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A Perfect Honeymoon Destination at Nami Resorts in Boracay, Philippines

[Advertorial]¬† After your hectic wedding planning and preparations,¬†a¬†honeymoon¬†is¬†a great¬†chance for you unwind and recharge. It is also the first vacation that you take as husband and wife, so enjoy it to the fullest and celebrate the new milestone achieved between the both of you. You both deserve it after all that work put into the wedding! The key to unlocking a successful and enjoyable honeymoon is in your destination. One of the most popular wedding and honeymoon destinations is¬†Boracay, Philippines!¬†Beautiful beaches, tranquil waters and an exciting nightlife, Boracay is no doubt a destination that couples can’t stop raving about. Despite having visited a couple of times, I find myself falling in love with the island‚Äôs beauty more and more.

At Diniwid Beach in Boracay, perched on top of a cliff, lies a resort with a breathtaking view of Boracay’s beach and¬†ocean. At¬†Nami Resorts, you get¬†an experience of a lifetime. Spend your honeymoon relaxing¬†in their¬†spacious suites, overlooking the sea and sky while enjoying a jacuzzi. Get ready for a relaxing¬†and luxurious¬†stay. When you climb up the first flight of¬†stairs to Nami Resorts, you might feel lost not being able to spot the reception, as it is located at the top of the cliff. Simply press the doorbell next to the bamboo door and someone will be here to get you.

Matt surprised me with a bunch of my favourite calla lilies, courtesy of Nami Resorts!

A Paradise Between Sea and Sky

‚ÄúAre you ready?‚ÄĚ the bell boy asked as we got into the bamboo elevator that creaked as it moved. The way up and down was quite exhilarating indeed. What an adventure!

To be fair, they do warn us of the creaks!

Perched on the cliff like a deluxe tree house, you get privacy, an incredible view and excellent service ‚Äď it’s like heaven on earth! We even had a personal butler, Ralph, who was meticulous in taking care of our every need. We were blown away when introduced to our room! It was a modern, spacious and comfortable set up. You get to soak in an outdoor Jacuzzi, relax on the balcony to view the sunset, stare into the ocean and sleep on soft sheets.

The living room is spacious and comes with a huge sofa bed! It’s a perfect spot for¬†your¬†morning breakfast!
Our comfortable bed! With another sofa bed on the balcony for lounging.
The outdoor Jacuzzi is an incredible luxury. You get to soak in the tub while enjoying fresh air and a spectacular view!

Photoworthy Spots 

Love Train Studios 6Love Train Studios 7

We stayed at Nami Resorts for our pre-wedding photoshoot. The main beach at Boracay is usually very crowded so Diniwid Beach was a better option. In fact, Diniwid Beach is beautiful for photos as the cliff and rocky beach make perfect backdrops. At night, stars fill up the entire sky. Love Train Studios 5 Love Train Studios 8 Photo Credits: Love Train Studios

My Favourites by Nami Resorts

A Spectacular View

The incredible view of trees, sun, sand and sea. All of nature’s best in one setting.

The view at Nami Resorts is a winner. I doubt you can get such a splendid view of Boracay at other places. Even if you are not planning to stay at Nami Resorts, their restaurant, voted¬†‚ÄúBest Restaurants of 2014‚ÄĚ by Tripadvisor is a must visit. There you can enjoy good food, comfortable seats and soak up the serenity and natural beauty of the island.

Awesome Amenities

You can spend the entire day just lounging on the pool chairs!

The room and facilities of Nami Resorts are really great. You can spend hours sun tanning on their bamboo deck, and dive right into the turquoise waters whenever you need to cool down. Just around the corner is the famous Spider House! Nami Resorts also provides a free shuttle service to the D Mall whenever you miss the crowd. Simply inform them 30 minutes in advance. You can also book a slot to the jetty on your departure. Though we did not have sufficient time for their spa treatments as we were mostly rushing around for shoots, there were many online reviews praising their spa services! You can indulge in different massages such as Swedish, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy or Lymphatic Drainage Massage in their open or closed areas.

Charming Ambience & Wonderful Service 

Nami Resorts offers a very unique experience. You get a charming combination of a clifftop resort, the sandy beach, the vast ocean, and greenery and pebbles that fill the resort Рall giving you a close to nature ambience. The straw huts, teak and wood decor also gives a traditional vibe, yet the facilities are all very modern. Staying here felt like an adventure, but we were in comfort and luxury the entire time.

Nami Resorts 28Nami Resorts 29

Delicious Meals

The restaurant at Nami Resorts served delicious food. We ordered breakfast in bed one morning and the spread was scrumptious. I had the best bacon and pancakes ever!

Us enjoying our welcome drinks after a morning spent traveling into Boracay Island!
The Nami Restaurant, voted as “Best Restaurants” by Tripadvisor in 2014!

Matt planned a surprise candlelight dinner after a long day of our shoot and Ralph made it all happen. He dressed the entire lounge area in candles, flowers and cloth to create a romantic atmosphere for us to dine in. It was absolutely perfect for a honeymoon or anniversary celebration.

Love Train Studios - Matt and Joce
An amazing surprised planned by Matt and Ralph, our kind butler who had all the decorations set up during our shoot!

Love Train Studios - Matt and Joce 1 Photo Credits: Love Train Studios Thank you Ralph for the great stay! We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and was very pampered thanks to your wonderful service. We will definitely return to Nami Resorts for our anniversary celebration!  The overall experience at Nami Resorts was a good mix of luxury, nature and adventure. If you are looking for a unique stay at one of the finest beaches in the world, be sure to head over to Nami Resorts.

March 2018 Advisory: Please note that Nami Resorts is currently not accepting reservations.

Nami Resorts
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