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Themed Wedding Photoshoots with The Louvre Bridal

[Advertorial] Themed Pre-wedding Photoshoots are gaining popularity and becoming the latest hype in the wedding scene! As every love story has it’s own special beginning, unique interests and hobbies, using a theme to showcase it in your wedding photos is really special. Soon-to-be married couples are now opting for more creative ways to personalize their photos. Whether a fairytale or travel theme, it is one fireproof way to set your wedding photoshoot apart from the ordinary. While having a themed pre-wedding photoshoot is a great idea, especially for fun and adventurous couples, planning and preparing for one can be quite tricky and time consuming as many elements are involved. Apart from finding your photographer, gown, hair and makeup, you will also need to source for the perfect props and set them up to bring out your theme. For a first-time experience, it does sound like a tall order. On top of that, the props and set up might incur higher expenditure too. But not all dreamy plans have to come at a crazy price! Thankfully, The Louvre Bridal launched their Thematic Concepts Shoot to solve this hassle, allowing busy couples to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience of a themed photoshoot.

Thematic Concepts Shoot by The Louvre BridalThe Louvre Bridal3

Serving like a one-stop service, you will find that every element of your themed shoot will be well taken care of. From your photographer to makeup artist, to your gown, suit and styling needs… the location, props and set up will also be fully prepared on site. All you need to do is turn up and flaunt your biggest smile! Your wedding photoshoot happens only once in a lifetime, and it can be a very enjoyable and memorable experience that you share with your beloved. After going through three wedding photoshoots, I have found out that the best way to enjoy it is to be worry-free! When you set everything else aside and simply focus on the journey, your smiles, laughter and interaction with each other will be very natural, and beautifully captured. The stress-free experience that The Louvre Bridal brings you value-adds in terms of time and cost savings. Besides going through the hassle of finding individual vendors to style up your pre-wedding photoshoot, which can cost a bomb you can also spend that extra time planning for your actual day wedding as well. Plus, with everything prepared, you can be worry free on that very day. It offers you a practical way to achieve that beautiful themed shoot you have always dreamed of.

A Wide Selection of Themes & Props

Thematic-Concepts-Shoot-by-The-Louvre-Bridal With their avant-garde Korean concept sparking off popularity, The Louvre Bridal has since expanded their thematic collection to include travel, nautical, fairytale and many more themes. They also have unique themes like Disney Inspired Up which makes for a great adventure!

Drop them a message here to find out their full range of theme selections. 

In store is a collection of props that will complement the theme of your choosing, such as travel maps, world globes and vintage suitcases to suit the travel theme. Florals, food, cakes, balloons can also be prepared upon request! For couples that are looking to personalize your shoot further, the helpful team at The Louvre Bridal will do their very best to make your dream shoot come true.

Bridal Styling

The Louvre Bridal2 You can also look forward to helpful styling advice for your hair and makeup, and have their professional hair and makeup stylists to do up the perfect look for you on that day! The Louvre Bridal 4 With a variety of handmade men’s brooch  and exquisitely selected themed accessories, the styling team will help you to handpick the outfits and accessories that will best create your desired look to mix and match with your theme. With varying interesting styles, you’re in for a refreshing photo shoot!

A Selection of New & Trendy Gowns

selected-004_16631350304_o On top of exciting themes and useful styling services, you will find that The Louvre Bridal has an array of beautiful gowns for your selection to complement your chosen theme. Not only are their gowns new, trendy and of top-notch quality, they come in many different styles, cuttings and materials. Rest assured you will be able to find the gown that makes you feel like you’re in character with your theme! Their suit collection is also unique with many Korean inspired designs.

Read about our gown selection journey at The Louvre Bridal here.

Photography Skills

Thematic-Concepts-Shoot-by-The-Louvre-Bridal5 The Louvre Bridal 6 Reputable for their strong background in photography, The Louvre Bridal works with photographers who has numerous international acclamations and awards to their name such as WPJA, WPPI, AGWPJA and more, ensuring that you will receive beautiful and high resolution photos for your keepsakes. Apart from perfect photo quality, you get special edits that will match and enhance the look and feel of your theme. For example, if you pick a whimsical fairytale theme, the colours will be softer to display a romantic feel. If you picked out an adventure theme, the colours will be brighter and bolder for a happy and fun touch!

Props Styling and Set Up

The Louvre Bridal 5 Thematic-Concepts-Shoot-by-The-Louvre-Bridal4 On the day of your photoshoot, The Louvre Bridal’s styling team will be armed with the props to set up the staging prior to your arrival. When you arrive on set, the shoot can start in an instant, ensuring that your makeup is fresh, your hair untouched and you are packed with energy! With so much preparation work that goes into the shoot, I cannot imagine having to do that all on my own! With this extra option, you not only get to enjoy having a theme for your shoot, but also inject creativity and fun into your  pre-wedding photos! Taking out the stress and worry that comes otherwise, you can now focus on enjoying your carefree and unforgettable photoshoot session! Watch the video below to see the Behind the Scenes of The Louvre Bridal’s Thematic Concepts Shoot.

Thematic Concept Behind-the-scenes from The Louvre Bridal on Vimeo. Have you already jotted down your props list but can’t find where to get your props? Do away with the hassle and instead enjoy The Louvre’s Bridal one stop service on thematic shoots by contacting them here today! TWV would like to thank and give all photo credits to The Louvre Bridal.

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