eesha’s team uses makeup of premium quality. The difference amongst others is the pigmentation and stay on factor. My wedding stretched from 8am to 11pm and my bridesmaids looked good throughout. Their good techniques of moisturizing, priming and setting the face ensured that the makeup would not run as much and stayed on with little touch up needed during the day.

Hassle-Free Coordination

EK Makeup Studio 4
Photo Credits: Colliding Luster

Raine helped us with all the coordination prior to the big day. She got in touch with the stylists in terms of timings and styles, making it hassle-free for us during the planning process. We only needed one touch point to get all our bridesmaids hair and makeup settled nicely. If you have several people that you would like to do hair and makeup styling for your wedding day, I would strongly suggest going to a one-stop like EK Makeup Studio, as it will save you a lot of time in terms of coordination.

Great Advice & Tips

EK Makeup Studio 5
Photo Credits: Colliding Luster
EK Makeup Studio 6
Photo Credits: Colliding Luster

For it is every bride’s first time planning a wedding, there is a myriad of things that we do not know. Raine was very helpful in giving us styling tips for our bridesmaids. We initially thought it might work to have unique styles for the bridesmaids to best fit their face shape, skin tone and preferences, but Raine instead advised that it was better for the bridesmaids to have a more unified look so it would look better in the photos! Hence, Raine came up with a natural look and hairstyle that generally made all bridesmaids look good. The advice saved us a lot of time in planning and deciding what to do for the individual bridesmaids!

Passionate & Dedicated

Colliding Luster 2
Photo Credits: Colliding Luster

From the interactions that we had with Eesha’s team, we could tell that they are very passionate about their craft. To accommodate the challenging and hectic schedule of weddings, the team has to be dedicated about making people look beautiful. After the stylists worked on my bridesmaids, each of them looked stunning! The stylists themselves were so excited at their work that they were so happy snapping photos of my bridesmaids during the photo taking session after the gate crash. It was very nice of them to stay throughout the gate crash. Eesha’s team is well coordinated, proficient and efficient in what they do. If you are looking for a team like that, be sure to get in touch with EK Makeup Studio for your wedding hair and makeup styling needs. You can check out their portfolio here. EK Makeup Studio also conducts professional hair and makeup styling classes.

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