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Get the Best Brazillian Waxing & IPL done at Strip

[Advertorial] Amidst the busy wedding planning and preparations, brides, do not forget to pamper yourself as well! Besides getting a facial and spa done, you would want to get primed up for your big night too. At Strip, they offer a wide range of waxing and IPL services, from Brazilian to Full Legs. Strip offers the best post treatment care to ensure your treatment results last a long way. For those who have never tried Brazilian Waxing or IPL before, not to worry! Knowing that it was my first time, my therapist at Strip gave me a quick briefing on the process. Having some educational background gives you some mental preparation and knowing what to expect really helps to calm my nerves. Strip 9 The outlet at Holland Village was a quaint space located on the second level of a shophouse. Decked in modern wood furnishing, the place was interestingly decorated in an artsy fashion. As I entered, warm smiles greeted me, followed a cup of the best lemon tea I have ever tasted! Strip 13

All About Waxing

I can imagine that anyone’s virgin Brazilian waxing experience would be nerve-wrecking. I felt pretty nervous! The Brazilian waxing process at Strip is actually quite comforting. On top of that, you can be assured that you are in safe hands, as the therapists at Strip are all trained and experienced. At Strip, all therapists follow their HSQ mantra:


Strip 1
Strip’s pre-packed waxing packages!

Strip is strict on upholding high quality and hygiene standards. All their packs are pre-packed, and they practice a no double dipping policy – which means that their waxing sticks are all tossed after each application to prevent any cross-contamination.

Strip 15
Stocked with supplies for each session.

You’ll be surprised that a Brazillian wax at Strip only takes 30-45 minutes of your tie. That is incredibly speedy – displaying their skill, precision and experience.


Strip provides a holistic waxing experience. Not only do they remove your fuzz, they ensure that your skin is well taken care of after treatment. After each treatment, they put on a soothing “ice cream” lotion which is meant to reduce redness of your skin and cool it down.

Strip - Ice-Cream
The ice cream lotion that reduces redness, soothes and calms the skin after each waxing session. Best to grab a tube home for your own application.

All about IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal is an advanced and semi-permanent hair reduction method. Beams of specially filtered light are used to disintegrate hair from the root. A complete IPL treatment takes 6 sessions with each session spaced 6 weeks in between. One can experience up to 80% of hair reduction upon completing the 6 sessions. Imagine not having to go for your Brazilian wax every 2-3 months! After enjoying 1 month from my Brazilian Wax, I decided to give IPL a try too! This time, I visited another Strip outlet at Wheelock Place. At my first IPL with Strip, my therapist was very kind to go through the process so that I felt more aware of what was going on. First, your therapist will shave the area that is undergoing IPL. Next, she will place cooling gel on your skin so that it will be protected from the light rays and any heat. Following which, she will use the machine which will emit light rays meant to weaken your hair follicles, preventing re-growth. These 3 simple steps will repeat till the area is completed! The best part is that the entire IPL process was completely pain-free! As Strip‘s IPL machines are one of the latest models, pain is no longer in the equation. My therapist shared that if it was 6 or 7 years ago, there might be some pain involved in IPL. I would highly recommend Strip for the supreme comfort factor.

Post Treatment Care & My Favourites by Strip

Their Special Waxing Formula

Strip does not use just any wax. Their creative and specially formulated Chocolate and Strawberry wax for the brazilian wax is so comforting as it has a thick texture. The delicious smell also leaves the area enveloped with a nice scent.

The famous strawberry & chocolate wax!
The famous strawberry & chocolate wax by Strip!

For their strawberry formula, it packs with healing powers of Chamomile and Aloe Vera which soothes tender skin for minimal discomfort. The chocolate wax is formulated with titanium dioxide that gently works at even the most stubborn hairs.

The Comforting Squeeze Toy

Cute squeezy stress toys that come in different designs
Cute squeezy stress toys that come in different designs

The wax will dry in about 3 seconds and your therapist will pull it out in the direction of hair growth. Strip provides a cute squeezy toy to accompany you through your brazilian process. Initially I thought there was no need for it, but I was wrong! Having it to squeeze with each pull helped to relive any inner tensions! In addition, the treatment rooms are decorated with wall pieces of funky captions that help to distract you too!

Strip 16
Funky wall poster reminding me to breathe and keep calm!

Patient Service 

After each pull, your therapist will press down on the newly-waxed area to soothe any pain. It really helped and any pain would disappear almost instantly. I think the nerve-wrecking part is just before the pull. There happens to be a psychological effect – if you feel nervous it happens to feel more “painful”. The therapists at Strip were very patient in understanding that and helped to calm my nerves. They also gave me the heads up to any potentially extra sensitive areas so I could be prepared for it.

Huge thanks to my
Huge thanks to my therapists who made my first Brazilian waxing experience so smooth and breezy!

After the session, my therapist also gave me a after-care card to ensure that I take care of my newly waxed area properly!

Good range of products for post-waxing care

Strip 4 At Strip, you can get your hands on a good range of products for your post-waxing care. I got my hands on their SCO+ Peace Serum ($55.64) that helps to slow down hair growth – which is very helpful as you want your Brazilian to last as long as possible! Strip 11 Though you are not allowed to scrub the newly-waxed area for 1 week after your Brazilian, after a week, doing so will help to renew the skin and remove any dead skin cells there. I got my hands on their Strawberry Flavoured Body Scrub ($37.45), which smells like a delight. In grown hairs are the worst, and they will make each Brazilian more painful than the next. So I picked up the Malin + Goetz Serum which helps to target any in-grown hairs. Strip 12 There are tons of other products that might be useful for your post-waxing care so be sure to check out the shelves when you visit Strip.

Strip 2
Strip is also big on their conservation efforts for bees.

Convenient locations

Strip has over 17 outlets located island wide for you to choose from. You can simply hit an outlet after a long day at work – how convenient! If you are looking to prim yourself for your big day, be sure to give Strip a go! Stay tuned to their promotions here. Refer here for more information on Brazilian waxing and here for IPL.

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