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Romantic Wedding Photography with Shutterfairy in Cebu, Philippines

[Advertorial] Photos are beautifully captured memories of the significant moments in your life – the ones that you want¬†to keep and remember for a lifetime. When it comes to your wedding photography, it’s only natural that you want the best for the biggest moment of your life.¬†Your wedding photographer is key¬†to how¬†wonderful your photos will be, as¬†there is a lot of technique, skill and passion¬†that goes behind every photo. Destination weddings and photography are getting increasingly popular, and I too, wanted to give it a try. Philippines¬†showed up on top of our list – it’s super¬†beautiful and we love it there. It’s no doubt everyone wants their wedding photos to look gorgeous. For us, on top of beauty, we were on the search for something special – someone who could¬†tell a story with our photos… Our story. Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce4

It didn’t take us long to find Shutterfairy, one of the leading wedding photographers in Cebu, Philippines. When I got to her page, WOW. It was impossible not to fall in love. The photos bright, natural, and cheerfully romantic – it had to be someone incredibly talented behind the lens. There was so much sunshine and smiles in these¬†photos. The stories she told spoke of happiness. We found who we were looking for.¬† I quickly wrote up¬†an email and crossed my fingers, hoping that she would be available in November. In my mind, I had already decided… the minute she said yes was the moment I would¬†book my tickets¬†to the Philippines!¬†

Romantic Love Stories retold with Vibrant Photography

Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce2 Specializing in shooting weddings and engagements, Mai is the beautiful¬†lady behind Shutterfairy. What started out as a hobby when pursuing her nursing degree has now evolved into a full time profession for Mai, as she seeks to capture love stories in all of it’s romantic glory. She gently directs couples into their daily life moments where they chat and laugh as she captures these photo-worthy moments.

Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce3 Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce7

We had two shoots at different locations Рthe first at Crimson Resort & Spa and the second at Movenpick Hotel in Mactan City. Both shoots felt very relaxed and natural. I think it really helps to have a female photographer Рyou tend to feel more comfortable baring your biggest smile. We were always rushing to catch the best lighting hours, which was a challenge as the sun sets very early and quickly in Philippines. Nonetheless, Mai made it all work out with great technique, angles and camera setting. Her natural eye for beauty captured my best angles. She made me look unbelievably radiant in her photos! Super thankful! <3 Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce6

My Favourites by Mai

Our Story Retold Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce13

Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce9Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce8

Back at home, we LOVE the outdoors! Having picnics and playing frisbee, Mai wanted to capture moments that were what made us, us. Apart from our formal shoots in our gowns and suits, we also had a casual one Рit was mad fun just running by the beach and splashing around in the waves. I was so thankful the sunlight held up for this. Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce10

Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce11Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce12

Details, Details, Details

I’m a huge fan of moments and details¬†– whether it’s a¬†laugh, a smile, a hand holding moment or a wink. It could be your gown, shoes or ring. Each delicate moment and detail¬†play a¬†role in the entirety of things, and Mai captures them perfectly.¬†So on your wedding day, whether it’s florals, decorations or the location, Mai will make sure they live on to tell the tale. Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce15 Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce14

Stunning Backdrops Captured on Camera

When it comes to breathtaking scenery,¬†it would be a pity to not have them captured on camera. I love how Mai plays around with different distances to capture angles and scenery that we¬†could otherwise easily miss out. I suppose that’s what years of experience in photography gets you… a¬†vision¬†to see things that others wouldn’t! ;) Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce18 Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce17 Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce16

Her Gallery of Beautiful Photos

shutterfairy website Shutterfairy Photography’s website is one of my personal favourites Рhere you can find blogposts about Mai’s photography and personal life. Photos of the weddings she has covered as well as various shoots (family and personal) she has done are beautifully exhibited there. Her website is richly filled with happy smiles, and her portfolio is incredible. With each post, she includes her personal reflections that makes for a refreshing and good read. 

The Anticipation

A moment ago we were having¬†our shoot, and the next thing we knew, Mai had uploaded teaser shots onto Shutterfairy’s¬†Facebook Page. It was so exciting seeing snippets of our photoshoot getting released. Oh, the anticipation has got to be one of the best parts! When she published¬†our photos on her website, we were still in the Philippines! As we were in a rush to get our photos printed as an album, we asked Mai if she could send across our photos as quick as she could. She kindly obliged and we received the photos really soon – all in high resolution, crisp and clear. I was so touched that despite her busy schedule, she made it happen for us. Thanks Mai!¬†

A Heartwarming Experience

mai Mai is wonderful! Like her photos, she’s a person easy to love.¬†Throughout our email exchanges, she was really nice and helpful – furnishing us with loads of information on potential locations for the shoot, addressing our questions on the weather… and when we asked her whether we could split the full day session into two half days so that we could cover¬†two locations, she¬†kindly obliged our request. It’s not often you have someone willing to go the extra mile for you, but Mai is wonderful that way. :) I¬†did not get a chance to chat much with Mai during the shoots as we were often in a group setting. We had wonderful¬†meals together, along with Erika, our makeup artist, Alain and Merck, our videographers from The Digital Eye Films, and¬†Guada who helped to style the¬†shoot. It was a happening crowd and there was just so much laughter in¬†everything we did. Shutterfairy Photography Movenpick Cebu 2 Nonetheless, I felt a special connection to Mai. Perhaps it was her photos that spoke to me earlier or the heartfelt¬†messages she writes in her blog alongside them. Her refreshing honesty¬†gives me a heartwarming sensation and¬†I am¬†really inspired by her dedication to find meaning and that¬†“it’s okay to be different”.¬†I’m honored to have our photos published on her website, as part of her collection of love stories.¬† Mai Photo from Digital

If you’re planning for a destination wedding or photo shoot in Cebu, Philippines, be sure to reach out to Mai! She’s gonna be the best person to capture your love story.

TWV would like to thank and give all photo credits in this post to Mai, Shutterfairy Photography. For the full photoshoot, click here to view.
Photography by Shutterfairy
Makeup & Hair styling by Erika Diaz
Gown & Suit by The Louvre Bridal

Location(s): Crimson Resort & Spa, Ibiza Beach Club & Movenpick Hotel All locations were in Cebu, Philippines 

Shutterfairy Photography
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