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Korean-Inspired Wedding Gowns at The Louvre Bridal

[Advertorial] When it comes to choosing your wedding gown, everyone talks about finding “the one”.¬†The gown that will uplift you to your most beautiful self on your wedding day. Not knowing what it exactly meant, I embarked on my journey to search for “the one”. I soon found out at The Louvre Bridal, what finding¬†it feels¬†like. As featured on Singapore Brides and The Best Singapore, The Louvre Bridal is one of the latest trending bridal boutiques in town. Frequently raved about online and on social media, it was the first bridal boutique¬†we¬†chose to step into. And from the start to¬†date, the entire experience with them was extremely enjoyable.

A Splendid Gown Selection Experience

Walking into The Louvre Bridal’s boutique was a delight. Situated near Robertson Walk, the shop houses has a quaint touch to it. Their 2-storey luxury boutique is airy, spacious and beautiful, accompanied with large fitting rooms that I thought were only possible in movies! selected-007_17066048638_o On the first floor, a selection of white wedding gowns and colourful evening gowns are¬†on the racks for your choosing. And on the second floor, lies their suit collection.¬†Unlike other boutiques with massive collections that might overwhelm you, The Louvre Bridal‘s selection¬†shortlists their newest and trendiest designs that are runway worthy on their racks. It was a really personable experience being able to browse through the racks myself! Everybody loves new stuff! And for your wedding day, it’s no doubt you¬†will want everything sparkly and new. You will be happy to hear that all of the gowns at The Louvre Bridal are very new, with none dated¬†beyond 3 years. From them I learned that gowns age.¬†With several wearings and washing, the white fabric¬†might show a¬†yellowish tinge and perhaps not shine as radiantly as it used to. It takes a lot to maintain and upkeep wedding gowns, and¬†I would strongly suggest for brides to rent their wedding gowns instead of buying them.

Our Gown & Suit Choices

IMG_6361 After trying on a number of white wedding gowns and evening gowns, we chose 5 gowns and 4 suits for our shoots. We wanted our gowns to represent different styles at the various shoot locations, and so here are our final picks. It was a really tough decision as all the gowns at The Louvre Bridal were stunningly beautiful. But I suppose some gowns just make you feel like they are the one to pick. :)

The Gowns

A Bare-backed Floral Sequined Gown with Fluffed Edges


Needless to say, I fell instantly in love with the bare-back cutting of this gown. It was a perfect combination of many¬†different elements infused together in a¬†unique modern fashion, yet it carried forth a sweet and demure look. I was in love with every aspect of it – the florals paired with¬†sparkly sequin embedded into a netted top, a bow at the side, the ruffled fold skirting… it was perfectly paired with the lush backdrop at Singapore Botanic Gardens.¬† matthewjocelyn-44 Photo¬†Credits:¬†Said & Meant

Jewel-embellished Satin Gown with a Lace Train


Lined with crystal beads, this gown was literally sparkling under the light. So beautiful it was hard to miss. Coupled with a satin train with soft lace, the classy elegance of this gown was perfect for our photoshoot at Chijmes against the colonial setting.  matthewjocelyn-138 Photo Credits: Said & Meant

A Sweetheart Tulle Gown with a Soft Laced Train


We brought this gown all the way to Cebu, Philippines. The laced train of this gown was so delicate and pretty. The soft tulle of this flowy gown gave a very gentle finish, perfect for the soft greenery at Crimson Resort & Spa.  MATT_JOCELYN_ ENGAGEMENT0070MATT_JOCELYN_ ENGAGEMENT0069 Photo Credits: Shutterfairy

A Modern Princess Ballroom Gown 

One of our first picks, this princess gown is really unique¬†as the waistline has ruffled edges!¬†The fashionable aspect of this gown made it a winner. It’s modern yet demure look made our shoot at Ibiza Beach Club in Movenpick Hotel, Cebu Philippines look like a dream come true. MATT&JOCELYN_ ENGAGEMENT0105 Photo Credits: Shutterfairy We also wore this gown for our shoot at Boracay Beach at Nami Resorts, paired with the veil and a different set of earrings from The Louvre Bridal. JoceMetPan-202 Photo Credits: Love Train Studios

Dusty Grey Gown with Floral Sparkle

DCIM101GOPROGOPR5603. With a slight hint of lavender, this dusty grey gown has beautiful detailing that sparkles under the sunlight. I love how the edges of this gown was laced with floral lace and crystal beads, not just at the front but also the back. The soft tulle skirting and corset mesh backing added a fairytale touch to the look. Not to mention, this gown was really comfortable. We took this gown for a shoot into the woods at Mandala Spa & Resort Villas in Boracay, Philippines.  JoceMetPan-11


Photo Credits: Love Train Studios

The Suits

IMG_6589 Apart from the traditional type of suits, The Louvre Bridal‘s selection of suits has several fashionable Korean-inspired designs with¬†interesting colours and textures, like checkered or polka dot pieces.¬†Matt picked out 4 suits of various colours to match with my gowns – Beige, Black, Grey & White.


My favourite has to be the beige suit above on the left, which comes with an inner waistcoat so you can have two different looks to play around with. The texture is slightly furry, and the inner lining has aztec prints. IMG_6714

My Favourites by The Louvre Bridal

Heartwarming Service

Fion and Rebecca was really friendly when we got to meet for the first time, but it did not stop there. Throughout the entire process from consultation, to gown selection, fitting and returning of the gowns, the staff at The Louvre Bridal were really patient and genuine to us. Their service was really endearing, and never failed to bring a smile to our faces every time we visited their boutique. Altogether, they made very pleasant memories for our wedding journey. Fion was also really generous and accommodating to our overseas shoot schedule and allowed us to hold on to the gowns for our entire 3 week trip, which was much appreciated! edited To everyone at The Louvre Bridal (esp Fion & Rebecca), a big thank you for making our photo shoots a huge success! 

A One-Stop Service

At The Louvre Bridal, you can settle almost up to 50% of your wedding day needs, as they offer a comprehensive suite of services aimed at making your wedding planning as hassle-free as possible.¬†Apart from gowns and suits for your photoshoots and wedding day, The Louvre Bridal provides styling services,¬†pre-wedding photography, overseas destination photography, makeup and hairstyling, actual day photography and cinematography, and more…¬†But yet at the same time, The Louvre Bridal offers flexibility, and you can customize your package based on only what you might need.¬† The Louvre Bridal_Korea Pre Wedding Photoshoot Photo Credits: The Louvre Bridal If you would like to have your¬†pre-wedding photoshoot in Korea, you will be happy to know that The Louvre Bridal is officially partnered with the¬†Korea Tourism Organization.¬†Rest assured you will get¬†trustworthy and great service with The Louvre Bridal. Check out their Seoul in Love album here.

Top Notch Quality

Every piece I tried on at The Louvre Bridal was breathtaking. Made with top-notch quality fabric soft to the touch, the detailing found on The Louvre Bridal gowns are very exquisite and precious. Rest assured you will be looking very expensive on your big day! Their gowns are also inner lined with soft satin, making it very comfortable to wear. After selecting your gown, The Louvre Bridal will take your measurements and alter the gowns to fit like a glove. Throughout my multiple shoot sessions with duration of 3-4 hours straight, I was so thankful that the gowns were a really cozy fit. The breathability of the fabric was an additional bonus as shooting in humid tropical weather can be rather challenging.

Styling Services

Styling-01 What really impressed us was the styling services provided by The Louvre Bridal. Apart from the outfits, The Louvre Bridal also matched them along with pretty accessories for us, which made the entire process really hassle-free as I didn’t have to worry about where I needed to get matching veil, earrings and hair accessories… For the gents, they have really cute bowties to match their korean-inspired suits! Styling-03Styling-02 Photo Credits: The Louvre Bridal

Launching Classy Selections every Quarter

the louvre bridal Photo Credits: The Louvre Bridal The selection at The Louvre Bridal pose¬†a¬†classy and elegant selection for brides, with¬†lace being a frequent find in their most popular designs. Though lace can sometimes¬†be too vintage for some brides preferences, rest assured that their designer manages to work lace into very modern settings¬†using¬†varying lace amounts and textures. With newly launched collections every 3-4 months, you can find various cuttings and styles to¬†suit your body shape and preferences – mermaid, A-line, ballgown. Various necklines like sweetheart, spaghetti and high necklines are also available. With these many choices, rest assured that you¬†will¬†have no trouble finding “the one”. Last image-The-Louvre-Bridal-MBS-Wedding-Showcase01 Photo Credits: The Louvre Bridal If you are looking for elegance in your wedding gown, I would highly recommend checking out The Louvre Bridal‘s new collections at their fashion shows! Check out their upcoming events¬†here. You can also view their portfolio here.

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